The secret of nimh script year 6 electricity unit


Mrs Brisby runs home clutching the envelope to her chest. She enters a hollow log and stops. There’s a disturbance at the other end. She climbs up through a hole in the top of the log, and approaches the sound from above. String is tangled in the branches at the far end. la gasolina mp3 Mrs. Brisby peers over the end of the log, and sees a large black bird hanging upside down, tangled in the string and making frustrated noises. This is Jeremy the crow.

Dragon ROARS. Jeremy SCREAMS and tries to take off. Mrs. Brisby dives for cover. Jeremy again is brought up short by the string, so Mrs. Brisby leaps out and bites through it. He flies up into the sky, leaving Mrs. Brisby alone with Dragon. He climbs up to the top of the log. Mrs. Brisby runs for her medicine, then doubles back, ducking under Dragon as he pounces. He smashes the dead branch to bits. Mrs. Brisby suddenly trips over Jeremy’s string, and drops the medicine. It falls down into the water. Mrs. Brisby runs after it, Dragon forgotten for the moment, and tries to reach it. From above her, Dragon ROARS again, and leaps. She jumps clear, into the water and tries to swim away from the cat. From above, Jeremy grabs the cat’s tail and tries to hold him back. A chunk of Dragon’s fur rips out. Dragon lunges for Mrs. Brisby.

Jeremy, trailing a length of string behind him, flies past Mrs. Brisby, Dragon right behind him. She grabs the string, and is pulled up into the branches of a tree. The string tangles in the branches, and she is knocked loose. Dragon leaps up the tree after her, chasing her out to the tip of a branch, overhanging a waterfall. She turns, sees Dragon leap toward her, and jumps backward, falling down into the water. Dragon follows as the branch snaps under his weight. The water is not deep, and he hits the bottom hard. Dragon decides he’s had enough. Mrs. Brisby struggles with the pull of the waterfall for a moment, then breaks free and swims toward the waterwheel of the old mill, riding it up out of the water. A few moments later, Jeremy lands and enters the mill as well.

Auntie Shrew runs further into the machine, and pulls one of the distributer caps off the sparkplug. gas after eating It arcs wildly, flinging her from side to side. She’s tossed against a fuel container, and when she sees what it is, she starts to pull with all her strength at the hose running from it. Finally, she succeeds in pulling the hose loose. Fuel sprays everywhere. Auntie Shrew falls alongside the tractor, which slowly grinds to a halt, the Brisby home lies in its shadow. Pushing rubble off herself, Auntie Shrew runs toward the rear of the plow. Mrs. Brisby is still huddled there, eyes closed, trembling.

She enters the Owl’s lair. She stumbles over a pile of mousebones, knocking them down into the inner recesses of the tree. She GASPS. A moth flutters in her face, nearly sending her racing back out. A spider stalks her, but just as it is about to attack, it is crushed by the Owl’s foot. Mrs. Brisby cowers in terror at the sight of the Owl’s glowing eyes.

The Fitzgibbons farmhouse, front yard. Mrs. Fitzgibbons is hanging out the wash. Unnoticed by her, a baby’s baptisimal gown suddenly comes to life and heads off across the yard towards the rosebush. It pauses as it passes Dragon, on his back asleep. The figure pulls the hood back, and we see it is Jeremy. He pauses to suppress a sneeze or two, and continues.

Inside the rosebush, weird lights flicker and crackle. Electrical current seems to flow all around her. She narrowly escapes being caught by some sort of animated vines that tangle together, drawing the thorns across the entrance tightly. Her escape blocked, she can only go forward. She proceeds through the bush, past sights wondrous and frightening, finally reaching a curtain across the way. She peers through it. On the other side, is a brightly lit space in the center of the rosebush, with an elegantly wrought footpath over a small pond, leading to an elaborate arch with a tunnel opening leading underground. She enters the open space, looking left and right at the beautiful landscaping, when suddenly a massive metal object crashes down to the ground directly in front of her. She looks up into the eyes of an enormous rat with a battleaxe!

The chamber revealed by the lights is quite large, and filled with a remarkable assortment of junk, most of it appearing to be children’s toys. For example, a row of toy soldiers is lined up against the wall. Mrs. Brisby glances at them briefly, then moves on. Behind her and Mr. Ages however, one of the soldiers opens its eyes. It’s actually a large rat. He breaks rank and creeps up behind them, finally reaching out and grabbing Mr. Ages around the throat.

Ages wanders off, muttering. Mrs. Brisby turns to the door, reaches for the handle…which depresses itself before she can touch it. The door opens, and a flood of light and force streams out of it for several seconds. Mrs. Brisby braces herself against it as it tries to push her back. Then, as suddenly as it began, it ends. Mrs. Brisby cautiously gets up and peers into the open door.

