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God does speak to his people in dreams and visions in the last days as we know from Acts2. Here is Gordon’s interpretation. For the one has the dream and the other has the interpretation. The bridge is either the Dartford bridge, to the garden of England, which has great big pillars with red lights on the top of them, or it is the George Washington Bridge between Manhattan and New Jersey, the garden state, which also has red lights at night. For these are the two areas where we expect the 2nd and 3rd fire signs to strike.

in speedy succession then one ends up in September, when the fire signs occur. That was the import of Mike’s dream. It seems that the Berlin accent conversation symbolises an East/West split. Mike being in an apartment with men having a meeting counts as 4x (if we take men as 3x for a Hebrew plural rather than 2x for a Greek plural – Mike’s own interpretation).

presently put the 2nd and 3rd fire signs on 2019September7-8. They will result in an East West split – which is WW3 (China + India + Russia – the BRICS. versus the West). Germany’s position is very ambiguous in WW3 (they are the makers of the Leopard tank related to Daniel7 and their present administration are deep state Globalists through the

epi dusmwn means literally upon settings (of the sun), i.e. upon Wests. This has two meanings. gas monkey live One is that whenever you see a cloud rising upon West (twice) then a storm is coming. And we have certainly seen that once upon West in Texas. The other meaning is that whenever you see a rising cloud at dusk (when the sun is setting), then a storm is coming.

So these can cover 4 appointments/installations over the same group. And since God wastes no words and forgets nothing, there will be 4 such appointments at 1NC Pentecosts. The late 1NC Pentecost can come either before or after the 2nd 1NC Pentecost depending upon where in Cakes the weekly Sabbath falls. Whereas the 2NC Pentecost which is counted from the festival Sabbath of

bear is provoked into being raised up against the West). It forms a coalition of the goats of Daniel8 (countries which are not Christian by constitution), which coalition is the 4 headed 4 winged 3rd beast of Daniel7. It begins its conquest of NATO. But after this conquest, almost immediately it is somehow destroyed (its horn is broken – Daniel8). Russia is the he goat. China, Iran, Germany and others make up the balance of the 4 other horns and 3 other heads and are she goats. This is essentially a BRICS scenario. In total there are 5 leopard like goat nations (none of which are Christian constitutionally) in this alliance with the Russians. gas mask art The 4 smaller horns of Daniel8 (she goats) take over the military position of the Russians, after their horn is broken and take over the world financial system.

These will presumably include China and Iran and India and Turkey, all of which which have wild Leopards. Whereas Germany has Leopard tanks and Turkey uses German Leopard tanks. The big mouthed little horn is the EU which comes out from Germany. India has wild leopards. It is famous for having them. They are in the BRICS nations. They will side with the Russians it appears. They are a goat nation in

2019October18/19 (2019Tishri16 – 616 of the Iyyar1 new Laodicean secular year): The Mark of the Beast of Revelation13 becomes law. Worldwide nuclear disarmament is enforced by requiring all of mankind to get registered with a UN ID number and tracking every single financial transaction they make. This is the greater registration not of the Jewish system of things in the day of Jesus being born in Bethlehem but of the world in the day of Jesus being born again.

What we should do is disarm from all nuclear weapons now because they are the dumbest of all bombs yielding 99% collateral damage. But regrettably mankind needs to get his fingers burnt before he learns not to play with fire. electricity distribution companies So we shall use them unrighteously and then learn our lesson only after we have caused a nuclear winter, which is the unprecedented tribulation of Mark13 which follows the nuclear war of the Great Tribulation.

The good news is that 50% of mankind is saved in the final 16 months. Whereas the other 50% die and go to Hell, which is neither a place of torment nor a place of termination. It is a sin bin of rehabilitation for those not ready to contribute to the next political system which will be the very opposite of this political system. The Kingdom of God has a very simple immigration policy. If you love your brother when you see him in trouble, then you are given an interview at the embassy And if you love God then you pass that interview and get a Visa. That is it.

6009 years of this world). But this generation is chosen for a different purpose. There are lessons that need to be learned once and for all. And the coming disasters will bring out the best in half of us and the worst in the other half. They will sort the sheep from the goats not based on religion, not based on politics, not based on race, not based on gender, not even based on sin, but based on love for man and love for God.

