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CIBC and CNRL, both of which have wasted billions of dollars fighting nonexistent global warming as a form of virtue signaling, at the very least recently had enough backbone to stand up to Whistler’s faggy mayor Jack Crompton and his far-left anti-oil letter. Mayor Jack Crompton posted a video apology to Facebook on Thursday after Postmedia reported on his letter to Calgary-based Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.

“The Canadian energy industry has been a global leader of responsible energy development,” CIBC said in a statement. “We are committed to our clients in the energy sector as they play a key role in driving the Canadian economy.”Lots of people are giving Crompton loads of well-deserved shit over his ridiculous comments: a large strain of them however are missing the mark. Barb Foster

Nothing – absolutely NOTHING will satisfy the eco-nuts short of leaving all fossil fuels in the ground. electricity deregulation choices and challenges We should round up a throng of these zeolots and put them in an isolated community of huts with no electricity and fuel. Give them bows and arrows and wish them luck.This strain of comments is equally prevalent in the SmallDeadAnimals comments about the story: old white guy

Whistler only exists because of the recreation industry. gas gas How much fossil fuels have been burned over the years by millions of people traveling to Whistler for nothing more than fun? Air flights from around the world, billions of kms driven from Vancouver to Whistler, all the power consumed for hotels, lifts, heating, lighting, grooming equipment, etc, etc. Hell, they get about half their employees from far-flung Australia. shale gas in spanish I doubt they kayak there.

Whistler and other cities blaming the oil industry for the ‘effects of climate change’ is kinda like alcoholics blaming the liquor store for the effects of their own excessive drinking.While it’s true that climate idiots like Crompton denounce fossil fuels while living with the benefits of them, and even living on the avails of them, that isn’t the strongest argument. gas after eating For one thing, the same argument can be used against conservatives opposed to public healthcare. Realistically nobody in Whistler can live without fossil fuels, same as how no Canadian conservative can survive without patronizing the public healthcare monopoly that he hates.

The problem isn’t that fossil fuel haters in Whistler are themselves using fossil fuels but instead that they actually think there’s a massive problem with fossil fuels to begin with and that their lives would be improved if we all used them as little as absolutely necessary. That’s the argument that needs to be addressed at the source, not through lazy "hypocritical" attacks. gas hydrates wiki The fact is, of course, that "global warming" isn’t happening. Even if it was happening, we aren’t causing it. electricity vs magnetism Even if it was happening and we were causing it, trying to stop it would be insanely expensive and leave the world worse off than it was to begin with.

Pathetic liar Sean Gordon at least told his lies for 2040, though. Useless liar Mark Landler, presently misreporting from the Trump White House, dared to mention 2020 back in 2006, which means we can outright catch him in a lie. 5 gases We’re basically at 2020 right now, and Landler’s Fake News article said: Climatologists, however, say the warming trend will become dramatic by 2020. The new studies are alarming, suggesting that the Alps are warming twice as fast as the average in the rest of the world.So how are the Alps doing at the dawn of 2020? Oh, well, um, March 2018 saw record snowfalls. gas x tablets himalaya In November, December and January it snowed intensively. From the end of December until the end of January between 2.5 and five metres of snow fell at locations above 2,000 metres.

The extreme weather resulted in Zermatt and several other villages being cut off from the outside world for days on end.So much for the Alps. But maybe Whistler has been abnormally hit by low snow winters. After all, I went there in 2015 and the snow was sub-par. Is Whistler in the middle of a decade of decline and CNRL is killing them? January 22, 2018 12:15pm Some of B.C.’s ski hills received so much snow this weekend, they were actually forced to close.

However, another system is coming Tuesday and again Wednesday night.Whoops. Looks like the 2017/2018 ski season didn’t look to be killed by global warming. Well, maybe Jack Crompton is a goldfish and he just forgot about what happened in January. Is this year…oh…wait… just three months ago Whistler got overwhelmed with a fall snowstorm.