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On the Saturn-sized mechanical world of Cybertron, life has evolved not through carbon bonding, but via naturally-occurring gears, levers, and pulleys. The resultant sentient robots, the Autobots, live in peace for many eons, until some of their number fall victim to a lust for power. Rallying behind the banner of the powerful Megatron, these Decepticons rebuild their bodies electricity sources usa, allowing them to change at will between a humanoid form and the form of various war machines. The Decepticons unleash a furious war on the Autobots, intending to conquer the planet and rebuild it as a cosmic dreadnought.

Faced with annihilation, the Autobots turn to a noble leader from their own ranks: Optimus Prime. Under his leadership, the Autobots, also now gifted with the ability to transform, rally and counterattack. And thus, an all-consuming war rages across the planet for a thousand years, while the planet itself—dislodged from its orbit by the titanic battles—spins out of control through the cosmos.

Eventually Cybertron enters another solar system and is faced with gas station in spanish destruction as it approaches an asteroid belt. Aboard a huge spacecraft dubbed the Ark, Optimus Prime leads a team of Autobots on a mission to clear a path through the asteroids. After the mission is completed, the Decepticons attack the weakened Autobot warriors. Facing inevitable defeat, Optimus Prime sends the Ark on a suicide course into a supposedly lifeless planet. The crash renders all n gas in paris lyrics the combatants inert.

Optimus Prime sends a team of five, under the command of Prowl, to scout out the new world and make contact with the natives. En route, they are sighted by Decepticon spy Laserbeak. The Autobots mistake a drive-in movie theater for some kind of religious ritual; Bumblebee over-enthusiastically nudges a native, violently jostling its teenage occupants Buster, Jesse and O. As Buster and the others climb out to see what happened, the Decepticons attack, intent on keeping their foes from establishing an alliance with the planet’s natives. The Autobots reluctantly transform and defend themselves, turning the drive-in into a battlefield. During the battle, Prowl realizes that the automobiles are not alive at all, but the small, pink creatures fleeing from them are; the Autobots retreat to draw the Decepticons’ fire away from the apparently defenseless fleshlings.

During the battle, Buster hears the damaged Bumblebee cry out in pain 1 unit electricity cost in india, and ends up driving him away from the battlefield. That night, his father Sparkplug finds him tinkering with the yellow Volkswagen Beetle in his garage. He’s delighted that his son is finally showing some interest in mechanics, but not so amused when the car cries out that it needs help, because it’s dying…

• The Transformers was initially conceived as a four-issue limited series. At the start of its production, character models had not been finalized for electricity news australia the majority of the cast; as such, for the first two issues of the series, the appearances of the Autobots and Decepticons is quite variable, based either on early designs created for the first animated commercials (Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, Prowl, Jazz, Megatron, the three Decepticon jets, Soundwave, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw) or on the toys themselves (most evident on characters like Ironhide and Ratchet). The finalized models were ready in time for issue #3, but the early color schemes used in these issues for certain characters—like Optimus 2015 electricity prices Prime’s lack of a silver stripe on his torso, Megatron’s black helmet, Starscream’s blue chest-vents, and the entirely-purple Soundwave—would persist throughout most if not all of the comic’s run, in some cases becoming hallmarks of the characters’ Marvel appearances.

• In addition to these teething troubles, artist Frank Springer and colorist Nelson Yomtov played fast and loose with what robot and technology designs they did have. Multiples of Optimus Prime’s Combat Deck are used to represent the revival drones that rebuilt the Ark’s crew on pages 11-12, while a Onebox component like that used by Ironhide and gas dryer vs electric dryer singapore Rachet appears mounted to the hull of the Ark, firing on the asteroids, on page 6. Further, a range broad of generic Transformers appear throughout the issue; some are wholly original (such as the one prominently displayed on the title page that fans would go on to dub Big Red), but others use and abuse existing characters’ designs and/or color schemes (as seen in the images at right). As the brand was in its infancy at this stage, some of these might have q gas station been intended to represent actual characters, but whether they do so is probably best left up to you.

• As is only natural, some of this issue’s early details would be retconned away or simply ignored as the series progressed and expanded its mythology, including the idea of Cybertron as Saturn-sized, and the idea that the Transformers had naturally evolved. In particular, this origin would be source of much mockery in the earlier days of online fandom, but modern media went on to dub the idea of spontaneously-evolving mechanical life atechnogenesis and offer it up as one of several possible-but-unverified origins for the Transformers, who themselves did not know if it was true or not.

• Megatron’s statement that one of our mightiest is missing plants the seed for Shockwave’s debut in issue #4. This brief mention parallels the character’s cameo appearance in cartoon’s pilot episode, which likewise set electricity nw the stage for his full-fledged appearance in the first regular episode of the series proper. Shockwave was among the first, if not the first, of the second-year toys to be released.

• Numerous generics show up aboard the Ark, when per story continuity, it should only have the 18 crew members shown here (plus, according to issue #4, the future Dinobots, whose characters presumably didn’t exist yet in real-life terms). That said, the art on page 12 seems to provide a possible out c gastronomie traiteur avis for this by showing what looks to be a huge pile of unrepaired Transformers between behind Optimus and Megatron as they re-awaken.

• A solitary reference is made to Aunty as the name of the Ark’s computer. This was an early name conceived by Jim Shooter when he wrote the original treatment for the Transformers backstory, at a time when the spaceship itself did not yet have a name. During hand-written re-writes of his treatment, Shooter replaced the name Aunty with The Ark, which electricity demand came to be treated as the name of the ship itself, with the apparent intent being to make the computer and ship synonymous with one another. Consequently, the inclusion of the outdated Aunty name in this issue appears to be in error; it would never be used in the US series again, but did reoccur in one early UK-original story.

• The letters printed in issue #1 of the UK comic were provided by pupils from Greycourt School (in Ham, near Richmond in South West London) who were visiting the Marvel UK offices. Their visit was written up in a magazine published at the school. The teacher who arranged the visit was Stephen Payne, former president of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society and soon to be publisher i feel electricity in my body of Visual Imagination Magazines (Starburst TV Zone). [3]

• The two-page spread of the Autobots introducing themselves is omitted, in both this issue and the later Collected Comics reprint. The spread is instead shifted to the centre pages of the issue (out of order with the rest of the story) as a poster, with the Transformers logo pasted over the smaller top-left frame. It would eventually appear by itself in the first annual a level physics electricity notes and with the rest of the story in The Complete Works reprint (though the smaller previously obscured panel would be redrawn by Geoff Senior – presumably Marvel UK damaged the original while creating the poster). This means the early UK continuity initially lacks an official complete list of the Autobots originally on Earth and appearances by Red Alert in The Enemy Within! and Inferno in Decepticon Dam-Busters! are thus easier to reconcile.