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Once he finished his shower and getting dressed he walked down his stairs to the kitchen, he poured two bowls of cereal and set one on the counter and took his leaning on the wall waiting, he are some of cereal as he heard a alarm clock go off upstairs.

"I don’t know, it depends if he needs me-” he was interrupted when his phone went off, he pulled his phone out of his pocket to see what it was, he found a text message from none other than Danny himself asking for his help on his experiment.

He started making being way to Danny’s house, Danny was a childhood friend of his, he was as well a scientist, he was smart but he was also odd, most of his experiments were based off of things he’s seen in science fiction movies, shows, and books.

Henry got to Danny’s house and rang the doorbell and waited "Henry! Hey come to the backyard!” Danny called from the backyard, Henry walked around the house over to the fence gate, he opened the gate walking into the backyard and found a large machine in the middle of the yard, it had a satellite dish on the top of it pointed to the sky, there were cables on the ground running into the house and over to a table with a couple computers.

"Allow me to explain, it will allow me to manipulate the weather, I could make it rain in places to help food grow, or if it’s raining to much I could stop it, I could even make it snow in the dessert” Danny said won’t excitement as he looked at the machine.

A purple bolt of lightning shot down from the sky sticking the machine, electricity shot through the machine and ran down one of the cables, the cable happened to be the one Henry was standing on by accident, electricity engulfed his body, he felt pain like he had never before, it was like his entire body was on fire, he could hear Danny yelling at him in fear, Henry thought the pain would never end that was until he blacked out.

Rainbow Dash was flying through the sky as horrible storm was happening, lighting and thunder exploded through the sky as she flew around looking for angling the flight be caught in the storm, it was difficult to fly through the strong winds and rain but luckily she was one of the best flyers in Equestria.

She hovered in air looking around but she couldn’t spot anypony, she hoped everypony had gotten to safety from the storm, she was about to fly back to Ponyville when she saw a large purple bolt of lighting shoot down to the ground, she flew in its direction to see if a fire had been started by it.

When she got to the spot where the lightning struck, the lightning had made a word crater in the ground but luckily there was no fire, she was about to leave when she saw something in the crater looking in closer she gasped when she saw a small filly in the crater, she was knocked out and had bad burn marks all over her body.

Rainbow Dash flew down picking her up and flew off towards Ponyville hospital, she hoped she could get there in time, she had no idea how long this filly would last, she looked down at the filly noticing the black lightning bolt cutiemark she had.

Henry was in a dark void, he couldn’t feel anything his body was numb, but then pain shot through his body, he gasped waking up causing him to go into a coughing fit, he groaned once he was done coughing, his entire body hurt, it was like when you burn your finger on the stove except all over his body.

He looked around weakly finding he was in a hospital room ‘so it wasn’t a dream, I actually did get electrocuted….wonderful, I hope Sam’s not to worried…Danny’s gonna owe me big time for this….’ Henry thought as he looked at the ceiling, as he stared at the ceiling a few strands of black and yellow hair fell into his vision.

He definitely did not have black and yellow colored hair, his hair was brown ‘did someone dye my hair?? Why the hell would anyone do that?!’ he reached his hand up to grab the hair only for a stump covered in bandages to come into his sight, jumped he looked at the stump in fear ‘my hand’s gone!!’ he raised his other hand only to find another stump.

‘Did the lightning mess up my throat too???’ He needed to know what else the lightning might have damaged, he looked down at his blanketed body and instantly noticed how his legs didn’t even reach the end of the bed, now that he thought about it his legs definitely felt wrong.

He was breathing heavily now as he looked around frantically for a mirror, as he was looking around the door to the room opened, he almost felt relief in the thought that a doctor a nurse was coming in to tell him was hallucinating from drugs.

Henry began screaming and throwing everything her could at the horse, he threw a pot that was on the table next to the end at her, he then threw a lamp then his pillow, then he felt a strange feeling run through his body before he screamed in pain as electricity exploded out across the room exploding the lights on the ceiling.

The mane six were sitting outside the room waiting for the filly to wake up, Rainbow Dash told them how she found her, Twilight wanted to know how the filly got there and what happened, the filly should not have survived being struck by lightning.

The girls ran into the room to see what happened, the nurse was on the ground knocked out, the filly was on the bed but all around her were scorch marks, the walls, ceiling, and bed were burnt, the filly was knocked out on the bed with electricity sparking off her, we had new burn marks on her body.

"What the heck happened?” Rainbow Dash asked as she walked over to the bed and went to see if the filly was actually alive, the moment her hood touched her she got shocked, she pulled her hoof back shaking it from the shock "she shocked me”.

Twilight walked over and casted a spell to see what was happening, she gasped "she’s got strange magic running through her body….magic a Pegasus shouldn’t have, electricity is running through and around her body….but it looks like she doesn’t have control of it, judging by the fact that she hurt herself”.

"Yeah unless she’s fries us while we try” Rainbow Dash said getting a glare from Twilight and Applejack "what? It’s true! How do we know she won’t sneeze and shoot a bolt of lighting at us?…. actually that’d be pretty cool, not the last part about being hit by lightning”.