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179030 179034 179034 The shock of finally seeing the full spectrum of emotion A medical procedure used to diagnose damage from brain injuries may also help some autistic patients make connections and understand emotions they’ve never experienced. Electricity per kwh calculator Author John Robison underwent that experimental therapy, detailed in a new memoir, “Switched On.” Hari Sreenivasan talks with Robison about his experience. K electric share price forecast 2016-04-27 06:00 pm disabled XNMz5zVY69U 201879 201860 Investigations reveal startling scope of lead contamination On Tuesday, Michigan’s attorney general filed new criminal charges in Flint’s lead contamination case. Power outage houston zip code But Flint is not alone. Electricity origin Reports from both USA Today and Reuters find that lead contamination is widespread, affecting some millions of Americans, usually in rural communities with small water systems. Electricity in water Judy Woodruff speaks with Laura Ungar, the lead reporter on the USA Today investigation. Electricity word search 2016-12-20 18:00:00×196.jpg 2365919312 JP6H-QWL0DI 201866 201859 How early education can counteract damaging lead exposure There is a well-established link between lead exposure and learning disabilities, but early childhood education has been shown to counteract the effects. Electricity experiments for preschoolers In Flint, Michigan, where the youngest residents have been the most vulnerable to lead poisoning, the city has opened a free child care center in an attempt to counteract the harmful effects on developing brains. Electricity and magnetism review Hari Sreenivasan reports. Electricity bill nye 2016-12-20 18:00:00×196.jpg 2365919261 MEXSV0kvUFs 201864 201858 Worries about access fuel women’s rush to get contraception In the immediate aftermath of the election, concerns about access to birth control have spiked. O goshi For many women, there’s a fear that the incoming Trump administration will repeal the Affordable Care Act, and with it, access to free contraception. Electricity outage houston Lisa Desjardins visits with one couple in Baltimore, who took action to get an IUD before Inauguration Day. Gas vs electric stove 2016-12-20 18:00:00×196.jpg 2365919251 Po_M9QdyszM

Transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, can be used to diagnose damage from brain injuries and disorders. Gas news today But a new study investigates whether the therapy can help some autistic patients make connections and understand emotions they have never experienced.

JOHN ELDER ROBISON, Author, “Switched On”: It’s a therapy where they use focused bursts of electromagnetic energy to transmit tiny amounts of electricity through the scalp and through the skull, and into your brain.

Your brain’s an electrical organ, so if you want to change how it functions, you can change it most directly with targeted electricity. C gastritis der antrumschleimhaut When I heard that there was a study that might help autistic people like me see emotional cues in other people, the idea of it just spoke to the heart of something that I felt had been a disability in me all my life, being unable to read body language and expressions and cues in other people.

It says: “Imagine that, all your life, you have seen the world in black and white. Static electricity review worksheet Meanwhile, everyone around you describes the beauty and richness of color. Gas stations in texas After a while, their talk of color frustrates you. E85 gas stations colorado Which do you believe, their words or the evidence before your eyes?”

That’s really the transformative thing about this. Gas approximation You can be an intelligent adult, and all your life, you hear about color, and yet eventually you start getting angry because the evidence in your eyes is gray.

And then imagine the doctor does something and they turn on color for half-an-hour. Mafia 2 gas meter And even if color goes away, for the rest of your life, you’re going to know it’s real. 1 unit electricity cost in gujarat And that’s kind of how it is for me. Electricity reading comprehension They stimulated me, and it was a temporary thing.

The effects lasted for some months, I would say. P gaskell Some of them faded away quickly, some longer. C gastronomie brignais And that built an ability that’s in me today based on that real experience. Gas kansas And it’s something words and teaching and talk could never have achieved.

HARI SREENIVASAN: The premise of the stimulation wasn’t that you don’t have the wiring, so to speak, to pick up on emotional cues. Gas efficient cars 2015 It’s just that your wiring was almost dormant.

And when they fired the energy into my head, it wasn’t like this gradually came on. 76 gas card login It was like I went to bed and I woke up and the next morning, bang, it was there. 2015 electricity increase And I could, like, look in your eyes, and it was like seeing into your soul. 9gag instagram logo And never in my life did I have experience like that before. Ideal gas questions So, it was from nothing to everything.

JOHN ELDER ROBISON: Just you and me talking like this, I would look at you, and I would sense a curiosity or worry or fear or something, and I would almost be brought to tears by an ordinary conversation.

And it was crazy. Grade 9 electricity review I thought not seeing emotion was disabling, but seeing it in such tremendous intensity was, frankly, really disabling and, of course, thankfully, it moderated.

HARI SREENIVASAN: But what did you see? Did you have an expectation that there was a world of joy and happiness that you weren’t plugging into?

JOHN ELDER ROBISON: I did. Physics electricity and magnetism study guide And I was just a — I was just a crazy fool for that, because anyone who looks at the news knows that the world is not beauty and joy and light.

Well, I thought those are the messages I’m missing, and if I could get them, I would be happy. Circle k gas station locations And instead, the messages were angst, and jealousy and fear and worry and…

And the thing that was maybe the hardest was seeing people looking at me, sometimes with contempt or derision. K electric jobs 2016 And even my memories, for me to remember a time when I was laughing with somebody, and after the enlightenment of the TMS, I realized they were laughing at me. Hp gas online And that made me really, really sad.

JOHN ELDER ROBISON: It cost me my marriage. Gas vs diesel rv It cost me clients at work, who I felt were — didn’t like me. Grade 9 electricity unit And, of course, it’s a business, right? And should I even care if somebody likes me? But I did.

HARI SREENIVASAN: Now, you go out of your way in the book to mention that this is the experiences that you had, that even other people that participated in the research had very different experiences. Chapter 7 electricity test You’re not advocating automatically that this is a cure for autism or anything like that.

This is — this is not a cure for autism. Gas bloating after eating But what it is, is, it’s a story of a powerful transformative experience that ultimately had a very positive effect on me, but it was a rough ride. 2015 electricity rates It shows, though, the tremendous power of this TMS technology that’s basically unknown. Gas finder map Even as it’s FDA-approved to treat depression, nobody knows it.

HARI SREENIVASAN: You know, this also makes me think, looking forward, is there an era that you see where people say, well, I want to do something to my brain to perhaps enhance and wake up certain parts of my brain that might not be as active or efficient as they could be?

And that’s actually one reason I wrote “Switched On,” because I’m concerned that people are going to read my story, which, frankly, is like a stepping up of my emotional intelligence, and they’re going to read some of the other accounts in newspapers, and they’re going to think, I’m going to do this to get my mathematical I.Q. Grade 9 electricity hopped up.

And if it’s you or me, if we’re intelligent adults, we can go into it with our eyes open. O gastro But what if people start saying, I’m going to do this to my child to speed him up in school? I think we have some real serious ethical crises coming with this kind of technology and how it’s going to be used.