The war against black money should have started with political parties, not demonetisation

A few days ago, at an all-party meeting ahead of the first day of the Winter Session in Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought up the issue of what he referred to as the state funding of elections.

“…it was time the issues of state funding of elections and holding simultaneous elections in the country were discussed. Electricity of the heart Since all parties are concerned about the consequences of unaccounted money on the economy, let this issue be discussed in detail along with other issues of concern in the Winter Session of Parliament”. Gas zombies A matter of terminology

It is a complete misnomer that is designed to hide the truth. Electricity examples It is generally understood to mean that the government will fund the election expenses of those who want to contest the polls.

The misnomer has to do with this being called “state” funding. Electricity experiments The impression conveyed here is that this is money that the government owns. Gas in oil Since people at large seem to think that government money is available for free, and one should try and take as much of it as possible by way of free electricity, free water, and other such freebies, we are somewhat passive about the possibility of the government footing the bill for candidates contesting elections.

It does not come from currency notes issued by the Reserve Bank of India but from direct and indirect taxes paid by the people. Electricity lessons for 5th grade Thus, government money is actually people’s money. Mp electricity bill pay indore Therefore, the first correction is to refer to it as the public funding, and not state funding, of elections. M gastrocnemius Black money and elections

This method of financing elections has been discussed for decades, directly or indirectly, since the socialist Jayaprakash Narayan constituted what came to be known as the Tarkunde Committee in 1975.

The most frequently cited, of course, is the Indrajit Gupta Committee, which was set up in 1998 specifically to study state (public) funding of elections. Gas block dimple jig This report is invariably invoked in all discussions on the issue, and it is claimed that the committee recommended state (public) funding of elections.

However, the fact is that the Indrajit Gupta Committee suggested only partial financial support by the state, and that too, only in kind by way of bearing the cost of printing material, time on electronic media, vehicles and fuel.

Most importantly, in my 16 years of working in this field, I have never heard anyone mentioning the first paragraph of the conclusions of this report. Electricity in costa rica It reads as follows:

“Before concluding, the committee cannot help expressing its considered view that its recommendations being limited in nature and confined to only one of the aspects of the electoral reforms may bring about only some cosmetic changes in the electoral sphere. Gasco abu dhabi contact What is needed, however, is an immediate overhauling of the electoral process whereby elections are freed from evil influence of all vitiating factors, particularly, criminalisation of politics. Inert gas definition chemistry It goes without saying that money power and muscle power go together to vitiate the electoral process and it is their combined effect which is sullying the purity of electoral contests and effecting free and fair elections. Gas in babies home remedies Meaningful electoral reforms in other spheres of electoral activity are also urgently needed [emphasis added].” Demonetisation and elections

Bharatiya Janata Party leader and former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee is widely reported to have once said, “Every legislator starts his career with the lie of the false election return he files.”

This is the crux of the supposed relationship between public funding of elections and demonetisation, which is that a large chunk of money used in elections is unaccounted money. Electricity magnetism There are two thesis here:

Let us take the first thesis. Gas bijoux discount code There are two issues with this. Electricity production by state The first is that it seems we, as a country and society, have accepted, or are willing to accept, that we cannot get our candidates for elections and political parties to refrain from using unaccounted money. Electricity distribution companies And in order to force them to do so, we are willing to risk serious damage to the entire economy by way of demonetisation.

What we seem to be missing is that the entire cash economy is not black money. Gas quality comparison A roadside vendor buys vegetables in cash and sells them in cash. La gasolina lyrics translation The vastness of the country and lack of infrastructure such as availability of uninterrupted electricity, make it extremely difficult to work without cash.

The second issue with the first thesis is that if we cannot make our electoral candidates and political parties mend their ways as mentioned above, how will we ensure that those candidates and political parties who get public money do not also use unaccounted money in their campaigns? And if we cannot ensure that, then giving candidates public money to contest elections will be nothing but throwing good money after bad.

The moral of the above analysis of the first thesis is that until political parties follow the law of the land, neither public funding of elections nor demonetisation is going to impact generation of unaccounted money in the country. 9gag instagram videos Show some transparency

The second thesis has the cause and effect reversed. Gastric sleeve scars It is not the existence of unaccounted money that allows or encourages its use in elections, it is the use of unaccounted money in elections that is the real cause, or at least the abettor, of the generation of unaccounted money in the country.

And if political parties were to follow the law of the land, they would need to function as public authorities under the Right to Information Act as declared by a full bench of the Central Information Commission in a decision on June 3, 2013, rather than blatantly disregard the decision of the highest statutory authority in the land for implementation of the Right to Information Act. Electricity research centre In addition, they must become demonstrably democratic in their internal functioning and transparent about their financial affairs.

Jagdeep S. Gas oil ratio formula Chhokar is a former professor, dean, and director in-charge of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Gas station car wash We welcome your comments at

In the mid-80s, the Indian government launched a program to identify and provide free boarding & schooling to the talented children from the rural areas. Basic electricity quizlet The idea was that while the IITs and IIMs had developed as world-class institutions of higher education, they were often dominated by students from relatively privileged backgrounds. Arkansas gas association Similarly, elite government and corporate jobs were restricted to those from the cities. Electricity notes for class 10 This change, pioneered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. Gas x side effects of India, came in the form of the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, which began the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs), a system of alternate schools for gifted students in India from VI to XII standard. Electricity out in one room By many standards, the experiment has been a success.

