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We live in tumultuous times. Change has become more rapid than it has ever been in human history. Everywhere, the political certainties of yesterday are giving way to new electricity physics pdf insecurities largely driven by a powerful and borderless information age. Voices that would have been judged extreme are finding their way to the centre of power and governance. With both positive and very negative effects.

Throughout these decades of building, reforming and growing, the United Kingdom has been an ally and a business partner. We have worked together to bring peace and stability to a troubled region. We have defended freedom gas 66 and democracy together from the extremists who employ terrorism to undermine our way of life. Our people have traded with one another and invested in each other.

Our friendship is built on solid foundations and bp gas locations the decades of collaboration have only deepened it. To take it to new heights however will require more than a celebration of the past. We must better understand the winds of change sweeping across the gas arkansas world today, so that we can craft a partnership that it is fit for purpose. One that can deliver more value and more relevance for Kenyan and British citizens who are demanding that we listen to them, and change with the times to serve them even better as governments and civil society.

The first is that our partnership needs to be aware of a new worldwide impatience with the compromise, the debate, and the respect for opposing views that democracy demands. There is today a temptation for some in the mainstream electricity per kwh governing parties to seek political advantage in extreme positions that erode unity, a sense of national purpose and paint compromise as betrayal.

My reaching out gas tracker to the Hon Raila Odinga and the opposition must be seen in this context and not one of opening a new political front. We cannot achieve the social and economic needs of our people in an environment of constant political bickering. As much as political competition is an essential component of democracy. Leadership on all sides of the political divide must rise above the noise and focus on the needs of the people. That is the electricity 4th grade powerpoint difference between the politics of democracy and mature democracies that can rise above competitive electoral politics gas stoichiometry problems to issue based politics that seek the enhancement of people’s lives and the long term peace, stability and prosperity of our nations.

As long as there is great poverty and desperation in Africa, and other parts of the world, African refugees will seek entry into Europe in their millions. Your own politics will shift in response to that influx, and probably not for the better. This is one instance where cause and effect are inextricable. Our poverty will lead to your instability. As one of many African leaders with a burgeoning youthful population, I recognize that we must electricity office build a much stronger economy if we are to ensure that the blessing of our demographic dividend does not turn in to a curse.

London is the global centre of banking and investment; it is a city that urgently seeks out more investment opportunity and higher yields. Kenya gsa 2016 new orleans and East Africa is full of energetic and ambitious young people who can build goods and services for a rapidly growing middle class and population. We need to do more to lower the cultural, bureaucratic and communication barriers to that investment.

You can do more to support British investors making bets on big opportunities in Kenya. You can make it easier for Kenyan businesspeople to travel t gasthuys to the UK. You can be ambitious in crafting a trade deal with Kenya that will be a shining example to the rest of the Commonwealth and the world. We will walk with you each step of the way. On our part, as Kenya, we can do much more to lower the barriers to investment at scale. You will have noted that we made aggressive reforms in the ease of doing business during my first term. We will gas station near me do even more.