Since there won’t be any electricity with the loss of the grid, I haven’t concentrated on that…..household appliances etc. For shielding, people can study the principle of Faraday cages and there are examples of simple ones that can be constructed for home use. gas x reviews ratings It is always a good idea to purchase a solar charger for rechargeable batteries. Other than the fact that there probably won’t be any gasoline available….cars that are old and have no computers shouldn’t be affected by an EMP. In a post EMP scenario I wouldn’t want to be driving around anyway since people will be in a killing mode for whatever they can take or steal to survive. Stored food…something to purify water….ways to keep warm (a small propane heater or warm clothes) and sheltering in place….basically hiding…. is key. It has been said that maybe as much as half the population will die of starvation or disease within three months. electricity and magnetism ppt The worst place will be the cities since people will turn into animals. It will truly turn large areas into the 1800’s. Trust in the Lord for his faithful and remnant is very important also. Some people have told me that if it gets to that point they wouldn’t want to live anyway. Not me….I am in the other camp. Hopefully I’ve given some thoughts about what to do before it happens. A stock of some medical items and other essentials is good to store. Some people don’t even have a hand operated can opener. Unbelieveable huh!

Gordon….BTW….years ago I went through a grocery store and looked for survival items….freeze dried and dehydrated items that would have a long shelf life with the thought in mind of what would I REALLY need….and even canned goods that could be rotated every two or three years. Same goes for hardware stores and pharmacies. Outdoor/camping places are good places too. It’s amazing how many everyday needed items we already have in our own homes. In the US a survival gun or two with ammo. is good too. .22 ammo is great with lots of cheap ammo. Items for barter is something to consider also. Survival after an EMP will be basically a situation where minimum activity will take place….basically just things to sustain life. I always taught that a can of beans could be worth more than an ounce of Gold. Always remember……shelter….warmth…and protection from the hordes. Did you know that lots of candles are good….some light and one candle in an enclosed place can provide a good bit of heat. A small propane one burner cooking stove that campers use can heat food…cook…and make water after boiling ok to drink. Two drops of bleach in water for 30 minutes can kill microbes and the bleach dissipates out of the water after a period of time. I recommend that anyone envision their lives without electricity and what would they really need. gas bloating frequent urination As far as my stores are concerned I always believed it always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. I call it life or survival insurance.

This lasted 10 months until the UNICC was set up on July1 (2002Tammuz18). Its first day of judicial authority over all the world’s military was 2002Tammuz19. The US accepted its authority, but negotiated an exemption for a year. The law maker behind the UNICC is the UN. Kings make laws. So the UN became the world’s military king through the UNICC on 2002July1.

1991 August 14, 1991Elul1, First day of Biblical Hebrew year in new Calendar, which did not actually in come into force until 1992Elul1, the month in which the date of the greatest Passover of Armageddon was announced to God’s people, who at that time were the JWs. But the 7 years of the 7 heads and the 10 years of the 10 horns count backwards from the end of Armageddon, when this calendar is in force. So we count back 17 years from 2008Elul to 1991Elul to find the first power year of 10 of the UN.

2002 July 1, 2002Tammuz18, The ICC is established, giving the UN power over military personnel of every nation of the earth whilst these troops are operating in a nation which has signed up to it (The US and Israel have not yet). But their troops are subject to it, if they are operating in a nation which has signed up to it. This occurs 300 BLC days (inclusively) to the day, or 10 BLC months after the unity of thought began on 911.

After the Iraq war, the US and the UK evangelize the expansion of the security council to 10 permanent seats. Bush and Blair together lead the Wild Beast ascending from the earth with two horns like a lamb that starts speaking as a dragon. To quote one New Yorker of Irish descent whose father helped build the Twin Towers. "I used to think that we were the good guys, now I am not so sure."

The Warmongering of the UK/US world power is of course the work of the dragon, Satan’s heavenly organisation. He is the one who wants unjust warfare, pre-emptive strikes etc. Saddam should have been arrested at the end of the Gulf War, yes, Mrs. Thatcher was right. grade 9 electricity test and answers But one cannot declare War on a country today, because we failed to arrest its leader 11 years ago.

The Fourth Light dramatically catalogues a journey into an unknown future through the tumultuous demise of a doomed system ruled by an evil and despotic alien fifth column, vehemently opposed by the loving elements of that same alien race via a predicted inter-universe civil war. Unlike most sci-fi novels it presents a positive view of humanity which will leave its audience feeling optimistic about our future. Prophetic? Relevant? Pure fanciful conjecture? Truth? Let the reader decide – but at the very least it poses real and topical questions that capture the zeitgeist of our troubled