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I spent a lot of time wit that car and still have it. Years pass, I’m still driving it, and I now have some extra money to buy a car I will drive when my Honda lease is up. I find a mint 744 Turbo being sold on craigslist. Ends up being a car that another member on here is selling. I basically loose my **** when I find it. It was my favorite car, but turbo, fast, manual and all around awesome. I get in contact, drive about 3 hours away to see it and buy it on the spot. Mind you, this was the only 744 in this condition for sale anywhere in the NE. It’s now my car gas stoichiometry examples. That’s the short but sweet background. I named the car the swedish sleeper because thats exactly what my goal was.

The car had obviously been tinkered with over the years. I bought it from the 2nd owner with AEM stickers on the rear window, leading me to assume that performance modifications gaston yla agrupacion santa fe 2016 had been done… but what. I didn’t know. 2nd owner tells me its sitting on cut springs and desperately needs new suspension. Also that the gas gauge doesn’t work and the speedometer chooses to work when it wants to. That’s about all I knew at the time of purchase. Oh, and the original owner removed the OEM spoiler… WHY!

BOTH driver side and passenger side heated seats work. The automatic sunroof works. It’s a 5 speed manual. It comes with the rare coin tray and snow scoop on the hood. Comes with Voxx wheels all around. Cosmetically great except 2 minor dents and a faded hood. Came with the rare checkered pattern cloth seats. Volvo leather wasn’t that gas and water mix great so I’m happy.

Onto the suspension. I browse IPD’s website and view their classifieds. There was a guy selling 740 lowering springs, IPD front sway bar and Bilstein front struts and rear shocks for $400 plus shipping. I respond and we agree $400 total. Everything arrives and I see electricity 2pm lyrics the shocks and struts are leaking… I’m mad. Its okay though because the front sway bar and full spring set is over $400 by just the two things alone. In the meantime, I buy some generic shocks and struts off Ebay to be a place holder while the Bilsteins are sent away for rebuild. I go to my buddies shop and have them throw in the lowering springs and rear shocks. Couldn’t throw in the struts b/c no dust boots. Fast forward some time, dl242gt and I spend about 8 hours putting the new sway bar in as well as the new struts w/ dust boots and bump stops. Now the car has all around new suspension.

Onto the mechanicals gas prices going up in nj. The car was having intermittent stalling issues at idle. Posted to the forum and learned it could be the suppression relay, a ground issue, hall sensor issue, fuel pump relay or the ignition module b/c after stalling, it wouldn’t restart. Well, with documentation to back it, we replace everything. I was able to get my hands on a used cylinder head with a low mileage distributor. Took that and put it on. Stalling issue resolved w/ all new parts. All documented. By this point, dl242gt and I have also added a brand new boost gauge from the famous Dave Barton as well as a brand new manual boost controller.

driving grade 9 static electricity quiz standards, dl242gt and take a day to throw in IPD’s turbo cam w/ adjustable cam gear… and what a great but tedious day that was, especially when it came to the shims as well as the adjustable cam gear positioning. We removed everything we needed to in order to access the cam, remove the old one and install the new one. After installation, EVERY shim was measured to ensure the proper fitment. Cam is installed.