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Hey, kids, welcome to the Phile for a Thursday. How are you? You’re working too hard. It’s time to take a well-deserved break and check out this hilarious blog. Time flies when you’re laughing. You’ll be clocking out before you know it. Man, oh man. Michael Cohen just implicated the whole damn Trump family in the Russia scandal. It’s party time. Michael Cohen, the real life incarnation of Barry Zuckercorn from "Arrested Development," plead guilty to telling EVEN MORE lies on behalf of President Donald Trump… the shady character known in the guilty plea as Individual 1.

The news that Trump was angling to make a deal with Russians while running for president (and the Russians just so happened to be assisting his campaign) is at once shocking and boring. Hillary Clinton (‘member her?) raised this possibility of Trump working on a real estate deal at the second presidential debate, and is probably feeling smug that she was right.

It truly has it all, there’s a "Jeopardy" style moment where a contestant giggles over the word "Black" in Black Panther, there’s a clip from cooking with Steve Doocey where he loudly jokes about drinking a full bottle of whiskey on the air, there’s a moment where a woman literally scoffs at a man promoting his sport’s book, and of course, there are several equally bizarre and awful clips of Tomi Lahren aka Toomey Layren. astrid y gaston lima reservations In case you didn’t see or make it through the full clip out of self-love or some other remarkably healthy emotion, there is a clip of Tommy Looren eating an ice cream cone and thanking her viewers, there is a completely decontextualized clip of her practicing soccer tricks, and we have a very classic Barbie Hitler moment where she claims legal asylum seekers don’t think tortillas are good enough. Here’s a screen shot of her playing practicing soccer…

Jeff: Yeah, I saw that fight. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Ramsey who started it. electricity and magnetism notes For a guy on a really crappy team, he certainly likes to run his mouth. Before the season started he went off on most quarterbacks in the league and said most of them are overrated, he said his quarterback was the best in the league. In other news, this week Blake Bortles got benched for the second time this season.

Jeff: Andy Dalton got injured this week and was placed on the IR. The Bengals then traded with the 49ers to get Tom Savage to be the back up QB in Cincinnati. Speaking of QBs in the AFC North the Browns beat the Bengals this week. Browns QB Baker Mayfield ran up and gave the game ball to his former head coach Hue Jackson, who is know on the Bengals coaching staff. A war of words has ensued since then where Mayfield is angry at Jackson for coaching a team that plays his team twice a season. In other news, Leonard Fournette has been suspended one game for his actions in the fight that we mentioned already.

William: I was born in Montreal. I was in Montreal until I graduated from McGill. I was there from birth until 21-years-old of age. Hardly going to anywhere else except to places like Mount Tremblant to ski. When I was a kid youngster summers in the lake area is drive up there when I visit Montreal and see this forest barren land with this wild lakes that had very few homes on them if any. I don’t know what they must be like now now with the dirt roads with logs underneath the dirt so they don’t be bumpy. electricity units of measurement A part of that journey would be bumping, wrecking the car. I remember my father saying in true Canadian language, "It’s not doing any good."

William: Yeah, I think it was my first year. I understudied Chris in "Henry the Fifth." Shortly after we opened I went on for one night. Chris tells the story my standing when he sat and my sitting when he stood, but what he doesn’t even yet realize I knew nothing. I had no idea of where to go and what to do. I had rehearsed the words in my bathroom, so I knew the words I thought. gas leak explosion Until I didn’t know the words. I did go on as an understudy without any rehearsal and did very well.

William: Not only do I not have any idea what I was saying but the movie was then asked to go to the festival in Italy, so the subtitles were in Italian. Then the company was asked to come and see a viewing of the movie they put together. I watched a movie in which I was starring in, which I spoke Esperanto, which I learned phonetically, with Italian subtitles which I didn’t know, and I had no idea what the movie was about or what I was doing. Off we went to the big Venice Festival.

William: No, I never wanted to know. It’s reminiscent of an animated feature that I did with some Hollywood people and I was invited to the Venice Film Festival and so were we all, and now the whole cast is marching up to some really big names in Hollywood that would be recognized. We’re walking up the red carpet to see the movie and to my right there was a group of people walking up the festival steps at the same time. I turned to somebody and I said, "Who are they?" He said, "They are the people that translated us into French." I said, "Well, why are we going up? It’s an animated film and our faces aren’t there what are we doing?" It was absurd.

William: The book is about as I age and I tend to say "no, the rocking chair would be fine for me." No, say "yes" to life. electricity kwh usage calculator Life beckons me. Follow the beckoning. In my case if it’s a country music album which I have out there now, say yes, it’s a great album. People are loving it. Say yes to this book that I wrote. Live long and dot dot dot if I want to do it myself. I have a Christmas album that came out called "Shatner Claus." Electric bikes, pedego bikes, go get on a bike and pedal, and then if you get tired hit the electric switch. The world is alive and waiting for you. If only you would just say yes to it.

William: I was in New York doing something so very important that I can’t remember what it was. electricity year invented Maybe I was unlearning Esperanto that was beamed into my head and I was trying to get rid of it with therapists. The phone rings and it’s this guy, Gene Roddenberry, he says, "We’ve made a pilot that didn’t sell. NBC wants to try another pilot with a different cast. Would you come to Hollywood to look at the pilot we made with the idea of playing the lead?" So I go to Hollywood and I see this film that’s really quite good. It was a little self-important, and I pointed that out I said, "If you’re five years together on a trip and you’re on the only boat around, and you say ‘Turn left,’ you don’t pompously say, ‘Starboard ahead! Good, good, good, a little to the left.’" It’s funnier, I think. Who knows what it’s like to be five years in space anyway. I’m just guessing we might be a little lighthearted about it that was my thought. And everybody made their own suggestions and the second pilot was improved thank they very cleverly kept Leonard Nimoy as Spock. Leonard had grasped the dimensions of his character, he was glorious, and I did the best I could. The pilot sold and it became "Star Trek."

William: Combined with a piece of literature that had solidity and similar to Cyrano de Bergerac, "I may climb perhaps to no great heights, but I will climb alone." Combine with a song that needed drugs to climb that was the original intent. Played alone like that you’d think what the heck is the actor doing but that’s what the actor was doing.

William: Well, there was a time. Motorola had designed a StarTAC phone after the new years of "Star Trek." They gave me one. I was in an airport and I flipped open this StarTAC Motorola phone to make a phone call. It was one of the first electronic phones and gathered a crowd who were laughing at me. electricity and magnetism worksheets 5th grade At first I didn’t understand why. I realized then it was right out of "Star Trek."

William: Well, out of all that travail came a one man show I did on Broadway. electricity review worksheet Toured the United States, toured Canada, toured Australia. Out of that came a tour which I just did with a film called The Wrath of Kahn, a "Star Trek" film. I come out afterwards and do an hour with the audience. Go to and see what I’m doing. Go get a Pedago bike.

William: Oh, well, which health are you talking about? If someone is locked in a room obsessing on a game or a show and putting on thirty pounds by eating at McDonald’s… no. But if someone is taking inspiration… like I was doing a film and I needed transportation, I had what would of amounted the total budget I had to make this film to transport me to the places I had to go I called Bombardier and I said, "Listen. I’m a Canadian. I need an airplane, you’re an airplane manufacturer, can you lend me an airplane?" The guy said yes, and I met him later on the tarmac and he said, "The reason I’m lending you this plane is to pay you back. I became a aeronautical engineer and then became the head of Bombardier because of you. So this is payback." And off I went.