The JNV program was a major innovation with significant resources deployed – it is estimated that the MHRD spends Rs 85,000 annually on every student at JNV. Electricity word search answer key The schools have produced many bright students and many of these return to their villages and are able to impact their villages positively. M power electricity Examples include an ex JNV student who is now researching a cure for cancer in Malaysia.

The academically elite schools for the poor were, in their time, a big idea and now are being transformed by technology. Electricity formulas physics The goal is to not only make sure students from these schools have skills on par with the best private schools but also that they have a better understanding of concepts through new ways of seeing and learning.

In 2013, the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti partnered with Samsung to start the Smart Class initiative with the latest audio-visual tools for learning. Electricity experiments elementary school Today the initiative is present in 398 JNVs across rural India and over 2 lakh students use the system. Electricity journal Tablets have been supplied to these classes along with interactive Smartboards, printers and other devices. Gas symptoms The pedagogic methods have also changed as classrooms have become more interactive. Gas news of manipur Learning apps for Computer Science, Mathematics, English and Science have been created, and students are taught through interactive modules like videos, animation and presentations that enable them to learn in a quicker, deeper and more fulfilling manner.

In the first three years, the initiative has seen some early successes. Gas upper back pain The story of Sadanand Ugale is one. Gas chamber jokes Sadanand was a bright student studying in a remote village, Chinchada, in Maharashtra. Gas oil ratio calculator His village teacher told his father to enrol him in a Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in Kannad, Aurangabad district. Gas near me cheap With exposure to new-age education tools and modern pedagogical techniques, he was able to explore his potential. Gas x while pregnant His research on seasonal diseases was selected to be presented at the National School Congress in Bangalore. 5 gas laws He then went on to get chosen by the International Science School (ISS), Sydney to present the research paper in Australia and was even awarded a scholarship. Electricity 101 youtube Today he is preparing for his SSC exams and dreams of becoming a doctor and returning to his village to make it a better place. Electricity trading His parents feel immense pride in his achievement and his desire to strive further and contribute to the community he came from. Gas prices in michigan Another inspiring story is that of Ritwik Kumar from Bijnore who was afflicted with vision impairment. Eseva electricity bill payment He studied in the Samsung Smart Class and through his grit and brilliance, got into an IIT. Electricity definition wikipedia Similarly, Adesh Vaidya got selected by the HRD ministry to participate in a study tour in Japan. Gas efficient suv 2008 These are only a few of the children impacted by the use of technology and connectivity in the classroom. 8 gas laws With greater penetration, this can bring significant change to the state of education as well as the lives of people. La gastronomia See Sadanand’s journey in this short film below.

The digital revolution shows the potential to be a great enabler for the change in this regard. Gas yoga The number of internet users in India grew by 49% in 2015, according to the IAMAI. Electricity lab physics Mobile internet users grew by over 65% in urban India in 2015, and by over 99% in rural India. Victaulic t gasket While digital tools of education like iPads or video conferencing are gaining traction in middle to high-income groups in urban India, they are yet to penetrate rural India. Wb state electricity board bill pay But this is changing slowly, by the efforts of the government and some private players.

Providing quality education to everyone regardless of where they come from is one of the biggest challenges India is facing today. Gas bubbler This is a particularly large problem in rural areas that need to deal with challenges as varied as a lack of teaching facilities, unavailability of teachers and the financial inability of many parents to put their children through school. Gas vs diesel prices As a consequence, many students in rural India tend to experience disenchantment with education leading to high drop-out rates. Gas bloating frequent urination In what becomes a vicious cycle, these children then go on to take up unskilled or semi-skilled jobs if they are boys or get married at a young age if they are girls. Electricity notes Many of them find it difficult to break out of the poverty trap.

Perhaps the most significant and preventable problem here is that the process of learning in rural schools itself is not interesting. Electricity jeopardy 4th grade In the NFHS III Survey, “lack of interest” was cited as the main reason for dropping out of school for around 36% of boys and 21% of girls. Bp gas prices So, digital teaching tools can not only change the way teachers instruct children – making learning more fun, interactive and interesting, but they also have the potential to bring children into the classroom and keep them from dropping out mid-way. Gas laws worksheet Along with this, digital tools of learning like video conferencing and Wi-Fi enabled tablets can also provide children greater exposure and access to the world outside their physical reach and enable them to create wider networks, giving them opportunities they could never imagine before. V gashi 2012 In doing so, they can enable bright Indian children to showcase their abilities on a global platform. 9gag wiki Like they did for Sadanand.

Dreams only get bigger when people and technology meet. Gas in babies Samsung is showcasing a few of the biggest success stories of the initiative through its “Sapne hue Bade, Jab Technology se Jude” campaign. Gas tracker For more information on Samsung’s Smart Class initiative, see here.