The root cause and treatment for type ii (two) diabetes gas bubble


• Type 2 diabetes is in the process of being redefined as an autoimmune disease rather than just a metabolic disorder, said an author of a new study published in Nature Medicine this week, the findings of which may lead to new diabetes treatments that target the immune system instead of trying to control blood sugar.

The researchers believe that insulin resistance, the hallmark of type 2 diabetes (unlike type 1 diabetes where it is the insulin-producing cells that are destroyed), is the result of B cells and other immune cells attacking the body’s own tissues.

Think of the school bully. Instead of fixing the students he beats up every week, the school might just kick the bully out of school. By doing this the school is not dealing with the “symptoms” of the bully (i.e. the injured students) they are dealing with the “root cause” of the injuries (i.e. the bully).

With a smaller food supply and a large influx of worthless and acidic mycotoxins, the organs become weak. When the organs become weak the immune system also becomes weak. And that is the missing link to why the immune system is weak.It is microbes and parasites in the organs which are starting the chain reaction of events that cause type 2 diabetes. The immune system may be attacking its own cells because the immune system has been weakened by microbes and parasites in the organs or the damage may be done by microbes and parasites attacking the organs directly.

While this might surprise many people, the solution to curing type 2 diabetes lies with killing the microbes and parasites inside the organs because it is weak organs (weakened by the microbes and parasites) that are causing the immune system to be weak or are attacking the organs directly.

Some of the microbes that can cause type 2 diabetes include: cytomegalovirus (which is in the herpes family [Herpesviridae or herpesvirus], and can be related to chickenpox, infectious mononucleosis, etc.), hepatitis c virus, enterovirus, Ljungan virus and others.

The High RF Frequency Protocol recommends a coaching consultation, including biofeedback analysis to help identify exactly why the person has type 2 diabetes. From this consultation, a nutritional protocol is designed to assist in killing the specific microbes/parasites in the specific organs.

The least expensive device is called the “research model” high RF frequency generator with a linear amplifier and it costs under $2,500. The more expensive, and far more powerful device, is called the high RF frequency generator with plasma amplifier and it costs about $4,700 with the antenna. The more advanced cases may require the more powerful plasma amplifier with an antenna.

There is no doubt that it is critical to kill the microbes and parasites in the organs to get the immune system functioning. However, the protocol of Dr. Cousens can be incorporated with the approach of killing the microbes and parasites in the organs.

1) First, since diabetes is an immune system issue, it is critical to have an immune building supplement that directly supports the immune system. On this website, Transfer Point Glucan is the recommended immune builder. It is a beta glucan product that has been proven to be the most effective immune builder.

5) Vitamin C. Take at least 3 grams a day, but after a couple of weeks gradually move it up to 6 grams a day. Vitamin C should be taken in the form of mineral ascorbates, such as sodium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate, etc. or as Liposomal Vitamin C. Here is a highly recommended vendor:

Dr. Richard A. Anderson, at the Human Nutrition Research Center (USDA), found that people who eat apple pie have a significantly lower probability of getting Type II diabetes. Upon further examination, he isolated cinnamon as the substance in the apple pies that was preventing diabetes. Within cinnamon, the key substance is a water soluble polyphenol type-A polymer as the effective ingredient. Here is a link to the article: