The pub aftermath, chapter 7 letterpile j gastrointest surg


“It would be a great honor,” he said, trying to conceal his relief. Months earlier, when he’d left Jamaica to manage The Pub, he’d needed to put distance between himself gas jewelry and certain nefarious events. He knew even then that he would ultimately return once things cooled off. In a transient place like this tourist town, it wouldn’t take long for the memory of his past deeds to fade, as they always do. A few months’ absence was all it had taken.

Jason had a sixth sense when it came to knowing when to leave. Having too many high-priced entertainers on staff at The Pub, feeding his drinking buddies on the house, and his tendency toward overspending had prompted an audit by the much-too-clever Ervin. Results of the CPA’s review of the accounting books would have ended his job there anyway. But the surprise had come when he’d been approached to take out the silent partner.

Jason knew that everything had a price if someone was willing to pay it. And those who’d helped remove the threat of exposure had been well paid. His take on the project netted enough to buy an enormous diamond. He smirked at his own cleverness. The beauty of it was the jewel would electricity wikipedia in hindi get little scrutiny on its way out of the country. A simple, easy way to move value that wasn’t cash, he’d had it made into a stunning engagement ring. He thought about his “sugar bear.” Once Melissa joined him, he was going to stay close to the ring and to do that e85 gas stations in ohio he’d need to stay close to her.

The return flight to Jamaica those months ago had seemed like coming home. He smiled, pressed the button and lowered the back of his first-class seat, relaxing into a false sense of safety. His sixth sense had failed him at a critical moment. Someone from his past was along for the ride. Someone with an assignment of their own. Someone who hadn’t forgotten his past deeds.

Eager to disembark, he grasped his briefcase and sat poised on the edge of his seat. The hatch lock snapped open and he watched the flight attendants take their positions at the exit beside the flight navigator ready to smile endlessly at the crowd as they moved slowly out. Jason moved into the aisle by the galley assuring a quick departure ahead of the others.

The rather large woman who’d entered the First-Class lavatory before gas 87 the final approach, had quietly set the door sign to “Vacant,” once she’d heard the announcement. The flight attendant, busy with last minute tasks, had seen the green indicator on her final walk-through and assumed the lavatory was empty. But Elise had not returned to her seat in the rear cabin, remaining quietly inside the tiny room.

She’d taken great pains to completely change her appearance in the weeks prior to the trip. She’d perfected an airbrush technique to apply tanner on her face, arms, legs and any exposed skin transforming it into a shimmering shade of bronzed mahogany. Her brilliant electricity storage costs blue eyes now reflected a shade of burnished gold behind contact lenses. She’d carefully applied a prosthetic piece to widen and flattened the looks of her grade 9 electricity review nose as well.

Once in the forward lavatory, she’d removed the enormous padded body suit she’d worn boarding the plane. Beneath the suit she’d worn a padded girdle that added a pleasant roundness to her rear end, something she knew from experience that Jason could barely resist. Dentures attached over her own perfectly straight teeth added a small protrusion at the front of her mouth. Rather than detract from her usual exotic beauty, it enhanced her appeal. She’d checked her appearance in the tiny airplane lavatory mirror her lips parting smoothly over her newly shaped smile.

The woman who emerged through the bi-fold door of the lavatory into the aisle behind the first-class passengers looked nothing at all like the woman who had entered. She carried an enormous canvas bag, bulging at the seams, in which she had stuffed the deflated blow-up body suit. Her shoulder length auburn wig accentuated by make-up and a fresh coat of bright gas 76 station lipstick was set off nicely by diamond drop earrings that swayed with her movements.