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A tamed Therizinosaurus is one of the most versatile mounts a survivor can have. It can be trained to use its claws brutally or delicately gas or electricity more expensive, allowing the rider to primarily harvest with enhanced efficiency the specific kinds of resources that he or she needs. And in combat, these same claws can pierce straight through the toughest armor. This flexibility more than makes up for its inability to carry the large loads of the Island’s many herbivorous beasts of burden.

A Therizinosaurus is one of the strangest creatures a survivor will encounter on the island. Although it is built like a Tyrannosaurus or an Allosaurus, and despite the dossier calling it a predator gas 91 octane, the creature is a herbivore, using its scythe-like claws to pull down leafy vegetation for consumption. The massive claws are just as efficient for slashing foes in combat though, intimidating all but the hungriest of predators. The beast is also covered in a thick covering of feathers much like its real life counterpart: Therizinosaurus cheloniformis.

• As Stimberries do not recover Food, the AI will detect that it is still hungry after eating and trigger a continuous cycle of consumption. Stimulants do not work nor will using Remote Use speed up the process. The Taming Effectiveness gained using Stimberries is exceptionally poor, due to the thousands required to tame. However gas bike alley, Stimberries that are consumed autonomously do not seem to affect Torpor, meaning it will not wake up any gas stoichiometry examples faster.

• The -15 Food occurs over a digestion period, but does net an increase the rate that the Therizinosaurus starves. This can be used in conjunction with normal berries or advanced crops to substantially improve the taming time. However, it is worth stressing how little Taming Effectiveness will remain if Stimberries are used. (Taming speed is increased, and effectiveness is effectively 0 when using stimberries, but food no longer drops faster as of 253.5)

Therizinos are highly aggressive for Herbivores and will not hesitate to attack any players or tames that approach too closely. Keep in mind that although it isn’t as flashy or impressive electricity projects in pakistan looking as a Rex, it is at least as powerful as an Allo and not to be taken lightly. It is not recommended to take a Therizino head on with a tame unless you are certain it can take a beating, and certainly don’t attempt melee with one if unmounted as they gas in back trapped are quite capable of shredding armour very quickly. Fast mounts, high perches and ranged weapons are the order of the day.

The Therizinosaurus’ attacks are capable of damaging both mounts and their riders in a single attack whenever it randomly uses its bite attack – although the rider must still be in range of the attack. Approaching a Therizinosaurus with shorter mounts is not advised as they can distribute Torpor to the rider of a mount when hit by the bite attack. Therizinosaurus can aggro electricity definition wikipedia on a player inside a house if they wander too close, potentially tearing down anything not made of metal, so it’s best to monitor the location of any that wander nearby.

On Extinction the Therizino is a very effective gatherer of Scrap Metal from the corpses of both Enforcers and Defense Units. Invest in delicate harvesting and use the tertiary attack (C attack) to harvest only scrap metal. Be warned that scrap electricity generation by source metal is quite heavy so either invest heavily into weight or bring along something such as a Gasbags to haul your heavy metal load back to base.

• The Power Therizino when tested against a level 5 Squid gathered so much Raw Fish Meat, Raw Prime Fish Meat and Keratin to reach the stack limit within its inventory, at ~3000 Raw Fish Meat, ~300 Raw Prime Fish Meat and ~750 Keratin, compared to the Delicate’s ~400 Raw Fish Meat, ~60 Raw Prime Fish Meat and ~300 Keratin. A similarly levelled Allosaurus gathered twice as much as a Delicate Therizino, implying the squid itself provides an unusually high amount of resources before factoring the Power Therizino’s multiplier.

• Be careful when having a tamed Therizinosaurus follow you around. If it hits gas natural a tree as a response to an attack and it has a lot of points in Power Harvesting it can unintentionally encumber itself from the sheer amounts of wood it can acquire. This can leave a dismounted survivor vulnerable or cause an unwary survivor leading a large pack of dinosaurs to mistakenly leave it behind. As of v254.0 this issue can be rectified by disabling resource gathering on the Therizinosaurus.

• Compared to other z gastroenterol Tranq and Tame creatures that have a kibble, the Therizinosaurus is among the top of the list for taking the longest to tame (a level 150 still takes over 3 hours to tame on kibble.) Due to their fast torpor drop and the longevity of the tame, this can make domesticating one a daunting task. However the Therizino is very adaptable when it comes to harvesting resources. Since it’s also m gasol nba a very powerful battle mount, these qualities mean that having just a few at your disposal can remove the need for several other dinos to be cared for.