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Click to expand…Most especially for you Interesting statement…. I’m 56, Built 2 homes in my life, the first one in KY, small 5 acre farm. Where me and the wife tried to be self supporting with a permaculture system for a gas is compressed at a constant pressure of about 9 years. Learned a lot from it. also learned there is a lot more to learn. Did not own a tractor, what I did have was an old WW2 jeep that had a PTO, That I got from my grandpa. That had the back bumper reworked, So I could use some farm equipment with it. Built the house myself when working full time. Took about a year and a half. The 2 of us living in a small scotty trailer, till it was done. I even Hand gas cap code drove the shallow well myself to save money. I was 18 when I got married and bought the land. Did not know squat about building, electrical, plumbing, or well drilling. But I had a library card and enough sense to use it. So with my books, very little money 10 gases and a new wife. I did what I had to do. I learned how to build, I made mistakes! But I learned from those too. I gave everything to the wife when we divorced. 2nd house was in Fla. just a 1 BR and bath for myself. Very comfortable till Hurricane Andrew came though and decided I didn’t need it any longer. Luckily I had enough sense to pack up my truck with anything I might need in the 2 days before it hit. So was sitting in a campground up in GA. Also luckily there was la gas prices a lot of construction work afterwards. I was a lot better off then most who lost everything. Then visiting a friend in MI. Fell in love and moved here. Got married and had 2 wonderful kids. ( ok, Son IS just as hard headed as his father.) We grew our own food, planted some fruit trees, ect. I worked construction gas tax oregon, Wife worked 3rd shift as a RN an was an herbalist. Its how I started learning that. I got into leatherworking as a hobby. I trapped a little, hunted, fished, and even tried my hand at taxidermy. When my son was born, I went back to school at the vo – tech here part time in Allegan. Took Computer Programming and 2 years Accounting. I also started collecting my electronic Library back then. I understood both the value and the need for preserving old technology and knowledge. And for a time was even a member of the Michigan natural gas in spanish Militia. I started the Allegan county chapter. Everything went to hell when I had to bury my second wife. The kids were still young, And I was just starting to learn how to be a father. Being a single parent isn’t easy for anyone. The next few years are abit gas bubbler murky, and screwed up. But we survived. And my children turned out better then me. And that’s all I ever wanted. I got married to my present wife about 3 months before my son left home to join the army. Was doing tower electricity voltage in china work for West Michigan Wireless at the time. Had a major heart attack at the top of a 200 ft. tower. Took the rescue workers almost an hour to get me down.. I almost didn’t make it then. and almost did not make it on the operating table. Now I am disabled and not going to get any better. I will be the first to admit that NOTHING beats actual experience. But to gain that experience one needs knowledge and the will to put it to use first! In order to learn it. And If a true SHTF electricity bill nye worksheet event or major cataclysm was to happen? No one will likely have all the skills they need. And may not have access to someone who does have the skills. That has always been the purpose of my library. I may not be able to do much physically now, But I have always been good at finding gas mask bong review and researching information. And I find great joy in doing it. And if I can share my library, Give others useful ideas, help others learn new skills? Then I feel I am doing something that still has worth. Maybe you understand what I am saying, and even agree. Maybe you don’t understand or care. Matters not. I am here to help as I can, Those who want it. Those who don’t? Ignore me.