The universal mary sue litmus test gas finder rochester ny


Answer all questions for which the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘technically yes’ unless the item mentioned is so commonplace in the universe you are writing for that it doesn’t really make your character remarkable or unusual. electricity merit badge worksheet answers If it’s established that anyone can have technicolor hair (as in many anime shows) pink coifs don’t apply as "unusually" colored hair. electricity symbols worksheet If your character had an exotic name because you make up most of your characters’ names, you would not answer yes to having an unusual-sounding name that you made up. gas finder map Sue-ness is relative. 😉

If your character is a role-playing character and the only reason you can answer ‘yes’ is because of other players acting of their own free wills (IE, everyone has their characters throwing themselves at your character’s feet and you’ve done nothing to force this) do not answer yes to the corresponding question. Update: Do answer ‘yes’ if you want or expect other players’ characters to behave this way concerning your character, unless you have talked it out with the players beforehand and have come to an agreement. static electricity images So, for example, if you want your character’s intended love interest to fall in love with your character at first sight, click the box – unless you and the other player have agreed that this is how you want the storyline to play out.

Please, please, please remember that just because something is on the test does not mean that it’s supposed to be inherently bad and avoided at all costs. tropico 5 electricity Think of them as being like salt or spices – they serve to enhance the dish when used in the right amounts, but when used too liberally, the result tends to be quite unappetizing. electricity hero names Again, INDIVIDUAL ITEMS DO NOT MAKE THE MARY SUE. c gastritis der antrumschleimhaut THE INDIVIDUAL ITEMS ARE NOT BAD. MOST GOOD CHARACTERS HAVE AND SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST SOME OF THEM.

And for those who wonder about it – I use the gender-neutral terms "xe," "xir", and "xirself" because A: it’s shorter than typing out "he/she" etc. all the time, and B: there are plenty of characters, particularly within the SF supergenre, who are neither male or female, and C: "They" often results in weird grammatical snaggles that make it sound like one is talking about a collective.

• If not a cross-breed, then is your character cross-cultural because you believe it makes your character more "interesting" or "exotic?" (Note that making the character cross-cultural for the sole sake of exoticism is generally frowned upon. Please see What Is Cultural Appropriation, Anyway? for more information. gas up asheville Link opens in new window.)

• Any mental condition or psychological disorder that is used in such a way to completely absolve or excuse your character acting in cruel, inconsiderate, injurious, or hurtful ways so nobody (including the audience) supposedly has any legitimate right to feel angry or hurt over what happened, and no real effort is ever made to prevent the character from doing the same thing again?

• Is your character liked by nearly everyone xe meets? • When your character makes new friends, does xe ever feel like xe’s known them for years after just a few minutes or hours of talking to them, and/or vice versa? • Do most or all of your character’s friends and buddies lead glamorous, exciting, and/or interesting or highly dramatic lives?