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I Recently purchased this car in considerably good condition from a local albuquerque junkyard from a friend of my fathers for $600 and we are also purchasing a 1978 Mustang Ghia II for $600 it is like midnight blue with a tan top and tan leather interior with the v-6 automatic and an eight inch rear-end, mods planned for the 77′ rebuilt 351 cleveland bored to 360 with headers and a gt-40 intake.

my car is a 77 but has factory t- tops,my engine is not orinal,i have install a 428 crobajet from a junked 68 mustang and a 9"rear end,i have no rear seats because of oversize wheel wells for oversize tires in the back,the whole car can be drop to the ground thanks to an air bag system from goodyear i also have n.o.s and im thinking in puttin a super charger,well maybe not it has a lot of power as it is(412 hp) checked by a computer.thank you.

dozens of mods, adding sport mirrors, light group, etc. Just rebuilt engine, replaced power rack & pinion, next be the paint job. Then front brakes, vinyl roof and anything else I can think of. Trying to keep original. Found interior vinyl and valour and I hope correct top vinyl. Could use some info on parts. Specifically sunroof weather seals (manual crank).

I completely rebuilt the factory 302 to my likings It has the standard four inch bore hyperkinetic pistons and a .544 inch racing cam with solid lifters It has a weiand action plus intake manifold Chrome molly rings and pushrods. electricity 1 7 pdf The heads have been milled .030 and the Carburetor is a Holley 650 cfm vacuum secondaries carb. I have a high volume oil pump a double roller timing set a high power coil from accell an electric fuel pump 9 mm wires autolite plugs and much much more.


Hi. i bought it a year ago in new mexico, its beautiful. no rust no dents a few scratches here and there the drivers seat is a little worn (but what can ya do aftr 22yrs). this is my secnd 1 . my first was a 78 giha 4cyl when i was 18 …..i recked it.i know iknow …idiot. anyway i cant seem to find the tag by the radiator?. also would you be able to tell me if there are any mustangii clubs in sw florida…naples, fort meyers area. I would appreciate. when get better on this computer thing i would like to sendu a picture of her. well thank u and if u can help me out with the car club info..would be great. thanks

Option: a/c, bumper guards, rocker mldgs, dlx stblts, leather steer wh, dual col-keyed mirrors, vinyl bodyside moldings, pb, ps, pinstripes, 74 am/fm 8 track, 74-7 hd batt, 74-7 full tinted glass, 74-7 sunroof, 76 trim rings, 76-7 eng heater, 76-7 lug lite, 76-7 lh col mir, 76-7 tint w/s, 76-7 fds, 76-7 2-tone pnt, 77 high-alt emmis, 77 day/nite mir, 78-8 4-way seat,

Option: a/c, console, rocker mldgs, dlx stblts, dig clock, leather steer wh, dual col-keyed mirrors, vinyl bodyside moldings, vinyl top, pb, ps, pinstripes, 74-8 am/fm stereo, 74-7 hd batt, 74-7 full tinted glass, 76-7 eng heater, 76-7 lug lite, 76-7 lh col mir, 76-7 tint w/s, 76-7 fds, 76-7 2-tone pnt, 77 high-alt emmis, 77 day/nite mir, 77-8 met glow pnt,

tried to register here before…u sent a response asking for radiator tag…none on my car. gas prices going up june 2016 I have traced what i can, the dealer that sold it didnt sell it till ’78 after he put the King Cobra "aero" package on it….the king air dam, reverse hood scoop and rear spoiler but he could not get the rear flares on before it was bought. it ‘had’ the vinyl band with t-tops but rust has recently forced the band to disappear.mods include white\white colors, 74 302 block, HIPO 289 heads, EDB 1406 carb, EDB 289 performer manifold, EDB cam, lifter kit, EDB gear drive timing, NOS 150 HP powershot, and an AOD outta a 84 ltd.T-Toops leak like an OLD BOAT. the AOD is the best thing ive ever done with this car and ive been messin with it for over six years now.

Car has been completely restored, ground up.All stock except tweeked engine; bored .03 over,small street cam,roller rockers,aligne honed,squared,decked,roller timing chain,high vol. oil pump.Manifold and carb.are stock along with Jet Hot exhaust manifolds.The only thing changed on the car are duel exhaust.Project took three and one half years,just completed in June of this year and was well worth the wait. Stripes are all painted except the snakes.One oddity is that the window loover snakes have been missing from day one.Maybe a 77 isn’t supposed to have them or maybe someone on the assembly line missed them. I’m very happy how the project turned out. electric utility companies charge customers for Did I mention I’ve owned her since she was new?

MSD 6AL series Ignition System,with the Blaster SS Coil,Spark Plugs Wires of MSD.14" diameter base plate chrome polished air cleaner.V8 Radiator installed,front spoiler,fog lights,clear parking lights.All interior in Cranberry Velour/vinyl confortable of a 76 Ghia.Tires 14" and light truck.AM/FM Stereo with 6 track player and auto reverse casette player.

many changes.Its custom Red & Yellow paint job which carries thru on the undercarraige.The orginal 302 moter has been pulled and stored.The present 302 is a 1969 vintage block.Trw bearings,ARP HP studs balanced rotating asembly.Forged 10.5 to 1 pistons eyebrowed,chrome moly rings, melling HO oil pump,Cloyes dbl. roller timing chain.Valve train is mostly Comp. Cams 292cam, lifters, pushrods,roller rockers,valve retainers,keepers,Dbl.coil

valve springs with dampner.Heads are Trick Flow Alum. with Manley Tulip valves,Ford Motersport studs&spring cups,Also Ford motersport valve covers.Weiand tunnel ram show polished,2 390CFM.Holley carbs plated and modifed.Topped with a blower scoop sticking thru the hood with K&N air filters.Holley electric fuel pump®.A radiator core out of a Cat. tractor.A lot of chrome plating,p/s pump,water pump,alt.,brkts.,bolts etc.All plumbing is stainless steel wrapped lines Russel,Earl’s.This moter loves Cam2 racing gas!

