The zombie gaming market – super brain of pakistan v gas station


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The number of zombie games that game out within the last five years is tremendous. We got the infamous Left 4 Dead series, which truly revolutionized the entire zombie game market by showing a team based zombie game appealing to a large audience. Next up we have lovable and always fun Resident Evil series. The resident evil series is quite possibly the most well known zombie video game and video game in general. The basic and yet advanced game play of the Resident Evil series along with a great story make the Resident Evil series a perfect zombie video game that everyone can love and enjoy. Even third party, indie game developers begin to make zombie video games. For example, the widely popular Zombie Panic! source mod is still played today even with the release of Left 4 Dead. The tremendous outpour of zombie games shows how the zombie game industry is on the rise.

These video games have become so popular that they even have made users create special zombie mods. In these zombie mods the players would play as the survivors or the zombies and try and out live a zombie outbreak. However, the primitive the mods may seem it just shows how this game market has grown new heights. There are numerous 24/7 zombie servers on counter-strike 1.6 as well as counter-strike source. Recently, Borderlands, the new and popular FPD released a zombie mod of their own known as Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. Sometimes users will create zombie skins for certain characters or NPC’s in their games. Counter-strike and Hitman have those types of skins available to download. Since, people love to create and add zombies to their games the game companies will have an incentive to create games for those who love zombies.

The zombie culture has already been with society for a pretty long time. Many movies like the Dawn of the Dead, Shawn of the Dead, and Zombieland attest to the popularity of the zombie genre. Since the appeal for such a market is so high people will look to make a profit and invest in new types of undead games. Many conventions, gatherings, and zombie accessories that are coming out today only only add to the fact that the zombie craze will grow and affect the zombie gaming industry to grow as well.

This game market will soon have its own genre right next RPG and Action. Sure you can classify most zombie games under Action, or Adventure, but the way that the zombie game market is growing who knows what the future will hold. This game market will rise as more and more players looking to satisfify their zombie movie addictions and live out their zombie fantasies in the form of game play.