The rat chapter twenty one the point after! electricity questions and answers physics


The bus was still in Illinois but the sun was now shining brightly as it was early afternoon. Doris and Andre were sitting all the way in the back by the bathroom. As they had made their way to the rear Andre had methodically looked at every seat and peered hard at the overhead storage areas. Doris didn’t want to sit to so close to a place where multiple strangers would be relieving themselves but Andre had insisted.

The odor that emitted each time the bathroom door opened and closed only added to the anxiety of the trip for Doris. Andre had used the bathroom once but after he had finished peeing he remained inside the small enclosure. dynamic electricity examples He examined every corner of the space, touching the walls delicately as if trying to absorb their texture through his fingertips. Andre had kept the door ajar so he could see Doris while he performed his inspection. Doris now knew Andre was memorizing every detail of the bus. She reasoned that Andre had already anticipated ways they could be attacked and was formulating a response to it. gas relief for babies home remedy Worried about germs she had quickly grabbed Andre by the wrist and thoroughly washed his hands. Even then he was still studying the layout of the bathroom.

It took Doris awhile to get Andre settled into his seat. He insisted on being on the aisle. z gas el salvador Doris concluded that this would allow him to see who got on and off the bus as well as prevent her from getting up without him. After an hour he began to relax and finally dozed off to sleep. This was calming to Doris as well. She had grown accustomed to Andre’s heightened sense of awareness when danger was afoot. The fact that he was now asleep was good. d cypha electricity futures Andre’s head was was now resting in her lap and she gently stoked his hair as she leaned her own head against the window.

The slowing of the bus woke both Doris and Andre.He bolted upright and scanned the whole area. He clutched Doris by the hand with a grip that was incredibly strong for a child his age and size. People began to move and Andre grew rigid. Doris leaned over and calmly whispered into Andre’s ear. ” We are just making a stop honey. We will have several of these. Are you hungry?”

The words had their desired effect and Andre relaxed, loosening the grip on her hand. He looked over at Doris and appeared to nod. electricity video bill nye Again she spoke in a whisper. ‘Let’s get off and find something to eat.” Andre rose from his seat and slowly began moving up the aisle, all the while shifting his eyes from side to side as he looked at every person on the bus. When they reached the front Doris looked at the driver. “How long before we leave again?’ “Fifteen minutes.” The driver had pulled out a crossword puzzle book and shot Doris a grin as he spoke.

They left the store and Doris noticed another pay phone. She lifted the receiver and punched in Jerome’s number. She apparently had earned Andre’s trust because he offered no protest when she began to make the call. walmart with a gas station near me The phone rang repeatedly. When she hung up she sighed softly. Jerome had a drinking problem but when he said he would do something generally he did. The only thing he ever failed her on was his drinking. The fact that Jerome had not answered the phone gave her hope that he would be there in Memphis waiting for them.