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Sometimes, I just gotta have faith…..and I’ve had lots of it lately! As usual, I write an opening blurb that contains a double meaning…..and then some. Definition #1: me taking chances on listening to albums I’ve never heard before in their entirety. electricity vocabulary Definition #2: It really was about time I enjoyed more songs by the this lovely renowned r&b star beyond the few I’ve heard that have featured her voice: "Heartbreak Hotel" (a collaboration with the late Whitney Houston), "Again" and "Mesmerized" (the latter two from "The First Lady" album). And that is my goal now as I have somehow, over the past month or so, found myself SUPER-ULTRA-ADDICTED to exactly one song that is featured right here on this "Faithfully" album: "You Gets No Love". I have absolutely no recollection as to how I even found out about this wonderful song in the first place, though I suspect it might’ve been one night while I was casually browsing the Youtube channels. gas and water mix I can’t even say that I’ve ever been a devoted Faith Evans listener beyond those aforementioned songs I’m familiar with nor have followed her career from the beginning until the present. But when I read the title "You Gets No Love"—and yes, that is an ‘S’ added to the word ‘get’—it instantly got my attention. gas utility worker It’s always a great thing whenever artists break boundaries and freely express themselves in music with their own style and in their own way. electricity allergy So for added emphasis and to make her point bold and clear, Faith chooses to say "You Gets No Love" as she declares some no-good man will get no more affection from her. But Faith is about to get lots of love from me, because including the title itself, I love EVERYTHING about this song! There’s the intro, where she announces ‘ you know it’s not too ghetto ‘, which in direct reference to the title. Then there’s the funky beat, with my favorite part being whenever those deep, monotonic and somewhat-digitally-disguised voices collectively chime in with the ‘ you gets no love…..from… ‘ in sync with the rhythm. electricity gif Then there’s the chorus, which features the sweet, soulicious voices of the backup ladies singing ‘ you play with my emotions, you gets no devotion’ (and that’s the one part that has gotten stuck in my head to the point where I am almost humming it constantly now!). And let’s not forget Ms. gsa 2016 Evans herself, who shows off her rap skills midway through with the breakdown and titillates my ears with that bit check it out, Crime Stoppers" ‘ (a fun tribute to that anonymous tip hotline there). electricity production in usa In fact, I love this song so much that I’ve watched the official music video countless times, watched recordings of past live performances (also countless times), and have even helped my ears to a couple of exciting remixes! Of course, I was all sorts of excited with the thrilling 8+ minute ‘Extended Club Remix’ (yeah, that’s gonna become a super addiction at some point, too!), and the ambient/electronic music lover in me also adored the ‘ENiGMA Dubz Remix’, which turns this r&b hit into a dark but ear-pleasing chill-out groove.

Wow—seems my raves about "You Gets No Love" turned out to be a whole post all by itself! But that’s okay, because perhaps that’s what I needed to get me hooked on Faith Evans and the rest of the goodies on this "Faithfully" album. I’ve got so many new favorites now, and I’ll start with all of the ones where her astounding voice reigns supreme! There’s "Where We Stand" and "Heaven Only Knows: I adore the smooth and chilled flow to both of these. The former allures more with its sweet harmony and Faith making like a seasoned jazz singer with her ad-lib vocal play in later movements while the latter, which is simply about the possibilities of love, erupts into something not short of spectacular! "Brand New Man" attracted me the instant the slow groove crept into my ears. I like how Faith reinforces her feelings from "You Gets No Love", talking about how he cost her faith in him and how that old adage of what goes around comes right back around will get him in the end (yeah, the man ‘gets no love’ here either!). Turns out becoming an anthem to all the ladies who’ve ever been hurt. Though I can’t help but to dig all the ones that got the big killer beats going on! Quick cuts like "Burnin’ Up" and "Love Can’t Hide" (that little ‘ bop ba da’ chimed by the backing female singers makes this one catchy and fun to listen to) or warming tunes with an old-school classy pop/r&b charm like "Do Your Time" and the title track (I like this one a lot) are real ear-pleasers. And so is the proper opener, "Alone In This World"; I felt something vaguely familiar about the twinkly bells accompanying the music and the beat. Yet my BIG thriller of the day came in the form of "Back To Love"! This one definitely sounds like a faster contemporary version of INDEEP’s "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" (that’s an throwback post-80’s disco jam). Or maybe it was an original production altogether? Either way, it’s an awesome jam, and the dreamy ambiance underneath gives the song its special glow as Faith and her backup ladies sing about how it would be so nice if she and the man could just run away (and that part too even had some familiarity about it). Raving further, many of the interlude segments provided some ear candy as well! The bombastic intro where Faith goes ‘ la la la la la la la la’, for starters, then the angelic bedtime moment that is "Everything" (should’ve been a full song, in my opinion) and one that could have made top candidate for ‘Slow Jam Of The Night’ if it were just a minute or two bit longer: "Love Song". gas city indiana restaurants So this is what resulted when I took that giant leap of faith and spent 75+ minutes indulging in every bit of this amazing album: