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I strongly feel that everyone who loves to travel, be it adventure lover or a nature lover or any other form, must and must travel Manali – Leh Highway at least once in his/her lifetime. Personally, I am lucky enough to have traveled through the experience of this lifetime journey on Manali Leh road trip numerous times in last 10 years, as of 2018. And, wish I will do it many more times in future too.

The below link includes the information regarding best season to travel on Manali – Leh Highway, modes of travel on Manali – Leh Highway, bus services from Manali to Leh, public amenities like ATMs, Petrol Pumps, Liquor shops, etc on Manali – Leh Highway etc. You can read all the details in the article How to plan a journey on Manali – Leh Highway

There are many options of stay on Manali Leh Highway. Its always better to know or have the list of all accommodation places on Manali – Leh Highway before you travel on it because in such unpredictable terrain you can never predict what can come to your rescue. So, having as many details as possible about the place is always favorable when making a Manali Leh road trip.

To answer your queries and doubts in such cases, I have compiled a brief text on the link below which includes information about AMS, acclimatization and few important TIPS which will help you keep your body better acclimatized and minimize the chances of AMS or mountain sickness, when its safe to take babies or kids to Leh – Ladakh and what precautions to take etc. You can read all the details in the article Acute Mountain Sickness and Importance of Acclimatization Things to carry on Manali – Leh Highway

As for clothing to carry on Manali Leh road trip, it is always best to dress up in layers with Inner Thermals both lower and upper always ON. It might irritate in bright sunshine in lower hills but as the altitude increase then it will certainly help in the shades or evenings or mornings or if the weather turns up dark. You need to carry heavy woolens when you travel to Manali – Leh Highway.

Along with the list of things I mentioned in the above link, if you are self-driving on Manali Leh Highway, then you must take the Basic toolkit, screwdriver set, small hammer, puncture repair kit, iron rod, two or three “2 liter” empty bottles of Pepsi / Coke / Limca etc to carry extra petrol or diesel ( jerry cans will leak, cold drink bottles do not leak), funnel, towing rope, spare tube (must for bikes), Elfy or Fevi quick (2-3 sachets), jump start cables/wires, M-seal to prevent leakage etc. gasco abu dhabi salary These are among the things which I carried along on my trip to Ladakh.

Over a span of 474 KM, on the Manali – Leh Highway, one goes through varied forms of nature ranging from beautiful lush green valley(s) to rocky barren multi-colored mountains to high walls of snow to violent river/water crossings ( nallas) to wide flat lands to abrupt landslides to head swaying hairpin bends to butter smooth roads to many non-existent and washed away roads to strong cold winds blowing you away and to what not :lol:, all this raising the fun of this ultimate journey to greater heights.

Although, in May – June due to the holiday rush, Manali is not a penny less than the chaotic trade fair and I am sure you will not want to be at this place in such a tourist rush. Having said that, you can do a lot in Manali town and for comprehensive details including how to reach Manali from Delhi, I request you to read my Manali Travel Guide. Should I sleep at Manali or Solang Valley?

The only drawback sleeping at Solang Valley on your Ladakh road trip is that you won’t find as many options for a stay as you can find in Manali. The prices of the hotels in Solang Valley are likely to be on the higher side as compared to the varied economic hotel options available in Manali town. Also, the variety of cuisines will be much less as compared to what you get in Manali and mostly you will need to have your food in the hotel only.

But, the advantages of getting acclimatized and peace around will definitely outweigh these minor hitches, unless you really want a very cheap hotel. If you really miss different cuisines and lively crowded place, you can surely spend your day in Manali enjoying the other flavors of the valley and come back to the hotel at Solang Valley for night stay. gas water heater reviews 2013 Is Solang Valley on Manali Leh Highway?

If you have hired a taxi from Manali to Leh, you need to ask the driver upfront to pick you from Solang Valley hotel. If you have opted for a shared taxi / public bus, then you yourself need to reach Palchan, the diversion point on Manali – Leh Highway to get into one of them en-route but that also must have been booked in advance from Manali. Else, you will have to travel to Manali town in the morning to get the shared taxi.

At Gramphu, there is a diversion towards the right which will lead you to Spiti Valley via Kunzum Pass. If you want to visit Chandratal then you need to take the diversion towards Spiti and once you reach Batal, go straight towards Chandratal. There are no stay options at Gramphu but you will find a couple of tea shacks / dhabhas serving tea.

This place has several Dhabhas where you can enjoy the food, a clean washroom or toilet to freshen up and a PWD rest house for night stay. In order to stay at PWD rest house, generally, you will need the advance bookings. There are few houses as well in this small village. The Chandra river flows through this place and the surrounding views are just amazing from the village.

Hence, it is extremely important that you do not miss this petrol pump to top up the fuel. Apart from being famous for this only petrol pump on Manali – Leh Highway, Tandi offers a view of the confluence of Chandra River and Bhaga River. The merged river is called Chandrabhaga River and when it enter Jammu and Kashmir, it is further called Chenab river.

