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I’m a crazy person who wrote a bunch fics in middle school that he looks back on with embarrassment, but never lost a love of the art. Now I’m in college, and in this complex new era of my life where my entire future could rest on any choice I make, I decided that what I really needed to do was get back into writing made up stories about other made up stories!

In all seriousness, RWBY/Zero, and to a lesser degree The Third Faction,are going to be taking up the majority of my fanfiction attention, but other ideas have been popping around in my head, so I figured why not put them here for people to see and maybe tell me their thoughts on.

1) Slayer Huntsmen (RWBY x Fairy Tail Crossover) – When Ruby falls into the caverns below Mountain Glenn, she happens upon a strange chamber that’s door disappears when she touches it. Inside, she finds eight strange orbs that she takes back with her. Giving them to her friends as gift, imagine her surprise when each of starts seeing apparitions of crazy people claiming to be wizards. And when those people’s personalities and powers start bleeding through.

Concept- Yang, Weiss, Blake, Team JNPR, and Sun each start seeing one of the dragon slayers (and Gray) and gaining their powers and some aspects of their personalities. Some get along, like Yang and Natsu, and Jaune and Wendy. Others, have disagreements, like Weiss and Gray, and Pyrrha and Gajeel. Things differ from canon slightly due to the slayers effects and others are discovered to have found the chamber before Ruby, and she herself may have been effected more than she thinks.

2) Beacon Pirates (RWBY x One Piece Crossover) – When Raven makes an unexpected appearance right as Cinder is about to kill Pyrrha, the resulting portal overload scatters Teams RWBY and JNPR across the Grand Line. Now trapped in an insane world, the young huntsmen will have to rely on their wits and their new allies to survive, and discover what connection Team STRQ has with the quest for One Piece.

Concept- Everyone is scattered in odd pairs like Ruby and a severely wounded (but alive!) Pyrrha in Alabasta, while Jaune and Weiss are dropped onto Chopper on Drum Island right before the Straw Hats arrive. My personal favorite is Raven dumping the now one armed Yang onto her old friend Shanks and then taking off to complete her mission for coming to the Grand Line in the first place. Eventually the teams will have to choose to side with the Government, or their new friends.

3) RWBY Fairies (RWBY x Fairy Tail Crossover) – Blasted to a world of magic by a mysterious book, Team RWBY begins to develop magic and join the guild Fairy Tail to learn more and find a way home. But when they do, they find that magic has followed them home.

Concept- Summary is a bit vague, and the reason is that the big stuff doesn’t start happening until the girls get home. While they are in Fiore, they do develop meaningful relationships, with Blake training under Lucy and Mirajane, while Ruby becomes besties with Wendy and practically idolizes Erza. When they get back and discover that they still have their magic, at first they are thrilled that they can use their new powers to win the Vytal Festival. But as they discover more details about the creator of the book who sent them, they realize that they may just be Remnant’s only hope of survival.

4) Roar of the Dragon Huntsmen (RWBY x Fairy Tail Crossover) – An accident with the Eclipse Gate leads to Dragon Slayers getting scattered across Remnant. Now, three of them join Beacon Academy for their own various reasons. What has become of Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy, since they arrived in this new world as children? And how will they, and their new friends, change the world in turn?

Concept- This one has been done a lot, and I have to admit it is heavily inspired by Dragon Hunters by IceWarrior13 and Misplaced by Maximillian Havisham (both are great stories that I completely recommend). Nevertheless, I wish to put my own spin on the idea, especially the new allegiances that have arisen based on who the Dragon Slayers ended up with and how they will affect the regular narrative (different teams and the like).

5) STRQ: The Fifth Holy Grail War (RWBY x Fate Crossover) – Renown all over Remnant as some the greatest huntsmen to ever live, Team STRQ seemed unstoppable. Summer Rose and Qrow Branwen just celebrated the marriage of their teammates: Raven Branwen and Taiyang Xiao-Long. But when strange red markings appear on the hands of three of the members, the coolest team to ever graduate Beacon is unprepared for a war that will shake their very beings to the core, and set the stage for their total collapse.

Concept- A RWBY/Zero prequel focusing on the often mentioned Fifth Holy Grail War that Team STRQ participated in. Some the events of this will be shown through flashbacks in the main story, but I do have enough that I could build a complete prequel.

The Nasuverse and the RWBYverse, Earth and Remnant, Mana and Aura, Masters, Servants and Hunters. Both are separate worlds yet they are interconnected by the realm of infinity that is called the Kaleidoscope. Wandering around said Kaleidoscope, a bored Zelretch stumbles across a timeline where two universes intersect. He watches the events with eagerness when an idea comes to his mind. What if he created a dimensional pocket where the (main) characters of the original universes watch the events of this altered timeline? Satisfied with his plan, he creates the pocket and goes about ‘kidnapping’ characters from the F/SN (including Mordred) and RWBY universes. After the ‘kidnappings’, Zelretch tells them to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. How will this turn of events affect the (main) cast of each universe? Morals will be shaken, Bonds will be forged and lost, Beliefs will be crushed and everything will change. But one thing is certain. No one will be the same ever again.

Nerf585 gave me the idea for this and kindly typed up this challenge. He has posted it as an official challenge in the RWBY x Fate Stay/Night Crossover section. If you feel like taking it up, please just PM me or him and let us know. I would love to read it and would gladly do what I can to help.