The rich marries the rich! who will marry the poor current nigeria with atilade atoyebi gas 93 octane


On a few occasions I had met this former governor’s son while covering events and my goodness I did think he was handsome, young politician. However, in my thought, I asked myself: could he be single? What kind of girl would he be married to? Could he be dating some random girl without pedigree, without wealth? So to say. Well, I got my answers recently as I was informed that he is actually married to one of the southwest business mogul’s daughters. I then thought again. You know what? If you Google him and his wedding isn’t on those celebrity weddings documentaries then he isn’t a rich boy marrying Ms Richie after all. There it was–his name and pictures of the wedding even up to the pre-wedding events. Everything was on Google for me to play catch up.

Are you still wondering what in the world am I getting at? Nothing really other than asking myself, all these weddings how in the first place were they engineered? How and where did many of these rich folks’ children meet? How long did they have to date before their wedlock? Was it all true love and agreement? Or were they mostly some sort of match making? Or business amalgamation relationship we are looking at?

Why do I think the rich have launched an unconscious campaign to seal up the financial future of their unborn generations through marriage? While asking a few people about this trend one of the responses I got was that the rich members of our society wants to protect, secure and expand their businesses. In order to do so, a marital match making of their children is one of the appropriate things to do.

A few conclusions also drawn was that many of these parents invite their children to each other’s events such as weddings, birthdays, scheduled annual religious festivals, etc and their children get to know each other a bit closely. I have also been told that in some instances, the children had known themselves right from their times in school together. They may therefore not be total strangers to themselves. So, you are the only one who will be surprised that the they eventually hook up. Nevertheless, don’t rule out the possibility that some have been simply through match-makers or messengers of peace (Alarina, as they call them in Yorubaland where I hail from). I also know that the children of the rich socialize in the same resorts, restaurants, bars and all that especially when they live in the same city or area. They are also the ones who can pick up tickets and fly to holiday destinations with relative ease. What if they meet yonder? Who knows? In short, birds of the same feather still flock together as the saying goes.

What we have been seeing in much intensity in recent times is an unfolding culture of the children of the well offs meeting in all manners and circumstances and consolidating their chanced or premeditated meetings into matrimony. Gossip columnists trail some of the relationships and are always waiting in the wings to break the news of ruffling feathers in such associations. It’s either fight for supremacy or autonomy and all kinds of unexpected developments. A few of the high profile weddings have not stood the test of time. Happily however, the others are managing their differences and are putting up a face of togetherness despite frictions here and there.