The walking dead recap (s09e15) the calm before gas news of manipur


All is well until Tara ( Alanna Masterson) walks up and sees Lydia. She’s upset saying the deal was to bring Henry only. Michonne asks the leaders to talk. They go to the auditorium, where Michonne explains why she cut off the rest of the world. She says she only wanted to protect her family. She realizes that Alexandria belongs with the other communities.

Father Gabriel ( Seth Gilliam) informs everyone that the Alexandria council voted to grant npower electricity supplier number asylum to Lydia. Tara has a problem because Lydia’s mother only knows about the Hilltop and she will strike against them. She also doesn’t trust Lydia. Michonne understands but reminds everyone that Rick didn’t trust her when they first met. And they didn’t trust Tara when she joined the group. Michonne says Lydia chose to be there. She should be counted as one of them.

Michonne proposes a mutual protection pact. An attack on one of the communities is an attack on all. Everyone agrees. They seal the deal with a signing of the charter. The King and Queen sign for the Kingdom, a girl named Rachel signs for Oceanside, Tara signs for Hilltop and Michonne lets Father Gabriel sign for Alexandria since he is the head of the council. Within These Walls

Hilltop teen Addy ( Kelley Mack) apologizes to Henry for ratting him out when the Whisperers confronted the Hilltop. He says everything worked out fine so he’s okay. While they talk, Rodney ( Joe Ando-Hirsh) and Gage ( Jackson Pace) tell Lydia that Henry and Addy like each other and she grade 9 electricity should cause any problems. Lydia gets angry and runs away. Trouble Ahead

The group meets up with DJ ( Matt Mangum) and the Highwaymen along the road as they are clearing out walkers. They show the group the overturned wagon from Hilltop. They assume the Whisperers are responsible which means Hilltop is in greater danger than they thought. Carol, Michonne and Daryl are going to track the Whisperers, sending the rest to Hilltop. DJ and the Highwaymen will patrol around the Kingdom, saying Carol owes them a couple of movies. Yumiko says she’s going with Daryl and asks Magna to go to Hilltop to keep the place safe.

Later that night, Daryl’s group come up some bloody sticks, but there are no dead bodies. Two of the Hilltop victims show up with a group of walkers. The foursome tries to turn back to the road, but are quickly surrounded by walkers. No problem…They easily kill all of them. Behind the walkers though are a group of Whisperers led by Beta ( Ryan Hurst)! He tells them to drop their weapons. Beta says all Daryl had to do was give him the girl and no one had to die. Now that deal is done. REWIND

Eugene ( Josh McDermitt) spent some time in the dunk tank and is in one of the buildings changing clothes. Rosita ( Christian Serratos) checks on him. He is working on setting up radios so communities can talk to each other. Rosita assures him that they can still talk too. They are still friends even though things are changing. She thanks him for helping her with Gabriel. He says, in his own way, that he had to do it. No thanks needed. She sits down to help him with the radios. He invites her to a role-playing game, but she refuses.

Alpha approaches Daryl, Michonne, Carol and Yumiko. The Whisperers have tied them up to a tree. Daryl 2015 electricity rates says Alpha can’t have Lydia back. Michonne announces that they have granted Lydia asylum and any attempt to take her by force will result in retaliation. Alpha asks for her name and Michonne gives it to her. Alpha stares her down but then turns to her people. She says is no longer concerned about Lydia, saying she was weak and never lived up to expectations.

Alpha says Daryl’s group is in no position to threaten her. She pulls a gun on them and makes Daryl go with her. They walk to a quarry full of walkers. She says her people are among the walkers, steering them. Daryl and k gas constant his friends are alive because she lets them live. Alpha doesn’t want anything from them. She says their communities are a shrine to a dead world. The Whisperers live as nature intended.

Alpha pulled Lydia outside where no one would see them. She tried to make Lydia return with her, but Lydia wouldn’t leave. Lydia says she believes in the communities. They care about her and she cares about them. Alpha tries to sweet talk Lydia to coming back saying she only did the hard things a mother has to do to keep her safe. Lydia points out a bruise on her arm, saying she knows what her mother was doing. She gives Alpha a choice, leave or she will electricity projects for high school students scream for help. Alpha says she was trying to make Lydia strong, but she’s not one of them and she never was.

Back at the quarry, Alpha doesn’t think Daryl can protect Lydia. She hopes she is wrong and Daryl says she is. He finds Carol, Michonne, and Yumiko waiting for him. In the woods, Beta asks Alpha about Lydia and she asks him to leave her alone. Another Whisperer sees her crying. She motions for him to come to her and kills him. The Northern Border

As they are leaving the woods, Michonne finds a beat up Siddiq tied to a tree. They walk to the border and see a row of pikes. Mounted on the pikes are the heads of ten people. The patrol group, DJ and the Highwaymen; one of Negan’s former wives; two of the Hilltop teens, Addy and Rodney; and new mom Tammy Rose. The last three are the most shocking. Enid, Tara, and Henry.

Siddiq stands in front of everyone at the fair to tell them what happened. Like the others, he was taken from the fair by the Whisperers. He says he was ready to die with them. Alpha whispered in his ear to “tell them” then knocked him out cold. When he woke up, he was alone. He thinks Alpha left him alive to tell them about the evil thing that happened to scare them and drive them apart. Instead, he tells a different story.

The Whisperers had the hostages tied up in a stable. DJ and the Highwaymen found them and attacked the Whisperers to rescue them. The others started fighting back, fighting together and for each other. Siddiq says they fought until the very end, even though some of them didn’t know each other. They fought like family. Their time was cut short. Siddiq tells everyone to honor them who died as heroes.

The build-up of the b games zombie shocking deaths was more intense than the actual scene. It was a comic book moment come to life, but the heads on the pikes didn’t stir any emotion. One of the major issues I have with The Walking Dead is character development. I believe you have to know the characters to really care if they live or die. Obviously, the lead cast is going to get the screen time, but even some of them were put on the wayside for half a season. Of the ten heads on the pikes, there were only two that really had any story to tell this season. The rest are characters that we barely see or hear from.

The three deaths that made the most impact weren’t as shocking as I thought they would be. I was expecting different heads and got a satisfactory trio of characters that I kind of wanted to see go at one time or another. I was more affected by Carol’s reaction. Given that Carol is one p gasol stats of the leads and we’ve seen her growth from the beginning of the series, anything she does is going to get a reaction out of me.

This was an opportunity for The Walking Dead to really shock the audience, especially those who have read the source material. It’s true that they are slowly running out of lead characters to kill off, but if they want an emotional impact, like Glenn and Abraham, then they have to make the audience care. That’s the only part I’m missing. I don’t see some of the characters enough to care. I don’t even see the secondary characters that I do care about.