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But, scientists have gradually realised that nature, at the sub-atomic level, is not actually a mechanical universe made of primary building blocks. The sub-atomic reality made of neutron, proton and quarks has been found to be nothing, but a stable pattern of slowed-down energy capturing our attention.

Subatomic particles are not made of any material stuff; they are dynamic patterns of energy. When we observe them, we never see any substance or any fundamental structure. What we observe are dynamic patterns continually changing into one another ~ a continuous ‘dance of energy’.

Perhaps that is how spiritually more evolved eastern mystics could teleport themselves to distant locales in a jiffy or telepathically communicate with each other, as also referred in the books, Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda and Living with Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama.

In the reductionist materialistic paradigm, the driving force behind evolution has never been fully explored or understood because it is assumed that there is none. Though a primary understanding clearly points to the evolution of life from the single cell to the complex human form, the evolutionary biologists don’t dare to think beyond the materialist paradigm.

Some biologists and neuro-scientists, in fact, believe that the consciousness is created by the electro-chemical reactions of the brain and could be destroyed by medical interference e.g. by the administration of anaesthesia or simply by death.

They fail to understand that consciousness regains its vitality in a new body in the same fashion as a bulb emits or stops emitting light after being switched on and off. As lighting of the bulb requires flow of electricity through the circuit, similarly the consciousness requires a live organism for its manifestation.

According to some scientists, the evolution of life is nothing but the struggle of consciousness to find greater and better expression in the material realm, if oriental mystics are to be believed. And this evolution, directly or indirectly, is intricately networked as per new scientific discovery.

An individual or an organism can’t have an independent existence. We are all inter-related to each and every physical and non-physical reality. We have to play out our part till we have realised our assigned purpose and till divine energy has exhausted itself of which there is no possibility as energy could never be created or destroyed. So, the creation is likely to continue till infinity.

Neale Donald Walsch in her Conversations with God states that God has created this world to realise Himself. She adds that the Almighty has had a conception of every emotion or material object, but the same would be meaningless unless it is tested through a cosmic play which the Hindus call Maya or the Chinese call Tao.

So, by creating this world, God is actually realising Himself. The myriad organic consciousness is nothing but multiple expressions of the divine consciousness which are all interconnected with every other physical reality, as Quantum Physics has proven.

In all these cases, these individuals were confirmed medically dead, but they came back to life and have recounted first-person details of the incidents occurring during the period when they were medically dead, something which could not be possible for a dead person to know.

There have been verified rebirth stories relating how people have given the details of their previous lives. If consciousness ends with cessation of life, then how does it continue to be manifest in the next life. Such rebirth stories can of course be examined and verified.

If genetics and biology explain everything, then what explains the differential personality and intellectual traits of two individuals born of the same parents? It simply shows that the individual spirit or soul carries its consciousness enriched through its several lives. The same has also been borne out by the “past-life regression experiments”, including that of Dr Brian Weiss as narrated in his book, Many Lives, Many Masters.

Unlike the mechanical paradigm, the emerging paradigm is a holistic worldview, seeing the world as an integrated whole rather than a dissociated collection of parts. This perception recognises the fundamental interdependence of all phenomena, including individuals and societies.

Our thoughts are linked to this invisible energy and they determine what the energy forms. Our thoughts literally shift the universe on a particle-by-particle basis to create our physical reality. It is this power of our thoughts that Rhonda Byrne has delineated in her celebrated book, The Secret.

Otherwise, we shall fail our role in this divine drama. When both metaphysics and science are converging today, what prevents us from converging and coexisting with other fellow beings and creatures of this planet? Unless we agree to do so, we shall remain doomed forever.