The rocket, or pidjones winter of 18-19 rat bike project – page 2 wd gaster x reader


Coils came in yesterday evening. Between the original wires and angled plug caps and one of the caps/wire on the replacement coils, and one plug cap pulled apart, cleaned, and reassembled I have all reading ~5K Ohms. Tried old plugs on each and have sparkies on all four. electricity worksheets ks1 But, I have the rear wheel bearings out and Partzilla won’t be shipping the new ones until tomorrow. gas stoichiometry practice sheet So, replaced the swingarm grease fitting (old one was broken), pulled the swing arm bolt and lubed it up before reinstall, and while doing it observed that the right leg of the center stand is broken ~1/2 way through at the joint to the pivot tube. So, I’ll set the swing arms on jack stands (bike is presently on center stand and a dolly under the headers) and fold the center stand up for removal. I have one of those brake spring tools so will try that. Never had success with coins/washers in the spring coils. Guess I need to pull that HF welder out and dust it off. gas in michigan Wonder if the auto-darken shield still works? The daughter borowed it for the eclipse year before last, and it worked then. I’ll strike a lighter in front of it to test before I strike an arc.

I haven’t struck an arc (intentionally) since ~1970. But, the center stand on the Rocket is broken on one side, so I’ll give it a try. The removal was tricky because I already had the rear wheel off and bearings out of it so I had to support the swing arms on jack stands. hp gas online booking Was able to get clearance for the pivot to come out by removing the two muffler mount nuts on both sides and pushing the muffler down enough for the studs to come out and rest against the mount. electricity word search puzzle Did the penny trick on the spring because my brake spring tool just didn’t have the mechanical advantage for this job.

So, imagine the weld quality by someone that hasn’t welded in well over 40 years – it was stick then – and them doing it on a rainy driveway with a Harbor Freight flux core welder with five year old HF wire. Scary enough? Worse than a Honda weld! Anyway, it’s worse but "it is what it is". Went back together surprisingly easy. Then I knocked it on its side taking it off the jack stands. gas in oil causes This thing feels light after picking up GoldWings.

Beginning to pull on my sparse hair. Fired it up again after fixing the float valve and accelerator pump issue. electrical supply company near me Starts easy, even idles after a good warmup. BUT, exhaust for cylinders 1 & 4 are still not heating up. I have great hot blue spark on them. Much better now that I’ve run an extra ground lead to the spark units (was reading 150 ohms from mounting stud to (-) terminal before and had weak yellow spark). Compression is not great on any cylinder, but is actually 10* psi better on the outside pair at 130, 120, 120, 130 when last checked. elektricity club Have not balanced or messed with pilot jets yet (all set at 3 turns because the aircuts are disabled). Even with throttle open for ~5k RPM, the #1 stays ~60C, #4 ~90C while 2 & 3 go over 300C (read on outside of bend at head exit).

Ideas? Carbs have been off twice (fully cleaned 1st time, just looking for problems and fixing float issues 2nd), so I’m getting better at it. I heat the "isolators" with a heat gun until warm to the touch to make it easier on them and me. Spray of brake cleaner around carbs and isolators yields no change in idle. Full airbox and filter. New plugs. 5K ohm plug caps, new plug wires, coils ~11K ohms secondary, 2.5 ohms primary. Pulled #1 cap while idling and no change.