The treacherous fault lines between kashmir and the afghan peace negotiations gas constant in kj


“It’s difficult of course to decode the monroe la gas prices dynamics of the messaging, but it’s not unlikely that the Taliban might make a statement like this. There has always been a concern that Pakistan could leverage the Afghanistan theatre as a bargaining position — not just with India, but also the world community,” said Avinash Paliwal, a lecturer at SOAS University of London and author of the book, My Enemy’s Enemy, in an interview with FRANCE 24.

There are numerous problems dogging the US-Taliban talks, notably the absence of the Afghan government, which the militant group considers illegitimate. US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad failed to make a Taliban ceasefire a precondition for the talks. Meanwhile, attacks – including a deadly Friday assault on an Afghan military base in Helmand, home to some US military advisers – continue.

“As the US military role and the NATO presence in Afghanistan starts winding down, a lot of Pakistan-based militant groups have an incentive to redirect their focus to India. Groups like Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba that were operating in Afghanistan no longer gas up asheville have Western troops to target, giving them the motivation to refocus their attention on India-administered Kashmir – and their handlers in Pakistan would see things the same way,” said Michael Kugelman from the Washington DC-based Wilson Center in an interview with FRANCE 24.

“Encounter gas hydrates ppt” is a term frequently used by security officials in South Asia to describe killings allegedly in self-defence. Human rights activists say the term is often a euphemism for extrajudicial killings or a disproportionate use of force by security officials to “finish off” potentially troublesome individuals without the bother of arresting and charging them.

New Delhi has historically sought to contain Islamabad’s influence in Afghanistan, aligning itself with proxies and powers opposed to Pakistan or Pakistan-backed groups. Following the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan for instance, India – along with Iran and Russia – supported the Northern Alliance in the current electricity examples 1990s against the Pakistani-backed Taliban.

Russia and Iran – two old Taliban foes – have also been making overtures to their historic enemy, complicating the power chess game in Afghanistan. With no winning strategy in sight, India has been attempting to reach out to the Taliban via backdoor channels, according to Paliwal. “It’s been a very low level outreach and nothing much came from it. It was more an exercise in getting a sense of the other side,” he explained.

At stake are massive Afghanistan-based development projects, estimated at around $2 billion q mart gas station, in which India has invested since the 2001 US-led military operation. “But the Taliban remain unable to guarantee the protection of Indian interests and installations after a US withdrawal,” wrote Paliwal in a Foreign Policy column co-written with Harsh Pant, a lecturer gas vs diesel cars at King’s College London and with the New Delhi-based Observer Research Foundation.

In a scathing rebuke of Modi’s lack of foreign policy initiative, Bharat Karnad, a professor at the New Delhi-based Centre for Policy Research, noted, “Common sense, which is generally missing in our foreign policy, would suggest that talks, any kind of formal or even back-channel dialogue, [are] more likely to incentivize Islamabad…to clamp down on the jihadis.” But, Karnad added, the Modi administration has failed to work with Islamabad “to put a lid on potential Islamist troublemakers that the Imran [Khan] regime is wary about”.

“For the Pakistani military, the calculus is very simple – these [jihadist] groups are assets electricity reading comprehension that help Pakistan push back against unfriendly forces in the region,” explained Kugelman. “Pakistan’s conventional military forces are inferior to India’s, and it looks to asymmetrical means. It will take a lot to get Pakistan to change the calculus.”