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Our region is known for its historic inns, chic new hotels and luxurious resorts, but as our local paradise becomes more and more popular, the “sharing economy” is allowing residents to accommodate the overflow of visitors by renting out their own private homes. electricity laws uk And what magical homes they are. Here are four truly unique sleeping experiences for when your go-to hotel is fully booked (or you’d prefer to farm out your out-of-town guests).

Columbia County | The Hudson River Carriage HouseLocated less than a block away from Warren Street, the Hudson River Carriage House is an artfully appointed three-story property that dates back to 1842. The NETFLIX design and renovation show Stay Here featured owner Alex and the Carriage House in its first season, where viewers saw the evolution of the property, and how it went from an unfinished home to the stylish property it is now. The first-floor studio includes a simple breakfast kitchen and spacious bathroom. electricity song The second and third floors feature a full open-concept kitchen and living room, a master bedroom and an additional guest room. zyklon b gas effects The art and furnishings were sourced from local artists and designers with some available for purchase by guests. The property can be rented in its entirety for $300 a night, with the first-floor studio available to book for $150 a night.

Berkshire County | The FilomenaLocated on an acre in the village of West Stockbridge, The Filomena is a six-bedroom, four-bath Italianate style home that dates back to 19th century. gas pain in shoulder Owners Nick and Michael just completed a two-year renovation of the project and shared in their Airbnb listing what drew them to the property. “Both of us had always dreamed of renovating a house (thanks in part to our shared curiosity with old houses and design — and a little HGTV). The original plan was to find a small house with a lot of land but touring the 4,500-square-foot house increased our appetite to take on the oversized project.” Featuring plenty of room for large groups (the property sleeps up to 13) and a chef’s kitchen that would satisfy any foodie, each room on the property features vibrant colors and decor that’s pleasing to the eye. A highlight of the property is the pink living room that’s reminiscent of a scene out of a Wes Anderson movie. electricity outage austin Recently featured in Architectural Digest, Nick and Michael give the play-by-play of what it was like to renovate the property. The Filomena is available for $650 a night. (Photos: Zio and Sons, JJ Jetel)

Dutchess County | The Ex of In House Located in Rhinebeck, this remote, eco-friendly spot sits on 30 acres and is part of T-Space Rhinebeck. gas in stomach The contemporary space was designed and developed by Stephen Holl Architects, and while it is technically a studio, it sleeps 4 to 5 people. The vision for the property is best described by the architects: “The Ex of In House explores a language of space, aimed at inner spatial energy strongly bound to the ecology of the place — questioning current clichés of architectural language and commercial practice.” The property features multiple sustainable elements, including geothermal heat and solar-powered electricity. All proceeds from the Airbnb rental go to support educational initiatives for the nonprofit project which operates a gallery, architecture fellowship and sculpture trail. This architectural wonder is available for $315 a night. (Photos: Steven Holl Architects)

Litchfield County | The Prana Residence Sitting on five acres in Litchfield, Conn., Prana Residence accommodates seven guests with three bedrooms, five beds and three bathrooms. Designed by illustrator and architect Arthur Moore in the late 1970s, the property boasts an iconic 20-foot-high geodesic dome. The natural, almost organic exterior is reminiscent of an igloo. current electricity examples An open floor plan features a wood-burning fireplace, a solarium, and spa facilities including a 40-foot heated indoor swimming pool, sauna with cold pool, indoor Jacuzzi and outdoor hot tub. Owner and international architect Noushin Ehsan welcomes guests and, from the Airbnb reviews, those who have stayed have been captivated by the property, describing it as a “warm and homey.” Take the family on a relaxing retreat for $750 a night.