Most people while traveling on Manali – Leh Highway including the HRTC and HPTDC bus services halts for a night stop at Keylong town. grade 6 science electricity multiple choice test There are many options for accommodation (small hotels and guest houses) available at Keylong including the famous HPTDC Hotel Chandrabhaga, Circuit House, PWD Rest House, Tourist Bungalow etc. There are few small hotels or guest houses in Keylong town which are right on the Manali – Leh Highway and can be opted for a stay too without going down to Keylong village. Utilities / Services at Keylong

Medical facilities are also available at the local hospital and there is also one SBI ATM in Keylong town. So, if you have by chance missed the ATM at Manali to fetch the cash then do not miss the ATM at Keylong. However, at first place, I will say that DO NOT miss to carry cash from Manali ATM. electricity estimated bills Still, if you have missed it then try your luck at the Keylong ATM which is the only ATM available on Manali Leh Highway. Jispa | Altitude: 3320 Mtrs

There is a helipad as well in Jispa. and it does have telephone connection which you may use to call at home or inform someone close because beyond Jispa mobile signals (might have gone already) as well as fixed phones will be hard to find till you cross Upshi or reach Leh on this adventurous Manali to Leh road trip. Beautiful Roads at Jispa Darcha | Altitude: 3360 Mtrs

Darcha is also the endpoint of a famous trek which starts from Padum, Zanskar Valley in Ladakh region and of course, you can start the same trek from here as well :)… The new road from Darcha to Padum via Shingo La pass has been completed by BRO in 2018. So, if you are planning a trip to Zanskar, then you can travel to Padum from Darcha over Shingo La pass through this route. Utilities, Food & Stay options at Darcha

Suraj Tal or Surya Tal is the second highest lake in India and 21st highest lake in the world. Amidst in the high hills of Baralacha La range and just below the Baralacha La pass (8 KMs before Baralacha La pass), you will find this beautiful crystal clear aqua colored sacred body of water. Suraj Tal is the source of Bhaga river and remains totally frozen and cut off in the months of winter.

Early in the season i.e. June, you will find this lake to be frozen as well. As we get more into the summers, having snow-covered peaks around and emitting its aqua green color at the foothills, the Suraj Tal lake looks simply breathtaking. Do not miss to click a few pictures of this amazing high altitude lake in India on Manali Leh Highway.

The ice or snow melting from the slopes, battered by moving traffic either creates deep slush or deep water crossings by washing away the roads. This makes the journey more adventurous and full of challenges on this mighty mountain pass 🙂 … Once you get into the late season like September – October, the Baralacha La pass becomes mostly devoid of snow.

All I want to say is that while speeding through that road to Sarchu on Manali Leh Highway, do not be too complacent else be ready for some super bumps on the way. When self-driving to Ladakh, always make sure you are not carried away by the emotions and drive with caution & care. electricity and magnetism quiz questions Eating out at dhabha at Sarchu Sarchu | Altitude: 4290 Mtrs

Sarchu is almost a middle point of the journey on Manali – Leh Highway offering some good accommodation options including the Swiss tents with attached toilets. Hence, many people do consider Sarchu for a night halt. People already having the night halt at Keylong or Jispa, usually stops for lunch at Sarchu. It does have a few dhabhas which offer food and beverages as well.

Hence, even though Sarchu offers some good amount of stay options (tented) but it’s always better to avoid a stay at Sarchu over Jispa or Keylong in the same order of preference. However, if you are coming from Leh or Tso Moriri lake after spending a few nights at higher altitudes in Ladakh then your body is acclimatized already. So, in that case, you can opt to stay at Sarchu to break the journey on Manali Leh Highway evenly. Gata Loops | Altitude: 4190 Mtrs

Please note that there goes a story of a ghost of the Gata loops, please don’t pollute the environment in the name of the ghosts or superstitions and do not throw plastic bottles in the offering to them. Even if you are superstitious, just offer the water and keep the bottle with yourself. The loneliness of Manali Leh Highway near Gata Loops Nakee La | Altitude: 4740 Mtrs

Get ready to start feeling some more breathlessness from here on. You will reach above an altitude of 5000 Mtrs or 16000 feet for the first time on your journey from Manali to Leh. Again there is no vegetation (also counts for breathlessness too), people, fuel, food, or accommodation at Lachulung La pass 🙂 Lachung La Pass Pang | Altitude: 4600 Mtrs

More plains are surprising, flat bedded plains amidst the highest of hills in the country. They run over a length of about 30-35 KMs. As soon as one reach at Moore Plains, the instincts force people to make their own roads 😥 but I request you not to do so because it damages the ecology of the place and disturbs the wildlife. So, please stay on that beautiful black top road.

Fortunately, BRO has built a well-laid tarmac road on which you may hit 60 KMPH for the first time after long hrs of this drive on Manali Leh Highway. 66 gas station Hence, please avoid off-roading and preserve the ecosystem. Use this well-built road and enjoy the views at Moore Plains. You can make good progress on some lost time as well by staying on the road.

However, you should not visit the Tso Moriri lake from Manali side as you will not be having the inner line permits to visit the lakes. If you are traveling from Manali to Leh by car, even if you arrange the permits through a travel agent it is not recommended that you attempt a stay at such high altitudes (Tso Moriri: 4595 Mtrs and Tso Kar: 4530 Mtrs) with improper acclimatization.