The philippines at the pre-collapse state didn’t suffer much from the great depression. ironically, … electricity facts


They can’t stand alone in this world however. gas explosion in texas They look up north, they see the Land of the Rising Sun, emerging out to help the Asians to truly liberate them from Westerners. As such, the Philippines would like to start to establish diplomatic and economic relationships with them, perhaps even join the Co-Prosperity Sphere as well. + Svizz

As they continually industrializing and modernizing the country, so does the infrastructures of such too. electricity calculator Power and electrical plants are soon to be opened and made across the country, to power the whole nation. Renewable energies are to be prioritized first, especially with dams and such. r gas constant Together with the building and usage of water treatment and purification plants, to further make access to water much better and its use for agriculture as well.

Massive paving and bridging projects for the roadways would be done, to further connect the Filipino cities and towns much more efficiently, and all of the damaged roads will be repaired and maintained as part of its procedures. Railways, tramways and such would be also done to offer better alternative for denser places needing transportation in little amounts of time. gas 1940 hopper Other forms of public transportation, especially small-scale are being put time for research and time to, as they try enhancing it and such.

Airports, and airbases are built, to further stimulate the growing aviation and airline industry, and soon airforce. However, much more emphasis has been placed on the harbors and ports, as the Philippines’ geography itself offers an excellent and perfect harbor in Asia, thus encouraging commerce and trade here. Soon, aviation and ship industries start to emerge out of the country as they try getting much more of the Philippines’ industrial capabilities.

The Philippines, especially with the help of the Americans has still one of the best educational institutions and systems across Asia. gas variables pogil answers extension questions They aim to maintain that model, and to enhance it for the better. More budgets and such are put into it, to further give more access to cheap (if not free as well) quality education for all in the country, especially for those remote and public ones. gas x directions The private sector will be taking care of some of the richer areas if necessary.

They aim to make the schools reform to be more competitive and to more focus on the learning of the students rather much on the grading system, and to keep it at a balanced pace, whilst also researching for more ways to educate for further innovative ideas that will come in useful for a developing economy today, for a developed economy tomorrow.

More emphasis will be done to make schools not much reliant on the brute-force knowledge or the tests of the topic, but rather on learning, the understanding and passion of the lessons as such. a level physics electricity equations As a result, they will make tests will be for much more open questions. This gives opportunity to find out what the students are truly excellent in for later.

The Department of Education ensures and prioritizes that all educational institutions are to educate and to transform all students for them to become proud national and open Filipino citizens with developments in moral character, self-discipline, and scientific, mathematical, technological and vocational efficiency/mastery. They would also be adding cultural, arts and physical education into the system, together with politics/geography and history in it to truly ensure that.

To help in the unequal distribution of healthcare services around the rural and urban areas of Philippines, the Department of Health would do some budget reforms in which the rural and poorer areas would be receiving more funding, and the urban and richer areas would be receiving less funding, due to the fact that the private healthcare systems and firms have mostly taken over in the rich areas and such.

Then, Department of Health as well starts to spread the campaign of anti-smoking, anti-drinking and anti-drug to minimize the consumption of the mentioned products. However, production of such will still continued, and be exported to other countries. Rehabilitation centers are also built in every city and town to treat those who want to go to rehabilitation. static electricity review worksheet Furthermore, in coordination with the Department of Education and Department of Science and Technology, new medical and scientific universities are built at all cities to train the staff needed at the hospitals and other laboratories to ensure the future of such.

It is expected that these reforms, are both the best short-term and long-term effects for the country. As such, it is expected that the country will be one of the most developed in SEA in the future, if done together with the help of its own citizens and its own potential and future allies. Some militarization shall be also done in order to help defend the country from potential invaders within and without. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!