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Cambodia has always had a special place in my heart. I’ve travelled there many times but my last visit has changed my life forever. I came to know about Wayist Spiritual Energy Centre while attending a yoga retreat in Siem Reap. My retreat was coming to an end and I knew something was still missing. In panic, I googled healing centres and contacted Adele via WhatsApp on 31st December to book an appointment. I explained how I only had few days left in Siem Reap, and Adele happily booked me in the next day (New Years Day!). My spirituality has beautifully grown since that day I stepped foot in the centre. In April, I travelled back to Siem Reap and spent the most life changing week at the retreat. There is an incredible amount of learnings to take away, and connections to create. The highlights for me were the daily workshops, mantra meditation, temple tour, detox, karman yoga and the delicious vegetarian food (special mention on the mango salad!). I can go on and on and on. I cannot stop talking about the wonderful things I learned from this retreat to my friends and family, who at the end of every conversation have considered travelling to Cambodia to attend the retreat themselves. I absolutely 100% recommend this to anyone who is wanting to start, explore or enhance their spiritual journey. Adele, John, Steffi and Roz have welcomed me in the centre like family. I love them to bits. Will definitely go back soon!

I had an amazing time in the Wayist Spiritual Retreat. Adele, Steffi and Jean are beautiful people and share their knowledge/wisdom with love, compassion and in a very relaxing and comfortable way. They are very understanding people and treat everybody equally, with respect and compassion. I learned more about myself, learned how to deal with some “unpleasant” situations / karmic lessons, it opened up my heart and I feel more compassion for myself and other people, I feel more connected to myself and much calmer inside after the retreat. The centre is placed in a lovely house with beautiful and peaceful gardens where we could enjoy our morning Karman Yoga meditation, which was a very gentle but a very powerful practice. This was followed by meditation and interesting theory about the chakras. We also received therapies which were very relaxing and nourishing for me. The visit to the Temples with Adele was an amazing experience as well. She knows all the little tricks how to avoid the crowds, where to find lovely and peaceful spots. Meditation in one of the smaller temples was really beautiful and it had its own special magic and very powerful energy. Adele was a very lovely personal guide with great knowledge of history and funny comments too 🙂 🙂 When we looked at this retreat first, it seemed a bit pricier than other retreats, but every penny was well worth it! We got 6 full days of loving care, nourishment, support and love. Their care was pure magic. I felt very grateful and fortunate that I was able to do this retreat and that I found them 🙂 I would recommend this retreat from my full heart to everybody who wants to learn more about themselves, about chakras, karmic lessons and to gain a better attitude to life. It was an absolutely wonderful experience, I would go back to repeat this retreat anytime again. With all my Love. Katarina from Slovakia

Where to start? I booked to do the six day retreat in the Wayist Centre Siem Reap not quite knowing what to expect but knowing that I really wanted to be there. It turned out to be six of the most wonderful, interesting, joyous, inspiring, happy and fun filled days of my life so far (and I have lived a bit!) I spent quality time with the most amazing teachers who helped me to shine and release inner blocks. This was done with kindness and professionalism. The attention to detail in all that was planned and all that we did in our week was beautiful to be part of and very much appreciated by myself and the two friends that were with me. The Wayist Centre itself is an oasis of calm and peace and perfectly suits the purpose for which it is used. Every area is beautifully and thoughtfully laid out and kept pristine. The lovely Kim Tae (not sure if this is the correct spelling so apologies) had just started working in the centre the week we were there and she is another wonderful addition to the centre. Adele, Steffi and John truly are the A Team! They balance each other perfectly and each adds unique insight and learning gleaned from broad and varied life experience. This is combined with wonderful humour which I loved and totally related to. The days were full and varied with morning Karmen yoga and meditation in the garden followed by treats and drinks then chakra talks and other lectures that were so relatable and enlightening because of how Adele and John delivered them. We then all shared lunch of tasty local food and relaxed chats. The afternoons were filled with amazing treatments from Karmic readings, to detoxing, to the most beautiful intuitive massage and reiki treatments. Steffi was my therapist and I can’t say enough good things about her here so I will simply say that she was my angel. My experience during the treatments I will never forget and I thank her from my heart. One of our days was spent at Angkor Wat with Adele. Angkor Wat is amazing anyway but with Adele’s knowledge of the place, her little tricks for avoiding the crowds, taking us to off the track places, her warm humour and perfect company she made it a unique and special day that i was priveledged to be part of. The meditation we did in a quiet corner of a small temple there is another gem I will never forget. I finished the retreat almost two weeks ago and continued with my travels arriving home only today. The first few days after the retreat were a little strange as I yearned to be back there. In some ways I still do but that in itself is a complete endorsement of this place. If you get a chance just go for a treatment or for yoga and meditation and spend some time there with these people. Your life will be richer for it. Mine most certainly is. Namaste and thank you.

I came in for a 1-day “Healing Package #1” session with Steffi on my last day in Siem Reap, and it was absolutely amazing. One review I read pushed me over the line to doing it, so I’ll echo that: if you’re on the fence, just do it. The session lasted 6 hours, and each portion was enjoyable, relaxing, and felt like it went by in an instant. Right off the bat, upon walking into the beautiful garden at the entrance to the Center, you can feel the inviting, positive energy. Steffi is warm, wise, lovely to be around, and genuinely interested in helping people heal and grow spiritually. She was calm but fully engaged and focused on me, and I felt that she really cared about my wellbeing. The ridiculously adorable and mischievous kitten (Kitty Cat) was icing on the cake, not to mention the fresh fruit and coffee/tea that were served mid-morning while we chatted. Steffi and I worked through a lot, and by the end of our time together my body, mind and spirit were totally rejuvenated. I felt calm, clear, and optimistic. My perspective had definitely shifted with Steffi’s insights and healing. I’d been going through a very rough time, and my chakras were thoroughly in need of a tune-up. That’s what Steffi did for me, and it was exactly what I needed. It’s now 4 days since my session, and I’m still living every minute from that clear place Steffi helped me get back to. It’s noticeable in how I think and interact with people, in my anxiety/stress level (nonexistent), and in what manages to get under my skin (can’t recall anything). I can’t thank her enough. This place is the real deal with incredible people who know what they’re doing and are in it for all the right reasons. 5-stars all around. (Also they have these tiny bananas that I’m gonna need to find out how to grow ASAP because wow.)