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After a thorough inspection of the party, a deal was quickly struck to make amends for the information that was promised to Luke. They would have to seek either truth or justice for the queen in wait but only after completing a few trials themselves. gas stoichiometry practice sheet Choosing truth the party was handed a small cube of stone and metal resembling a 6 sided maze. At their acceptance they were plunged into the astral plane where some very curious creatures awaited for them.

The test of truth guarded by constructs inside a labyrinth held in the astral plane by this grand wizard. Also in this plane we’re. e85 gas stations in iowa Mechanical Contraptions operating as of some mix between mechanical and magical fashion. Modrons packed parts of the labyrinth. More curious than combative, they seemed to be exploring the very same contraptions which the test was designed to house. gas south A clay golem, wood golem, a shied guardian and an iron golem held different bits of information concerning one same event. The cause of Queen Feadyth’s imprisonment. An apparent ritualistic sacrifice of 20+ noble women and handmaids at the counsel of some very familiar figures. The twin hags… The route to the final golem activated the Defensive measures of Quadrones and Pentadrones contained in the same labyrinth. static electricity jokes A few thousand Modrons heading to destroy their common threat, the elemental contained in the iron golem offered the party a way back to their bodies and out of the test, Death. Taking up the offer the party was poofed back into the primaterial plane,where their bodies were previous to the acceptance of this test. A familiar face that had been encountered in the astral plane now with them.

Image sequence 1: royal regalia blond hair, fair skinned woman makes her way up to an altar and disrobes, naked she turns with ceremonial dagger in hand. gas and supply View pans out to show 20 something women with ceremonial blades also naked around what seems to be a basin or large tub. Main figure cuts her arm in perfect unison down all the way from wrist to elbow. electricity nightcore lyrics And extends her hand, the 20 others follow suit drippingbthe blood into the tub.

Image sequence 2: 20 something women are dangling at they sides of the tub into which they’ve bled into. The naked head figure can now be seen clearer and has noticeable longer ears. The sits in the basin and bóvedas herself in the bollevted blood. gas 10 ethanol The same arm she cur starts writhing and explotes into a claw like arm much longer and vicious than the one before.

Image sequence 3: two figures appear behind the blood soaked mistress dropping off some brooms of flying, one has icy hair that showers a misty vapor around her, the other has fire red hair that seems to glow like embers in the dark. The seem to be saying something to the bloodied mistress and pass her a bag. With the claw like hand she starts taking what seem like tufts of whisky white cotton from the bodies of the freshly slain. Some of these tufts are just gliding around the pool. She places them carefully into the bag. electricity worksheets ks1 The bag, sprouting little arms pats the hag and itself.

Image sequence 4: the initial figure makes her way into what seems to be like a makeshift or abandoned care house / hospital. Children are lain about in different stages of suffering, some covered in warts and boils, cuts filled with puss and necrosis, others blinded and malnourished. The mistress taking a cold covered in wounds and pustulent watts takes a whisp of things form her bag and puts it to the child’s mouth, dripping in like a liquid the child’s veins begin glowing, and the wounds and puss begin closing and fading out, she does the same to other children . Then the view cuts off to the same woman being in chains and in dirtied clothes writing by candlelight in a dim cell and affixing a seal to a scroll. The scroll completed she hands it over to a man (the group would recognize as Luke Redghast the 4th) and the wizard of the Ivory Tower anointing him with the symbol of Bahamut.