The next-gen hyundai santro – page 4 – team-bhp u gas hampton


I’d have preferred if they had stuck to the original Santro Xing shape externally, atleast as much as possible while making minor tweaks like the new grille and revised reflector design at back but that won’t be possible anymore. What Hyundai needs to be really careful about with this car is pricing – while it may no doubt be the quality leader in its segment, its chief rivals will remain the Alto, Wagon R and Kwid whose positions are unassailable for now. The new Santro must be a clear segment below Grand i10 while being half a segment above Eon in terms of space, refinement and solidity.

In anycase with the Eon doing decent numbers without any advertising, the new Santro (and I strongly recommend that they name it Santro) endorsed by their only brand ambassador Shahrukh Khan can easily cross the 5-6k mark per month. Unfortunately aspirational values are high in the country today so Santro may not be the halo product that it was when it first entered the market but if Hyundai loads it with practical storage cubicles like before, makes the seating high and snug and also gives it a large window area then it may just become the segment favourite for families on a budget. The Grand i10 at a couple of lakhs more would be a more complete car.

There was a preview of the upcoming Santro here and I was invited to review it as a part of their market study/research before the final production launch. This was a restricted entry only for certain group of car owners (like the grand i10 – from Jan ’17 model). They had asked me to bring the original RC book for them to verify and I stated that it was not in my name. After reaching there, I had to wait for half n hour for a group of people to verify it. After knowing that it was not under my name, they rejected me entry (This was after I told them this fact and they acknowledged that it wouldn’t be a problem).

Anyways, my wife was nearby and asked her to come. While the car enthusiast (me) had to wait outside, someone who didn’t show any interest at first (wife) went to review the car (more on this later). So these observations are all from my wife. Some may not make it to the production model.

1)All know that you are spending a lot on such surveys/market studies etcbut please make sure it’s properly done and not wasted. I came to know that there were atleast 7 agencies to which it was sub contracted. So the level of dedication/professionalism goes for a spin.

2) I could see that targets were given to such agencies and these guys were running around to find customers who were not interested while I had to simply wait outside (BHPian, car enthusiast, 3 hyundais – won’t that qualify to give a feedback on an upcoming car?). I could even see kids and service center guys being let inside. These guys were literally forcing/begging some customers to come for the namesake (yes, and am still sitting idle outside).

3) The agencies to whom you guys subcontracted were rude and ill mannered. These guys were sitting and smoking in front of the hall entrance – Come on Hyundai, hire some professional guys. There were ladies visiting. (Here’s one example). The place was littered with cigarette buds, coffee cups etc and I could see these guys littering all over the place.

4) All customers were given a box of snacks (I could count atleast 10 items in that box), unlimited number of coffees/water bottles (yes, I had to use it since I was sitting outside doing nothing for 2 hours ) and a convenience charge (guess that’s what attracted the kids).