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At a hearing organized to discuss the impact of the avian flu, which has affected nearly 50 million birds in the United States, he suggested that farmers could have killed infected chickens and turkeys more efficiently by shutting off ventilation systems at poultry barns. It’s the fastest way and probably the most humane way to take care of this, Clifford said during the hearing, which was held on July 7.

Paul Shapiro, HSUS’s vice president electricity out, said that several other organizations, including the American Veterinary Medical Association, World Health Organization, and the USDA itself, don’t recommend killing chickens this way. It’s very troubling that the possibility is even being discussed, he said. It can take as long as three hours for the birds to die.

It’s also very telling. The mere fact that the method is being proposed—by the U.S.’s chief veterinary officer no less gas kansas—is a testament to how thoroughly the avian flu has terrified the poultry industry. The crisis has given rise to a necessary but uncomfortable question: What is the most responsible way to kill millions of infected birds arkansas gas prices at once?

All things being equal, cutting off ventilation to more than a million birds at once is largely considered a crueler way to kill chickens. Without ventilation, temperatures rise, air becomes still, and chickens suffer; their organs eventually fail, they become lethargic, and they eventually die of either heat or suffocation or both. It’s the sort of thing that happens by accident—like it did earlier this year at a battery farm in China, where some 6,000 chickens died, rather than by choice.

Poultry farms across the United States have been decimated by the avian flu, which was first detected in the country last December. Each time an infection has been discovered, the entire surrounding flock has had to be killed. And some of those flocks have been enormous—a single farm in northwest Iowa, for instance, had to euthanize almost 4 million chickens.

The flu, which has gas after eating salad slowed in recent weeks, has already caused egg prices to double, and there’s a fear the virus could return with a vengeance in this coming fall or spring, when temperatures dip. If it does, the challenge for the gas up shawty industry will be to manage it better than it did this past spring. And that means moving much faster to stunt the spread of the disease.

The main thing is figuring out how to deal with chicken houses where there are so many birds, and there’s a real value in depopulating quickly, said Dustin Vande Hoef, the communications director for the department of agriculture in Iowa, where the bird flu has affected more birds than any other state. I think they’re just evaluating different options.

Vande Hoef explained that farms in Iowa where the flu has been identified reach out to the local department of agriculture, but that the USDA is in charge of everything thereafter, which includes the depopulation of infected flocks. Ultimately, the federal body will have the u save gas station grants pass final say on whether ventilation shutdown is the optimal way to contain the virus if it breaks out once again and should therefore be used.