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As Hannah continues to fight her feelings for Christie, she buries herself in her work, refusing to engage with issues at home involving their eldest daughter, Liv and pushing Christie towards the arms of her sister, Nina. As the McKenzie case grows increasingly bitter, Hannah supports Goldie as they go through painful revelations. Meanwhile Oscar wants to see his estranged daughters. Can Nina and Rose persuade Hannah to meet with the father who abandoned them 30 years ago? Episode 2 clip

Nicola Walker, who plays her, said: “She’s compassionate and empathetic with clients, but she’s also very honest with them. She’s not their therapist, she’s their lawyer. She’s less cynical than her mother – Hannah is hopeful that the process can be achieved without it being absolute hell for everyone involved. She’s aiming for that – it’s not always successful!”

Annabel Scholey, who plays her, said: “It’s been drilled into the sisters by their mother from an early age that they don’t need a man. Letting her guard down with a man then possibly being left is the biggest fear in Nina’s life. I think that’ s because of her father leaving and the way her mother dealt with it, but I imagine seeing all these marriages fall apart and pre-nups is not helpful either!”

She is planning her wedding to James when the series opens, and Fiona Button who plays her said: “Part of the reason she’s going for the big fairy tale wedding is to stick two fingers up to her family. Also she sees it as something fixed and stable – if you get married you’re winning at life. Because of Rose not having a career and feeling a bit lost, getting married is a way of her feeling like she’s doing something worthwhile.”

She brought up her daughters alone when Oscar left, and actress Deborah Findlay said: “She’s the head of one of the top divorce firms in London, and London is the divorce capital of the world. People talk about her as a brilliant lawyer and I think she’s a formidable foe and a tigress for her clients. She works around the clock and that’s her life, I feel like she’s shut down her emotional life aside from her children and just works solidly for her clients.”

He is played by Anthony Head, who said: “When he appears in the square that Hannah’s walking in he’s like a ghost. Her world shudders. He’s not exactly manipulative but he’s definitely trying to find his way back in. Over the six episodes we find out why.”

Successful businesswoman Goldie is played by Meera Syal, who said: “She’s in absolute shock. It’s one of those life-changing moments, like a bereavement. The second before it happens you have one kind of life and thought you were happy, and the second after it’s happened everything you thought was safe and had faith in has gone. But she’s a survivor, she has a backbone of steel. So after the initial shock she decides she needs to know why.”

Christie is played by Barry Atsma who said: “Hannah got married to Nathan – who Christie knows, and he doesn’t really believe it’s a good match. Hannah’s a brilliant lawyer, is funny, a very special woman in Christie’s view – her openness, her liveliness, her energy makes her incredibly attractive for him. He’s always been overwhelmed by her charisma and that hasn’t changed.”