Horse power is in the 350 plus range, I’m having a hell of a time keeping a 4 speed trans.together in this car.It use to be the clutch but now I’m running a Ram puck set-up.I have a C-4 auto.trans I’m rebuilding for it now,all the good stuff B&M parts & a high stall converter.The rear end is an 8"with 3:55 to 1 gears and a Ford posi.Wheels are Centerline 13"in front 14" in rear with goodyear rubber.Interior Has new carpeting,custom seats,Craig power play cass.,Autometer gauges Hurst shifter.This car is a family member and has been a blast.It has been in several magazines,Car Craft,Muscle Mustang,Mustang Illustrated and more.

My father bought this Mustang in June 1977. It was used, but only had 1,400 miles on it. In November 1977, I took my driver’s license test in this car. In September 1997, my father gave it to me. In high school, I never lost a race with this car. The motor was rebuilt 4 years ago with only 19,000 miles having been put on it since then. Everything is original. The seats have no tears, just faded. I even have 8-track tapes that still work! I LOVE my 1977 Mustang II Ghia!

I spent 5 years hunting for the right Coupe to build. I bought this car with a bad engine and mechanically worn out but fresh white pearl paint and new interior (this is an original rust free V8 C4 AC car). Mechanically it has been completly rebuilt and converted to a 351W/SROD 4 spd. ag gaston birmingham 120 Other upgrades include new springs on all 4 corners, original 1" F and 1/2" rear sway bars, and a new Posi unit with 3.00 gears. The car is a sleeper with a custon factory looking dual snorkel air cleaner, cast iron manifolds (ported) and a 2 1/2 single exhaust system.

Second owner of this Cobra-II. Purchased in January of 1979. Car had approximately 12,500 miles at that time. gas ninjas It has only 98000 on it now. It has been across country a few times since it was originally purchased in CA. Has all original equipment and the motor has only had new valve cover gasket put on. The biggest headache of this car has been the 7200 Variable Venturi Carburetor that requires a rebuild every two years. The car had its original paint job up until last September and was in good shape, just had some parking lot war wounds. It is the only one in the area and gets tons of attention when brought out to crooz. I will be participating Crusin’ The Coast again this year.

Just got it yesterday on 11/06/04. Car was sold in Dallas DSO and I think it’s been in Texas it’s whole life. electricity facts for 4th graders Anyways, it’s back in Dallas again from out in East Texas.. got it off an old guy who said it’s sat for the last 2 years +. I don’t think it should have had solid white interior – I think it’s supposed to be red/white. Also the guy gave me some wheels he said were original, but to me they look like the ghia style.

T-5 transmission,3.55 axle w/Auburn Pro differential,aluminum driveshaft,Weld Draglite wheels-15×6 front,15×8 rear with 195/65 and 265/50 tires,Ford motorsport cam,Edelbrock Performer 289 manifold,600 cfm Holley,96 Explorer(gt40)heads,Dynomax headers,2 1/4 dual exhaust with Dynomax super tubo mufflers,Addco sway bars.Driven to work in nice weather,shown occasionally,drag raced a few times a year,best run to date 14.02 @ 99.27 mph.

This baby Snake has a 289 V8, 306 H.P. saved from a wrecked 65 2+2, topped with a cross flow aluminum intake and matching 4 bbl. carb. The C-4 auto is original and built, She has an 8 in. locking rear end also stock. the only other mods (except for larger roll bars front and rear)are subframe connectors to keep Her from bending. gas 02 She is at this intery, being restored as She is being driven. She runs at 14.2 secs. in the 1/4 mile at 103 mph. and tops out at 168 mph. Not too bad for a mostly stock Baby Snake!

I am the third owner of this original 84,000 Mile Mustang II 2+2. It is 99% original. The engine has not been rebuilt. She has the original 13" styled steel wheels. I have added gold striping across the hood, top and deck lid and along the botom of the doors to offset the white a bit. Somewhere along the way she acquired a Cobra II rear spoiler. This may have been a dealer option. I don’t know. The guy I bought her from said the spoiler was on it when he bought her in 1981.

This car has been modified alot but I think very tastfully…Chrome Moly roll cage,N.H.R.A. cert. chassie, 347cid stroker motor,c4 auto w/trans brake,currie 9" rear w/ 4:10 gears.Runs constent 11.80’s–11.90’s in the 1/4 mile and can be street driven daily if desired. I’ve enjoyed owning"the forgoten mustang" from 2001 and look foward to many more years….See-Ya out there!

i bought this car back in 97 and started to restore it had not the time to finish it this year i think i will get another start on it i also have 2 1967 gt mustangs both are fast backs one big block and one small block 289 k code both are 4 speeds and 390 big block big block car is moss green painted last summer to the orginal colur the small block car is the sky color like powder blue needs to be done ove big time

302 V8 w/mild cam, Edelbrock 600 CFM 4 bbl. carb, aluminum intake, MSD, Hedman headers, custom dual exhaust with 3 inch stainless steel pipes from axle back,C4 Trans w/shift kit, hood scoop made functional w/ front open (air cleaner sits up inside scoop), 3.55 posi, Lakewood traction bars, 14 inch American Racing "lacey spoke style" wheels w/ LeMans raised white letters 235R60’s in back and 215R60’s up front.