The unique dialect of prison slang – psychrod electricity sound effect mp3 free download


All cultures and subcultures have their own unique phrases and meanings in their various dialects. electricity production in india Nearly all languages contain an abundance of informal phrases or slang terms, which are often used with such regularity that they have evolved into a standard form of communication. Inmates in different correctional facilities have also developed and incorporated an abundance of prison slang terms into their everyday communication. Prison slang is unique because it incorporates not only terms associated with the correctional setting, but also because it is often used in an attempt to confuse correctional staff. Below is a list of common prison slang terms that are used with regularity within United States Correctional institutions. Prison Slang:

• Fishing: This term refers to the activity of passing contraband, messages, or other items between inmates. The act involves a prison made string, or line that is passed by one inmate to another inmates cell, with the aforementioned items attached to the line. electricity lab activities The line is then pulled into the other inmate’s cell with the attached item(s).

• Punk & Bitch: These two terms are considered derogatory and are considered the two worst labels an inmate can be called. Both terms imply that an inmate allows other inmates to take advantage of them sexually, or by taking other items from them. If an inmate calls another inmate a punk or a bitch a fight will generally ensue. If an inmate does not immediately begin to fight an inmate that has called them a punk or a bitch, then the inmate population will permanently label the inmate as a punk or a bitch.

• Stinger: A prison made heating device which is used to heat water. A stinger is typically used to heat up foods, but can also be used to heat up water, or some other concoction with the intent to assault staff or other inmates. gas definition physics The stinger is often made from a cut electrical cord with two pieces of metal fashioned to the cut end. The cord is then plugged into an outlet with the metal fashioned end placed into the liquid, causing the liquid to heat up.

I know what the esé means, but the first slang word, I do not know how to spell it good enough to find any definition on the Internet yet. My last contact with this kind of language/slang was in the 1970’s, so my memory fades in some ways. world j gastrointest surg impact factor But I still have a lot of old prison slang that goes through my mind at times. I may even curse with “Mexican, Chicano; Black, or White prison slang that I picked up through an indirect osmosis.

I just caught myself saying, exclaiming this prison slang phrase “Chingow” esé to my dog, I usually just use it as an exclamation, like saying “Jesus Christ, man”.. In context a had just laid to rest an attacking Opossum that had jumped on my dog when I took her outside to poop. gas definition state of matter It happened lightning quick, my dog was leashed to me, but each time I pulled her back from the attacking critter, it kept attacking viciously.

My dog could have killed it, but I feared diseases, and did not want my dog hurt any more. She got a small facial wound, that I cleaned well. In those instants. The fear of Rabies, together with my self-defense generated adrenaline, I struck at the possum with my bamboo walking cane a few times before administering the coup de grace. I think when I determined that the possum was not playing possum,