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She continued, ‘… some of us can remember but it is tough and we’re not necessarily well placed as a community and a society for that’, when challenged by the Minister for Cyber Security, Angus Taylor, who defended the budget. Taylor believes the types of investments the government is making as outlined in the budget, means a growing economy puts Australia in good stead for the future.

‘ We in Australia are particularly exposed to another crisis with household debt (mostly mortgages) at historic levels, the cost of living blowing out, with household incomes constrained, and job insecurity mounting, our banks still importantly dependent on offshore funding, and having pursued risky lending practices. The Reserve Bank is powerless to do very much at all — probably just watch from the sidelines, and hope.’

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In Monday’s Money Morning, Harje looks at the idea of placing many bets…or in this case, trades. Now, many people may believe that the more trades you place, the higher chance you have in receiving profitable returns. But according to Harje, the less trades you make, the less risk you have and you have the potential to make more returns. And there is one region where you could get unique opportunities full of potential. To find out more, go here.

In Tuesday’s Money Morning, Harje looked at the increasing worry the US has towards China’s tech boom. And after US President Donald Trump stopped China’s mobile company ZTE, they were forced to close, but he came back in and saved the day. And this could benefit Australia, Perth to be more exact. To find out how ZTE could help build something huge in Perth, go here.

On Wednesday, Harje looked at the benefits of habits. Now, as Harje explained, habits can be beneficial to those suffering viral encephalitis, a disease that eats at the memory of the sufferer. But it could also be converted to everyday practices. Those practices? Social media…Facebook to be exact. Now, Facebook has taught users to be creatures of habit, and log in everyday to receive a reward. And we do, that’s why it’s so popular. But online shopping in China has also boomed due to habit. To find out how you could potentially benefit from the habit of Chinese online shoppers, go here.

In Thursday’s Money Morning, Harje once again looks at what everyone is being told are the good companies to invest in. He also discusses why investing a huge amount of money isn’t always the way to go. Take small-cap stocks, for example. Harje explains why huge amounts of money can significantly over value a stock. Which, doesn’t favour the company or the investor. To find out about the stocks Harje believes have a lot of value, click here.

In Friday’s Money Morning, Harje looks to the world of retail. To be specific, ecommerce. Amazon came to Australia last year, opening up their first warehouse in Victoria. And while Amazon is very successful in the West, in the East it’s another story. As Harje explained, only 1% of China’s ecommerce market is made up by Amazon. In China, is their Amazon. There’s a huge ecommerce market in China, if you want to learn more about it, go here.

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