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I highly doubt that will be the case, but keep in mind — we’re still early in the expansion right now. I mean, we’re looking at the first patch for this expansion, not what lies ahead in the next one. astrid y gaston lima menu english Generally speaking though, “expansion features” are still available after the expansion is over. You can still hit up Draenor and build a garrison — you can still head to Pandaria and make your very own farm.

Mage tower appearances were removed at the end of the last expansion, but keep in mind that those were obtained via carefully-tuned skill checks. It was meant to be a personal challenge, and the appearances were for weapons that were Legion-associated. It made sense to remove them, just by the nature of what they were, and how they were earned.

Island Expeditions don’t really feel like that. z gas el salvador precios They’re extra content to do, like Legion invasions — which still pop up on the Broken Isles, incidentally. electricity explained I don’t really see them removing anything regarding the Expeditions at the end of the expansion — but if they do decide for some reason that they’re going to do so, they’ll certainly give us a heads up well ahead of time, like they did with the Mage Tower.

Q4tQ: if an Allied Race is created based on the Forsaken (as we’ve seen with Dwarves, Draenei, Trolls, etc), should they be undead from one particular race (Worgen skeletons, Troll skeletons etc), or the mish-mash of races we saw in places like the Battle for Lordaeron? also, if the latter, should there be an option for more variations as more races become available in the future?

I think if we saw any kind of Forsaken Allied Race, it’d be human skeletons — because I think the most likely choice are the remnants of the Desolate Council from Before the Storm. Sure, the Council itself was crushed pretty thoroughly in the book, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still like-minded Forsaken in the Undercity…they’re just far less likely to do anything that might raise the Dark Lady’s suspicions or ire.

But these are former citizens of Lordaeron. They have their free will, and maybe they’re not as on-board with Sylvanas and her plans. electricity transmission loss There’s a spark of potential there, if Blizzard wanted to pursue that route. Other undead races…well, they don’t quite have the same motivation or history. Mind you, Blizzard could easily whip something together — I mean, who was expecting the whole Junker Gnome storyline that’s on the way later this expansion? It was out of nowhere, but it looks fascinating.

Nope! There were no system requirements or any of the technical details released, to my knowledge. Keep in mind that Immortal is still relatively far from release — they still haven’t hammered down things like pricing, even. I would say, however, that it’s likely going to require a slightly newer phone to play. electricity billy elliot lyrics I’m not saying you need to go out and pick up the best brand-new phone out there on the market, mind you. electricity storage association However, the Samsung S4 is already five years old at this point — and we still don’t know how long it’s going to be until the game comes out.

Then again, most companies are releasing new phones pretty regularly every year, so you could be golden. I know as far as PC’s go, Blizzard has been pretty good about trying to keep games available for players on older systems, it’s possible they’re going to keep the game on a technical level that will work even on older phones. However, PC and mobile are two pretty different things, and I’m really not sure what their approach to mobile is going to be like.

I know this wasn’t exactly a question, but I felt like commenting on it anyway — I’ve been in the same spot as you in regards to alts and gearing them up. The way I’ve approached it is by logging in to do a brief once-over of World Quests, looking for two specific criteria: It has to reward a piece of upgrade gear, and it has to be either the easy Tortollan quests, or one of the “kill this one named mob” quests. If it meets that criteria, I’ll pop out really fast and complete it, then hearth back home and log out until I feel like checking again.

I mean, I guess you could call that being lazy, but I’m really just looking at it from the perspective of how much time I have on any given day, and how much effort I want to put into a character that I’m not playing a lot. Sure, it’s a much slower way to acquire gear — I could just go run a bunch of dungeons or whatever — but I’m not particularly invested in playing that character full-time, so I’m not really in any hurry. My main, on the other hand, does a lot of different stuff every day.