The school strike for climate action on parliament lawns – tasmanian times gas density conversion


“Note to self: DO NOT read anything Kim writes. He doesn’t actually DO anything but ponder this or ponder that. tgask Like most people, he just sits on his lazy backside and waits and begs for everyone else to do the work for him. I doubt anyone reads your long-winded posts Kim, because they’re all the same whining and moaning rants speculating this and pondering that while accepting that Climate Change is a reality, but do you do ANYTHING to help everyone else in stopping it? NO!”

Planting trees is one approach, but could enough trees be planted, especially when fires are now so fierce that they are burning into the rain-forest as seen in Queensland recently, and when heat wipes out 700 km of mangroves along the northern coast. The Queensland fires are a very bad sign of what may happen to the Amazon rain-forest where a lot of the Earth’s oxygen comes from.

The carbon crisis is so huge, and will be so expensive to fix, that I see the best path to a safe Earth as being with solar power stations in space to provide the level of energy needed to extract excess CO2 from the air, and the construction of an adjustable sunshade in space to help cool the Earth as excess carbon is being extracted and dealt with.

I fear the Earth-only approach simply plays into the hands of the fossil fuel moguls to keep flogging fossil fuel, and later sulphur, because there is no Earth-only plan to keep fires out of the rain-forests, or heat from killing the mangroves, or ocean heatwaves from bleaching the Great Barrier Reef, or warmer ocean water flowing around Tasmania and changing our marine environment.

At a thumb-nail, it appears that the 1940s level of CO2 in the air has driven 1C. The trouble is, once CO2 is aloft, there it remains for a century or more unless removed. The current level of CO2 will drive a future higher temperature because CO2 takes a long time to deliver heat rise. That is what I read about concerning the forcing effect of CO2.

When you write “all we can expect to do is ward off the worse impacts of climate change” I wonder what this means. It seems like a dangerous waltz with survival as we don’t know what the less than worse effects will be, or how dangerous this will make life for us and the health of the planet, or if environmental crises will lead to conflict that slides into nuclear madness.

Once a plan is in action that will win back a safe Earth, and a space plan can deliver that just as WWII was won, just as the Manhattan Project delivered the nuclear age, just as the Apollo program delivered astronauts to the Moon, and at the same time all Earth-based action can proceed knowing that it will be effective in a larger scheme which will win back a safe Earth.

There could be an unexpected rapid increase in heat due to the Earth system seeking a new and hotter environmental balance, as warned of by James Lovelock, in part due to the Sun being warmer now than in the past. gas vs electric water heater savings The speed of the current CO2 increase, and heat rise, may simply overwhelm the Earth system, driving our planet to hell and potential extinction for us.

The Great Filter theory could be presenting us with a warning from the stars, that planet civilisations have a really bad habit of burning their fossil fuels too much and too long, instead of making energy transition to the power of their star and securing their cosmic survival. That there is no sight or sound of any alien activity in space lends weight to the prospect of a Great Filter event being all too common. We only have to look at what we are doing on Earth now. We had the chance to begin energy transition in the 1970s by building solar power stations in space, but failed to see the light, and here we are getting deeper into a carbon pickle. Once a planet civilisation has secured its survival in space, sending small robot explorers can happen with a solar sail powered by a laser beam drawing energy from a star. electricity prices going up That is with our level of technology. In the blink of a cosmic eye, we could have a presence at every star in the galaxy, at the speed of a solar sail. Who knows what we could be capable of in another century? The fact that there is no sign or sound of ET is an eerie silence that we cannot dismiss lightly. gas constant mmhg We are very close to a sustainable presence in space now which would indicate to us, if there is to be a Great Filter event in our future, it is in our very near future. This lends weight to concerns about a rapid rise in heat on Earth before we can secure a survival presence in space.

Spikey, I get where you are coming from, but we have a problem with how we are currently addressing the manual labour issue in this country. It starts in school where we expose our kids to the cognitive dissonance of teachers who think that anyone without a degree is a failure, and at the same time run the line that every participant deserves a prize no matter how pathetic their effort. After the damage from that, and the example of at least their parents and in some cases grandparents living on welfare, it is little wonder those whose mental attributes limit their employment options give up, while thinking that employment is beyond them.

I grew up in a region where someone with a strong back and the urge to make a dollar could do very well in spite of not being at all academic. 3 kids, the year behind me at our small rural school, brought their first farms before they were 25, and two paid cash. All on physical labour. Several others travelled the world and came back better educated and informed. All are now solid members of their communities. At least one was told by his teachers he would never amount to anything.

Those opportunities may have diminished but they are not yet gone, but if we do not, as a society, inculcate a work ethic in our then kids we will deliver exactly the dystopia you claim is the fault of a small contractor trying to make a dollar. The reason that group did so well was because of a program that put successful people who had taken that route in front of the kids, and showed those kids how to do it. Surely you could support something like that, even for planting trees.

If I were at school today, I would not give a damn how many sacrifices and losses of comfort have to be made to save ourselves. Nor would I be that worried at this stage how reliable and mature new and more appropriate technology that might slow down the march of the lemmings is right now, which incidentally, if I had read anything not funded by the coal lobby and its acolytes, I would know was already pretty good kit.

If I were at school today I would know that the cost of saving myself is now irrelevant, in the same way that it was when, after years of denial, prevarication and the coming of war with Hitler’s Germany, the British people were prepared to sacrifice over 60% of the GNP to the war effort to save the country and prevent the emergence of a Nazi superstate.

If I were at school today I wouldn’t give wafflers like you Mr Halton, the time of day. I would be sufficiently outraged by the treasonous pusillanimity of people, who are supposed to be responsible agents and stewards of our common future, that I would be making lists of them now, so that when we start to go down we’ll all know who is going to go down first.

If I were at school today I would know that the bets are coming off, the stakes are becoming enormous and everyone is playing for keeps .. with what is left of my future. gas hydrates ppt And I would be mentally preparing myself for war, because my history lessons tell me that when a regime fails in its fundamental duties of care, people start killing each other.

With the belief that it is actually climate change occurring on a global scale there should be an interest in obtaining better educational outcomes among the next generation, they will need to be very adaptable to global changes both politically, economically and militarily as it is becoming more obvious over population pressures and excessive demand for trade in resources is globally unstoppable!

Business corporations will need to be controlled and our governments will have to adapt to a new world order that limit migration numbers, reconsider foreign investment especially where it involves massive land clearing programs and there will be more emphasis on smart and practical application technology through the entire spectrum of living from now into the future.

They will have to thank Mr Morrison for is immediate initiative to cooperate with the US, PNG and NZ to protect our ease of movement for sea lanes withing the Pacific region as the excessively over populated nation of China advances onwards for their Belt and Road global take over of trade followed by alienation of other failing regions of the globe.