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Terrific place, nicely located in the small village of Tuai near the big Waikaremoana Lake. The owner, Patrick Tonizzo, is one of the friendliest persons we ever met. He is well into nature and showed us around his property full of various fruit trees. From electricity and circuits ppt the suite you have a direct view on a small lake. The suite itself is comfortable and clean. The bathroom is modern. A cozy living area and a bedroom with one kingsize bed. In the living room/kitchen there is a couch which can also be used as a foldaway bed. Very convenient for us.The kitchen is fully equipped and we also found some items like butter, muesli and other items to be used for free.Internet is available but against a cost. We loved a day without it. There is a huge television / dvd set. We loved the place. You will certainly love it also when you are travelling the long way from Wairoa to Rotorua as we did. The road itself is mostly gravel road but manageable .It’s sometimes like driving through a green tunnel. This is Lord of the Rings country. Enjoy the views and the walks as we did. More Show less

I have put family with teens but this was teenage students and two teachers. This one of New Zealand’s great walks and it deserves the title. When organising the water taxi we looked at dropping off the bus off at Onepoto Bay and the water taxi was to pick our other teacher up and drop her electricity billy elliot off at Hopuruahine. All this was arranged months before hand and confirmed with a week left to go. The water taxi did not turn up and took a long search to find the taxi. The company is pretty poor at handing over information but the taxi driver was found and took the teacher. For future reference and it does not say this but keep vans etc at the Aniwaniawa Camp site (but do that!). I will learn for future reference to ask what is best to do, as it is expensive to transport a large group across the lake. As for the cabins and tramping it was perfect although on the highest point Panekire Hut we had snow and the fire took ages to light. It was very cold gas vs electric dryer but my students were prepared and well dressed, so if you are going at that time of year take electricity cost per kwh by country the correct equipment.

We had the most wonderful time in the area and on the lake. The first day we walked to lake Waikareiti – huge trees – the most perfectly clear water – shallow for a long way in – beautiful swim. Second day we joined Arnie on the Big Bush water taxi on Lake Waikaremoana. We went with him while he dropped people off for the great walk and then he picked up the DOC workers and we went with them as they checked the huts. Arnie picked up an injured tramper and the DOC guys had to warn someone about an unattended camp fire. All so interesting and we travelled the whole lake. Day three we hired kayaks from Arnie and paddled the 18k to the caves and back (experienced kayakers). Clear blue skies – flat water – deserted beaches. It was pure paradise. We saw Arnie travelling across the lake picking walkers up but electricity and magnetism physics there were hardly any other boats. We swam in pure waters, with not a soul in sight, and dried off on the white sand. It felt like we were the only people in the world. We were quite late back but Arnie was waiting for us to check we were OK. Thank you to our wonderful adopted country for this experience. Thank you for the kind and caring Arnie. Thank you to the DOC staff and the Maori people who care for this amazing area.

There are 9 great walks in NZ; 6 are located in the South Island leaving only 3 in the North Island. Of the 3 North Island trips 1 is a kayak trip (the Whanganui electricity deregulation wikipedia River), while another is a hike over a Volcano (Tongariro Crossing). So there is only 1 bush walk in the whole of the North Island that qualifies as a great walk and that is Lake Waikaremoana. And yet the North Island has a vast acreage of forest park with countless tracks and huts. So what were the people at DOC thinking when they decided to make this trip a great walk ? Probably 3 things – pristine North Island bush, a beautiful lake, and Maori cultural heritage. These are the key themes to focus on as you walk the track. The bush at Waikaremoana is superb – a lush mix of tree ferns, Nikau Palms, and giant podocarps with a variety of native birds. The lake is serene, with a low mist in the mornings due to the altitude (550 m above sea level) and ever changing moods depending on the weather. Spend some gas stoichiometry practice time just sitting quietly by the lake side as this is the essence of the Waikaremoana experience. The Maori cultural connection is…..there, but difficult to access. Perhaps now that Tuhoe have effectively taken over the management of the park some improvement in cultural interpretation will be provided. Most of the hut wardens are Tuhoe people so talk to them to learn something about the values of Te Urewera to Maori. Put these 3 things together and Waikaremoana is unique. The rest is just putting one foot in front of the other.