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Finally, it is this time again. Winter has just begun and with it the season of winter jackets. It is especially, the season of our beloved down jackets. But what actually makes a down jacket so special? Are there any quality labels what one should consider when buying a jacket? And how is a down textile treated best? We have answered those questions for you in this blog article.

The down jacket is an absolute classic in the winter time. But also the usage of down in sports jackets is widely spread. What is it, that makes down so super special? A very first idea when thinking of down are probably feathers. Actually, feathers are not the multiplicator that enables down products to score. Down nestles under the coverts of waterfowls like ducks and gooses. Different to feathers down is constructed with a nucleus and a three-dimensional shape. From the nucleus tiny, intertwined and soft hairs are arranged like a snowflake. gas laws worksheet answers chemistry This construction enables the special characteristic of down to accumulate heat in the small intermediate spaces. There is almost no other material what is equipped with such a great thermal characteristic.

Last but for sure not least you should consider the origin of your new down-filled clothing. Animal welfare and sustainable aspects are very important topics. Standards like the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), the Down Codex® or other schemes like the traceable down concept helps you to buy a high-quality product. The harvest of down can be either done when live plucking the birds or dead plucking. Unfortunately, one of 10 birds got live-plucked. To make sure, you buy high-quality down textile, check out if there are any seals of quality declared on the product.

Furthermore, you can wash isolating clothing. Just make sure that all zippers, press-buttons, and Velcro-straps are closed. The best way is to turn your jacket from inside to out, to make sure that the inner surface is getting clean. This step gets especially important if the exterior is waterproof. arkansas gas tax All dirt on the exterior can be pre-treated and removed easily before washing.

Down or synthetical down apparel can be gently washed with 30° C. But please take always a look at the manufacturer’s label to find out how the textile needs to be washed. The washing machine needs to be big enough to catch 6 kilograms. After the wash cycle is over some rinse cycles should be done. With low temperature, the laundry can be tossed. After all, you get your wet textile out of the washing machine and let it drain over a sink or a bathtub.

Our advice: Be very careful with the wet apparel. The typical down structure is divided into chambers. In case you are not aware of that, the small walls of those chambers threaten to break down. That could cause a movement of the down and needs to be avoided. Additionally, you can put two dryer balls in the washing machine drum and wash it together with your down-filled clothing.

Our advice to best dry your down-filled apparel is to spread the good dripped off apparel on a laundry whirligig to let it dry. But pay attention: to let your down-filled textile dry 100%, it can last one to two weeks. In this time scale, it is recommendable to spread and softly shake the freshly washed apparel once, in the best case twice a day to achieve the best outcome. With those smooth shakes, you can lose clumps. Synthetic down drys a little faster than the original.

In the case, you have a dryer, the process can be speeded up a bit. z gastroenterol Please adjust your dryer to a very low temperature (maximum 30° C), as in any other case the textile is going to be damaged. Especially if it is sensitive and made of soft material. Advice from the housewife: get also in the dryer some dryer balls, they enable a loosening up of the down clots. electricity notes pdf Ideally, you take the down jacket from time to time out of the dryer and carefully shake it. With this treatment, you can reach the best outcome. Before you use the dryer, please check if your down-filled textile is allowed to put in the dryer. Every manufacturer declares on the label wheater one is allowed to put the textile in the dryer or not.

Down should be washed as seldom as possible. Therefore it is highly recommendable that you store your down-filled apparel the right way. After every use of your down textile, a long and extensive airing is required. Make sure that your down jacket is 100% dry. That is also valid for your adventures on the road. The best way to store your down-filled clothing, like over the summer period, is in an uncompressed and dry clothes bag with good air permeability in a dark and dry room.

Imagine you buy a new, fancy down jacket. You are wearing a knit sweater under you down and go for a walk. After a short time, the first feathers shed out of your brand new down. The first thing what comes up in your mind is, that something is wrong with the jacket. Actually, nothing is wrong with the jacket nor with your usage. Down got the characteristic that it is getting statically loaded when there is a friction with for instance wool or your car seat. Due to the friction of materials, the down is getting drawn out to the outside of the jacket. If that is the case, just try to get the little down back in the jacket. Please avoid in any case to extract the down, that could cause a multiplicator effect. gas tax After you have washed the down jacket the problem may be solved.

The industry always tries to imitate nature. Comparable to leather or wool is the story with down. Down can be imitated with synthetic down. Synthetic down is made of cotton or so-called synthetic fibers PrimaLoft®. An imitation is never the original. Synthetic down can never reach the same thermal characteristics. The reason for that is, that a synthetic down-filled textile is never clinging the same to your body than real down. Also, when packing your backpack you will recognize a difference. The pack size of down is ways smaller than the one of the imitation, as it cannot be packed so small. The one and only real advantage of synthetic down is the contact with moisture. electricity in indian states There real down got real detriments and is way more sensitive. For that reason, PrimaLoft® jackets are widely used in sportive activities as there are thermic characteristics as well as the deal with moisture a big requirement.

The Responsible Down Standard is focused on clear key points what concerns the awarding of the label. For being RDS-awarded no down feathers form alive birds are allowed to be plucked. The animals are not allowed to be force-fed. The standard requires a holistic attitude towards respect of animals and their welfare from when the bird is hatched until to its slaughter. Each and every step in the down supply chain is audited by experts. gas monkey monster truck driver Only if all criteria are 100% fulfilled manufacturers or brands gets awarded with the RDS. Interesting is, that no legal regulation obligates manufacturers to get audited – it is just volunteering.

Each and every brand or manufacturer gets examined to all criteria in a multi-level process before they are allowed to declare the standard on their products. The process examines whether all criteria are fulfilled properly and all rules are stuck. You can see, it is not that easy to receive such a label. Well-known manufacturers and brands got awarded, like Black Diamond, Deuter, Haglöfs, Mammut, Marmot, Norrøna, Salewa, Sorel, Kjus, Vaude or Dynafit.

Patagonia is absolutely committed to the topic area of 100% recycling-down. For the down reprocessing Patagonia works together with family businesses who are uncompromisingly orientated in high-quality work. The used down in Patagonia’s products is fully recycled and contains duck and goose down with a fill power or 600 or 700. The down filling of old pillows, blankets or other, comparable waste products that are filled with down. So the old down gets to new, upcycled life. Let’s reduce waste!

Mountain Equipment carries all its down-filled textiles under the so-called Down Codex®. gas explosion in texas The special thing about the codex is, that each and every product got an individual Down Codex® Code what is 12-figured. You can track your down product to each and every step in the supply chain, what should reduce the risk in every single step. In this codex the role of an appropriate welfare and later slaughter for the species is crucial. Down should only be used if it is a 100% by-product of the nutritional industry. With the development of the Down Codex® Mountain Equipment was one of the initiators worldwide for a sustainable and fair production in the outdoor sector. A fair play with completely open cards. That is also reflected in the report, what is public for everyone.

The Scandinavian brand Kjus carries its down-filled textiles with he so-called DOWNPASS label. This label documents all areas of the supply chain with a major focus on ethics, especially the outdoor equipment and textile sector. Similar to the Responsible Down Standard DOWNPASS-labeled down needs to come from waterfowl like ducks and geese, which live in audited and supervised animal farms. High-quality controls, like the feather percentage that is declared, is really true, are also undertaken on a sample basis.