The ultimate review of the day trading academy electricity rate per kwh philippines


I had already had one stint in trading the ES through another day trading room that I will do a review about because it is another crap company (almost all trading rooms are crap). I came across Day Trading Academy one day while searching for day trading information and filled out the contact form. From there I attended an online “seminar” led by Marcello which is nothing more than him getting you pumped up and believing that his system will make you as much money as you want to make but you have to join now or the discounted price will go up and the last 1-2 spots will be taken. (It’s funny how there is always 1-2 spots left). So I bought in and signed up.

After I got setup I started using the market replayer to back test. I would also watch the videos Marcello would produce each week with him talking about the markets and the daily recap video so I could compare that to my trades. gas vs electric stove top At first I thought it was really cool b/c I had structure and what I was looking for with my entries and exits. I started getting the hang of it and Marcello was pretty prompt with answering questions I had. After a couple of months of this I noticed that I was getting worse with my back testing. electricity labs for middle school I couldn’t figure out why I was getting worse results when I should be at least holding steady.

I started looking around online and came across this thread: My review was given (evanbro) and I saw that other people were having the same issues and concerns I had with DTA’s system and promises from Marcello. FuturesIO is another chapter in my trading journey which I will talk about in another post because DTA led me to FuturesIO which led me to making a really good friend on there who has shaped my trading to what it is today.

Fortunately I never went live using DTA’s system once I realized it is not profitable. I also saw other evidence that was sent to me that Marcello isn’t profitable trading. gas pain He uses the market replayer and tries to pass it off as live. It might be that all of the money he makes is from him selling his course. Don’t forget about the monthly fee for his trading room which is $150/month.

One thing to note is they will give you a free month in their trading room if you leave them a review for them in Investimonials: I did it because I wanted a free month and so does everyone else! No wonder almost all of the reviews are positive for the Day Trading Academy on there. I still get emails to this day about his boot camps and training’s which make for a good chuckle because it is the same crap, just repackaged that people continue to be suckered into. Verdict: Is Marcello A Scammer

Shorter answer: No, because he does provide you his system. gas constant for helium During my time with DTA Marcello answered the questions I had. He would also do videos explaining the trade setups I was looking at. If you pay for the Day Trading Academy’s course then you’ll get the indicators (that I already showed what they were above) and Marcello will answer your questions. Lastly he gave his instructions on how to use his system so he did provide the technical products he said he would.

Longer answer: Yes, if a system isn’t profitable and cannot show verifiable results then it is a scam. Now if it is “educational material” for you to create your own system then that is different. electricity lessons ks1 But this is being packaged as a system that will make you tons of money if you follow its rules. He markets himself as someone who lives and travels to exotic places funded by trading the ES minis. He uses language and descriptions to make you think he lives that exotic lifestyle funded by trading the ES and that he can do the same for you if you buy his course, pay for his trading room, and follow his trading system. By only trading the ES 1-2 hours per day using his system.

He won’t verify his trading history to show that he has been profitable year over year. I have only seen pictures of him overlooking the ocean as “proof” that he makes money day trading. You will pay for a non-verifiable system built upon hope. igas energy shares He is a very good marketer by evidence that he is still in business selling his courses. Sadly that seems to be what most of these people are good at these days, marketing and not trading. Should You Spend Your Money with DTA?

No, the only thing you will learn (that is verifiable) is how to setup Ninja Trader. You would be better off taking the $3k and trading the ES. That way you’ll learn how important your psychological makeup is with day trading. You will also have real life experience in what works and what doesn’t work with day trading. Then you will be able to start your own website and write about personal experiences. Not how you gave your money to someone whose system is a loser.