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This top list is very new, as you can see. This could be great advertising if we had more members. What’s great is that if your one of the first members you’ll get a head start at staying at the top when we do get more members. We are not going to be renewing the hits for quite some time. So you might want to take advantage. We do not accept role plays where you can ONLY create animal characters. (ex. horse rps, wolf rps) We accept role plays where your able to be ‘humanoid’ characters. (ex. city rps, fantasy rps, vampire rps, etc.) Humanoid covers quite a bit.

This banner is very important. It’s how you get votes for your site so it can stay at the top, but does it just not go with the ‘look’ of of your site? Don’t worry, we are going to be making more than just this one banner. For now, you could put it on your enter page, or even at the bottom of your main page under all the updates. Maybe a page where you won’t see it unless someone scrolls down. But you do want it somewhere people are apt to click it. Maybe on your advertising board?

Bifrost Bridge is a collaborative writing sanctuary where participants can partake in one or more continuous free-form stories. The storytellers work together to equally manipulate the settings and plot lines either directly or writing from one or more of

A World of Warcraft Roleplay that takes place in a post cataclysm world. Deathwing has died, and so has the majority of Black Dragonflight. The Cold North, a world that many had left after the defeat of the Lich King still holds onto some of the people wh

Stargate: Origins is based in the year 2021, after over a decade of galactic peace the advancement of not only Earth but the entire galaxy has reached a golden age of prosperity. But from the shows lurks an old enemy…returning after great technological

A small gated community in the great state of New York has been relatively low key. Actors/Actresses, Business men and women, Singers and Models have all lived in Winchester Heights without much issue from crazed fans and paparazzi. The Winchester Heights

We need you. A community of writers is nothing without a wide array of members. We value diversity, and we would like nothing better than to have a network of writers from every genre so that not only can each member can find someone who shares her tast

The War Against Crime is rated R for language, but PG-13 for any sexuality references. The community is based around crime in the modern world. We offer a free flowing roleplay community designed by the idea of a "judgment system". The system allows you

Come one, come all, to the Kingdom of Silvermoon! A free-form setting that has recently been reinvigorated after a lengthy hiatus. Dating back to 1993, this legacy role-play has a rich history of player driven actions. Having recently moved from tradition

Ever wonder what would happen if the characters of fairy tales were around today, well well they are here. Based off the hit TV show Once Upon a time, you can find out & tell your own story as well. The place is Storybrooke, Maine the town is populated

Mizahar is a fantasy roleplay forum in which a dedicated, friendly, and free community of roleplayers and artists gather to spin epic-level tales via collaborative storytelling. Players write their character’s adventures as posts in a forum ("play by post

Mythical Lands RPG is a role playing site for all. This world of fairy tales and truth is far away from the world of earth, it is past the vast emptiness of space and into an unknown universe on an unknown planet where anything can happen. This world form

Meliora is a classic fantasy roleplay that provides countless opportunities to get involved and be creative. There are a variety of races, cultures, and positions to enjoy. The current site-wide plots include a political/religious rebellion and a secret m