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When the stalemate between the Ortega regime and most of the populace began around late July, the world stopped following Nicaragua. But as the conflict completes eight months since its beginning, it’s certainly not over. sgas belfast It continues, prolonged into the indefinite future. gas pains 6 weeks pregnant Will there be peace in 2021, when the next elections are scheduled? Or might there appear a solution in the meantime? It’s impossible to tell.

In the thick of the recent violence, the Catholic Church has lived up to the heroic reputation it gained in Central America in the 1980s and 1990s. For continually siding with the people, priests and bishops have received a host of death threats. The papal nuncio and Silvio José Báez, Auxiliary Bishop of Managua, were physically attacked in early July. Priests continue to be harassed by the government and its supporters. 2 chainz smoking on that gas But the Church hasn’t backed down.

In late May, the rector of the Jesuit university in Managua, the Central American University (UCA), Fr. José Alberto Idiaquez , S.J. had allowed hundreds of people to shelter themselves at the UCA when protests turned violent . 2 Meanwhile, bishops and other prominent Church figures had been participating in a peace dialogue with the Ortega government. static electricity bill nye full episode It became clear the regime would not comply with agreed-upon terms as students continued to die after agreements were reached.

In Diriamba, San Sebastián Basilica was also surrounded. As Baéz, Managua Archbishop Leopoldo Brenes, and the papal nuncio arrived to intervene, they were attacked by the paramilitaries waiting outside. electricity generation in india They were punched and their episcopal insignia stolen; Báez was photographed afterwards, his white cassock stained with blood from a wound on his arm.

Even after a national strike on July 13 in which the streets were empty and businesses closed to demand a change in government, the Ortega regime still managed to scrounge up supporters for a rally on July 19 to give the illusion of real division in the country instead of a government attacking its own people. On the 39th anniversary of the revolution, Daniel Ortega gave a speech in which he asserted that his government would not be overthrown by foreign interference, and claimed that the bishops were golpistas , attempting a coup d’état by their public actions.

The Church still has not backed down despite continued threats and attacks. In July, several churches were desecrated in Jinotega, in northern Nicaragua. After threats against Bishop Álvarez of Matagalpa, the clergy of Matagalpa and Managua closed ranks behind Álvarez, declaring their support at the beginning of September. And a priest in León was attacked in mid-September, and may lose an eye.

For today’s Nicaraguan clergy, I imagine it’s much the same as it is for all the young people who continue to protest. A generation ago, their forebears made the Church in Central America famous for uncompromising commitment to the people of God. 76 gas card payment Unfortunately, they’ve also been given the opportunity to show the best the Church has in some of the worst of circumstances the world has to offer.