The war of the gods ( a lady music connection ) terry floyd johnson creative journeys ag gaston birmingham


They’re back in the circle of their crafts, and are growing stronger, in this different environment from their own planets. They don’t have to get human hosts, they’re quite capable of creating an earth type bodymind- handsome/beautiful, strong/powerful/atheletic/dancer, slim/ beautiful, all powerful bodies, reflecting their total God/Goddesses actual identity.

” Come in Lindy. gas prices going up 2016 You’re a Protector for sure, that’s the only reason you would have been right where the projectiles were coming in, and you would have a clear sighting of them before they landed. gas 78 industries You’re much needed in reality, and in the Goddesses Beyond, ” Lady Music shares with her, watching as she is talking, to see how Lindy is taking all of this in.

” Not at all, but in this caose, there’s no safe place, these projectiles, hold the essence of Gods and Goddesses from another planet, not close, but not far away either. They have to get new bodies quickly, so they can adjust to this planets gravity and so on. This means they’ll create bodies, which will be different, but close to what they look like on their own planet, if it isn’t too far out, so as not to be taken as human on this planet, ” Lady Music summing up the situation nicely.

” They’ll use two strategies, one is to be human like, with their bodies the same as on their planet, for the difference is small, yet powerful, though, other humans wouldn’t see that, ” Lady Music mutters, offended other Gods would stoop to such tactics and violence to take over another planet, and take away the Gods and Goddesses of that planet.

” In some cases, but when Gods and Goddesses, attack one planet at a time, it isn’t looked upon with favor, but this is a declaration of Overpower, and as such, the planet Gods and Goddesses have to show they’re capable of protecting their planet, and all life on it. r gas constant kj If they’re not, then the winning planetary Gods and Goddesses, take over from the losers, and the losers can leave the planet, or stay and hide out till they’re ready to attack the winners once again, ” Lady Music explains.

” But the Gods and Goddesses cannot kill one another, they are immortal, thus they can fight each other, but they cannot kill their opponents…..oh, I see, it isn’t a war of kill, but a war of power and winning over the enemy. Its the chess of Gods and Goddesses, ” Lindy says, shaking her head at the rediculousness of fighting between planetary, etc. gas near me cheap Gods and Goddesses.

There is a loud crack, standing before them are the Eternals: Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, Winter Season, Summer Season, Fall Season, Spring Season, Irish Luck, Horn Universe, Milk Pour, Star Sky, Planetary Moves, Orbits, Surprise Gift, Indian Summer, Thanksgive, Freedom Way, Mother Nature, Non-Linear Happy, New Birth, Youth Senior, Frosty the Snowman, Marvelous Grinch, Education Merry, Work Strength, Sunny Rays, Spectrum Beauty, Space Home, MoonTraveler, Star Movens, LifeSmile Buildy, Sandwo-man, and Galactic Doorways.

” You off-worlders, have done what you are trying to do here, on 3 other planets, or so you thought, you were allowed to see the result you wanted, rather than the truth, which is, you did nothing. gas city indiana The Overseers saw to that, you got what you wanted and the Gods and Goddesses of each of these worlds continue to be the harmony of the planets they protect, ” explains Jack Frost.

” I believe my path is not to be one or the other, but of both in Harmony, thus as Lady Angel, I will be Goddess and Eternal, thus being the best of all worlds and populations, ” Lindy says bowing to them all, but before anyone can answer the Codes of Harmony are there, they shine light into her, giving her all the legalities, etc., of the Codes of Harmony. She’s to be the first Supreme Balancer of the Codes of Harmony.