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We prove Conway and Norton’s moonshine conjectures for the infinite dimensional representation of the monster simple group constructed by Frenkel, Lepowsky and Meur-man. To do this we use the no-ghost theorem from string theory to construct a family of generalized Kac-Moody superalgebras of rank 2, which are closely related to the monster and several of the other sporadic simple groups. The denominator gas city indiana post office formulas of these su-peralgebras imply relations between the Thompson functions of elements of the monster (i. e. the traces of elements of the monster on Frenkel, Lepowsky, and Meurman’s repre-sentation), which are the replication formulas conjectured by Conway and Norton. These replication formulas are gas x strips review strong enough to verify that the Thompson functions have most of the moonshine properties conjectured by Conway and Norton, and in particular they are modular functions of genus 0.We also construct a second family of Kac-Moody k electric jobs 2015 super-algebras related to elements of Conway’s sporadic simple group Co1.These superalgebras have even rank between 2 and 26; for example two of the Lie algebras we get have ranks 26 and 18, and one of the superalgebras has rank 10.The denominator formulas of these algebras give some new infinite product identities, in the same way that the denominator formulas of the a ne Kac-Moody algebras give the Macdonald identities. 1 Introduction. 2 Introduction (continued). 3 Vertex algebras. 4 Generalized Kac-Moody algebras. 5 The no-ghost theorem. 6 Construction of the monster Lie algebra. 7 The simple roots of the monster Lie algebra. 8 The twisted denominator formula. 9 The moonshine conjectures. 10 The monstrous Lie superalgebras. 11 Some electricity receiver definition modular forms. 12 The fake monster Lie algebra. 13 The denominator formula for fake monster Lie algebras. 14 Examples of fake monster Lie algebras. 15 Open problems.

We announce the construction of an irreducible graded module V for an affine commutative nonassociative algebra [unk]. This algebra is an affinization of a slight variant [unk] of the commutative nonassociative electricity grid code algebra B defined by Griess in his construction of the Monster sporadic group F(1). The character of V is given by the modular function J(q) = q(-1) + 0 + 196884q +…. We obtain a natural action of the Monster on V compatible with the action of [unk], thus conceptually explaining a major part of the numerical observations known as Monstrous Moonshine. Our construction starts from ideas in the theory of the basic representations of affine Lie algebras and develops electricity and magnetism worksheets high school further the calculus of vertex operators. In particular, the homogeneous and principal representations of the simplest affine Lie algebra A(1) ((l)) and the relation between them play an important role in our construction. As a corollary we deduce Griess’s results la gas prices 2016, obtained previously by direct calculation, about the algebra structure of B and the action of F(1) on it. In this work, the Monster, a finite group, is defined and studied by means of a canonical infinite-dimensional representation.

We consider the problem of identifying the CFT’s that may be dual to pure gravity in three dimensions with negative cosmological constant. The c-theorem indicates that three-dimensional pure gravity is consistent only at certain values of the coupling constant, and the relation to Chern-Simons gauge theory hints that these may be the values physics c electricity and magnetism at which the dual CFT can be holomorphically factorized. If so, and one takes at face value the minimum mass of a BTZ black hole, then the energy spectrum of three-dimensional gravity with negative cosmological constant can be determined exactly. At the most negative possible value of the cosmological constant, the dual CFT is very gas density of air likely the monster theory of Frenkel, Lepowsky, and Meurman. The monster theory may be the first in a discrete series of CFT’s that are dual to three-dimensional gravity. The partition function of the second theory in the sequence can be determined on a hyperelliptic Riemann surface of any genus. We also make a similar analysis of supergravity.