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As I sat on hold with Good Sam thinking about how long this dispatch in the middle of nowhere would take, I kept observing an old Class A Motorhome with a “Free Jewelry” stand out front. There was the lady at the jewelry table, a husband, and at least two boys. They were clearly not on vacation. They were a family of full-timers boondocking on the BLMs. Instinctively, I knew they would quickly become my New-Best-Friends…

I greeted them. They immediately grabbed the tools. And, working like a pit crew, the husband-and-wife team had the tire changed in minutes! (In fact, the wife is so handy, she had reportedly rebuilt their transmission on the side of the road once).

I was alarmed to see my newly-installed diamond-plate fenders were dinged up. But I knew the gashed wheel-well was going to be a much more serious issue. I wouldn’t dare look inside, yet. I didn’t want to get too grumpy while these kind folks were helping me out.

The husband explained they’d been drycamping in the desert for years. The free jewelry is a pay-it-forward project that the family blogs about. I believe they sustain themselves largely on donations. I was certainly happy to make my contribution! I feel terrible I didn’t take the time to get their blog address and learn more — but I was meeting a friend later and really wanted to get to camp to assess the damage and take a shower before dark.

My inverter caught on fire. I was outside when I saw the smoke. I quickly pulled to plug on the 30-amp, ran inside, and saw flames leaping from underneath the bed. In the dark I couldn’t see to unlatch the fire extinguisher so I yanked it completely out of the wall and doused the flames.

Looking down on the lights of Laughlin by night and the Colorado River by day, the view’s not bad, here! Although, I really haven’t been able to take much time to enjoy Silver View RV Resort. I have a special coupon deal here that I’m going to redeem later, $109 for a week, so I hope to give a more extensive review next time.

My first priority is getting there without any more damage! I’m now buried in repairs. Wheel-well, foyer rebuild, drawers/shelves rebuild, all new tires, black tank replacement, inverter, cosmetic repairs. All this leads me to believe I’ll be spending even more time in Vegas after coming back from North Carolina this August.

Navigating the actual stadium is a different story, altogether. My small, field-level section, seemed to be quite a mystery to some of the ushers. But finally one directed me through a restaurant to an isolated elevator that would take me down from the upper level to the “tweener” sections.

It was Tony Gwynn Bobblehead Night at Petco Park. How often do you see 20,000 full-grown men walk around with dolls! And you better believe they carried their dolls everywhere. They even took their dolls to the restrooms so nobody else could play with them. (One of my neighbors did actually leave one behind but I didn’t bother with it because I didn’t want to carry an extra one around).

Left-fielder, Marcell Ozuna, could become my new favorite Cardinal if he sticks around. He’s a real crowd-pleaser with his playfulness and fan interaction. He threw out a runner at second on a would-be double off the wall. Everyone was in such disbelief, they went to replay — but it was quite simply an outstanding throw and tag!

When I first noticed them, they hadn’t begun the assault on my home yet. Instead, they were securing the perimeter. At least 10,000 strong were in a 2-way procession only around the very outside edge of my concrete pad, oddly enough. In an attempt to postpone the inevitable I grabbed my only weapon available at the time, dish soap, and formed a makeshift barricade. By evening the ants penetrated my fortress and began to make their way inside.

In truth, these aren’t the worst ants you could ever encounter. They are tiny. The bites don’t hurt. And, at worst, I’ve only seen a dozen at any one time, mostly around the kitchen sink. But when I diverted the pests from the kitchen area with a healthy dose of spray comet, they began making entry underneath my bed.

The following morning I thought that I’d perhaps just brought a few of my friends with me. But upon further investigation, a separate colony found me 100 yards away from my original campsite. This time, their entry point was clear. The ants were climbing the water hose and into a tiny hole near the hookup.

It “seems” things are under control now. Oh sure, I probably have a few hundred pets between the walls right now. We’ll just keep each other company for awhile until they eventually lose interest in this nomadic lifestyle altogether and part ways with me.

The first day I arrived in the area over 2 weeks ago I asked the ranger at Thousand Trails Pio Pico where I should have my mail sent to. He pointed to the address on the brochure and I immediately had my check forwarded from Las Vegas. Only it turns out that Thousand Trails Pio Pico doesn’t accept mail (it is in the small-print) — only packages! They simply reject letters unless it belongs to an employee/resident that they know. The problem I have with this:

A. I was misinformed and, when I asked specifically about the mailing address, the ranger should have taken care to ask me if it was a letter or a package. We full-timers do not always study the rules carefully and read the fine print, as we are bombarded with this type of literature constantly.

B. While I understand that it is their policy, perhaps have a heart and make special consideration for something important like a guest’s paycheck. They typically come in easily-identifiable envelopes. It seems especially rude to reject an item as important as this when you are accepting junk mail for your employee/residents.

Unfortunately, after it was rejected, it got lost in the mail. I eventually had to get the check re-issued and had it sent to the Jamul post office. It didn’t arrive before I relocated to Bonita and I’m now calling them on a daily basis before I make the trek over there.

My week-long journey to Reno began at 3:30 am. Thankfully, I didn’t exactly have to fight the crowds in Trenton, New Jersey. The terminal is literally the size of an ordinary doctor’s office — squeezing security, two gates, and a diner into one large room. In fact, you actually have to walk outside to board your plane!

Flying to the east coast for jobs is still relatively new to me. Logistically, it’s a little more complicated for me than my other coworkers in that I have to put my home in storage. This means when I get back, my flight arrives too late to get it back out of storage…

Sometimes, particularly with one-night stays when you don’t even un-hitch, the RV experience can be as simple as staying in and enjoying some NCAA basketball. I’m particularly interested in Loyola-Chicago, who I picked early on to make the Final Four. I’m feeling like a genius, now!

Incredibly, when I blew out one of the trailer tires, I didn’t even realize what had happened! I was in Smith Valley, more than 40 miles from Minden, when something jolted me a little. It felt a bit odd. But upon checking the mirrors I didn’t see anything unusual, so I dismissed it as a gust of wind.