Nicodemus points toward a familiar device in the corner. Two circles of metal set at right angles to form a rough globe, set in an ornate frame. The circles begin to spin, faster and faster. Energy plays across the surface of the globe described by its motion. Finally, the glowing green sphere we’ve already seen manifests itself. gas efficient cars Nicodemus narrates the images we see…

In the beginning, we were ordinary street rats, stealing our daily bread and living off the efforts of man’s work. We were captured, put in cages, and sent to a place called NIMH. There were many animals there…in cages. They were put through the most unspeakable tortures to satisfy some scientific curiosity. Often at night I would hear them, crying out in anguish. Twenty rats and eleven mice were given injections…our world began changing…

I’m coming, I’m coming, hold your horses. [ picks up the phone] Hello?…Who?….NIMH. Oh! Oh yeah, NIMH! Yes, yes, I know, you called about the rats…..Well, I don’t know nothing about any special behavior, but the traps sure don’t work….In the morning? Suits me fine…Oh no, no, you can bulldoze that rosebush right outta there, I want those rats exterminated! Uh, well, there’s no…charge….? Good. Ok, well, I’ll see you tomorrow then…Uh-huh… bye-bye.

Having realized it’s futile to try force against the door, Mrs. Brisby is trying to untwist the paperclip holding it shut. She strains with all her might to bend the wire, when it suddenly slips and snaps back on her. She falls back to the bottom of the cage. She’s got a nasty slash on her arm, and goes to the water dish to clean away the blood. While bathing her arm, she suddenly notices that the waterdish is the sort that protrudes through a hole in the cage, and she can get out that way! She jumps into the water, but the dish is pushed too far forward for her to fit through the gap on the other side. She gets out, runs to the far side of the cage, and takes a flying leap at the dish. It shifts forward a little. She tries again to fit through, but it’s still too small…

Mrs. Brisby takes another leap at the dish. She can now fit her head through the opening, but no more. She hooks her foot against the bars, and pushes for all she’s worth. Then, all at once, the dish flies free, and falls to the ground. electricity freedom system She nearly follows it, but manages to catch the edge of the cage tray, and pull herself back up. It’s a long way down to the floor. Mrs. Brisby reaches through the bars and pulls a thread from an old sock Billy put in there for nesting. She swallows hard, and jumps. She slides across the floor, straight into Dragon, sprawled on his back asleep. One eye opens and peers at her. She crawls backward as quickly as she can, back to the hole in the floor and out of the kitchen, pausing only to retrieve her belongings…

Jenner raises his sword to strike, but Justin gets his feet under a piece of wreckage and kicks it up, blocking Jenner’s path. Justin gets up and the fight continues…briefly. Justin strikes low, under Jenner’s sword, piercing him in the belly. Jenner SCREAMS and drops his sword. A short distance away, Sullivan still breathes, weakly. Justin turns to the rest of the rats, and throws his sword away.

Behind him, unseen, Jenner has picked up his sword again and crept up the rock to get the drop on Justin. Mrs. Brisby points and GASPS. Justin whirls. Jenner raises his sword to strike, but Sullivan pulls a dagger from his belt, and with his last moment of life, throws it at Jenner’s back. Jenner topples from the top of the stone and falls to the ground dead.

They’ve lost it. The turbulent mud tosses Mrs. Brisby, and the Stone falls from around her neck. It disappears into the mud. Justin reaches Mrs. Brisby and starts pulling her toward saftey. She fights him as hard as she can to get back to her house and children, but he drags her back. She keeps struggling in his grip. Suddenly, without warning, the Stone erupts out of the mud, blazing with light. b games car It drifts over to Mrs. Brisby and hovers there. She stares at it in wonder. Deep within it, she seems to hear the voice of Nicodemus…

Fearfully, hesitantly, she reaches up and takes hold of the Stone. It bursts into flame, and Mrs. Brisby GASPS and drops it. It seems to heat the mud around it to a molten boil. She tries again, taking the Stone in her hands, and not letting it go, as the power fills her. Then the power explodes out of her and she becomes calm. A rope drifts to her hand. She touches it, and the power of the Stone runs down it into the mud. Soon, the mud is glowing and churning. Slowly, the block rises, light streaming from it in all directions, finally floating free above the ground. Mrs. Brisby guides it over to the hole prepared by the rats, and lowers it into place. The power fades, leaving her looking very small and very tired. She falls to the ground unconscious as the rats stare in wonder…