The taffy epidemic 1941-1945 alternate history discussion gas vs diesel prices


The virus’s source is not yet known, but it has commonly been found in beer, but extensive batch testing has so far failed to find how it gets into beer, though biological warfare has been electricity terms and definitions explored, it was ruled out. That is after an increasingly enraged and desperate FDR ordered Germany hit with weaponized vials of the Taffy Virus in 1944 after it became clear America would never be able to muster the strength to liberate Europe.

Symptoms of the Taffy Virus include cold like symptoms after three weeks. The patient affected by the virus is most infectious at this stage with constant sneezing and coughing. This continues for two weeks before the patient slips into a deep feverish coma as the immune system goes into overdrive. 90% of Patients die within one no electricity jokes week of entering the coma from renal failure or recover completely cured of the virus.

Moving on back to the History of the Virus. After the Wolf Point Epidemic had run its course and killed 900 Americans, the virus did not show up again electricity grid uk till 1935 when the town of Rocky Station, North Carolina suffered an outbreak that killed 300 people. Due to a cholera outbreak proceeding at the same time in the county, American Red Cross personnel were on hand to document the outbreak, take samples, set up effective quarantine, and thus contain the virus gas vs electric stove cost.

After the 1935 Epidemic, the Taffy Virus did not show up again till 1938 when a housewife was admitted into Mercy General Hospital in the outskirts of Spokane, New York for a routine medical exam. Once the virus was identified, the woman who had yet to enter the symptom’s phase was quarentined along with her Family on their Farm. Only the woman’s five year old daughter survived the coma stage.

Click to expand…Yes, but you have stated that electricity song it dies on contact with air ( travel through feet), which would only take it seconds to travel when one sneezes. It might last a little longer just sitting still, but not much. So, unless an infected person sneezed directly on you, there is an excellent chance that you wouldn’t get sick at all. Your virus is hitting less than 3 decades after the largest, deadliest, infection gas efficient suv 2010 to hit the United States, The Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918. This is within the living memory of a large portion of the population. Look at pictures from that era. Lots of people wearing face masks to protect themselves and others. There were actually laws passed and enforced during the Spanish Flu that forced people to wear masks, made it illegal to sneeze in public, banned public gatherings etc… On top of that, there were some cultural, scientific and governmental changes that happened because of the outbreak in 1918. With that in mind, it would be very unlikely that this outbreak could happen on the scale you are imagining. Once a few people get sick and it’s found electricity 1 unit how many watts to be the Taffy virus, processes would be put in place and things would be locked down in the infected area. Masks would become mandatory wear again for the common person. People would be quarantined until the virus burned itself out. The virus may be fatal, but it has a hard time infecting large groups of people, because 9gag instagram it is so deadly and frail and the people of that era were actually more experienced with dealing with large disease outbreaks than we are today with things like quarantine and public health. Today we try to treat the individuals infected and worry a little less about things like public health.

One other thing: A survivor may be a carrier, but according to your notes on the virus, they are only infectious for a short period of time when they have cold like symptoms. Since they survived the virus, they are now immune to it. Since they are immune to it, they won’t have another period where they are infectious, at least for a very long time, on the order of decades. (See Chicken Pox and Shingles gas utility cost) That’s how the human immune system works.