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A week-ish later part comes in and we schedule a visit in a few days. The tech comes out for visit two but the board did not work properly so the old one was put back in and another one ordered. The freezer continued to work with an occasional high temp warning. Visit three static electricity human body causes is a mirror image of visit 2. Yes a second board that does not work at all apparently. The old one is put back in (again) and the freezer works as good as before.

On visit 4 (Tuesday before Memorial Day) the new board is installed and supposedly works because the tech leaves it in but says the molex connector has a crimped connection. He takes pictures and sends to Mike ** at Thermador which is apparently Bosch or owned by Bosch. The next morning the high temp alarm is ringing away and the freezer is 60 degrees and food melted so we chuck it all out. It is now Friday – 4 days later – and Mike ** has apparently gas near me still not gotten back to St. Louis Appliance Repair.

I have called both S.T.A.R. and Thermador every day since Wednesday only to get another person saying Im sorry… or We’re sorry… but we are awaiting for a decision from the factory, we are awaiting a decision from management on replacement, we are electricity 2pm lyrics awaiting on a decision from Mike **, we are awaiting a decision for the tech, we don’t have your proof of purchase, No we don’t need your proof of purchase as St. Louis Appliance Repair will send it, (said Nakia) but they did NOT so I sent it, We don’t have the notes from St Louis Appliance Repair says Thermador… What a never-ending run-around of poor customer service and process malfunction. So if you ask me if you should go with Thermador for your new kitchen? I WOULD SAY NO!!! And grade 9 static electricity quiz Bosch? If you own Thermador then how about Bosch for your new kitchen? PLEASE DON’T! We spent a fortune on all Thermador appliances. I would NEVER do it again.

So here we are about 5 weeks after St Louis Appliance Repair’s first visit with the freezer working worse than before I made that fateful call for help. Will it ever get fixed? Not sure. Our family is coming in for Memorial Day Weekend for Mom’s 90th Birthday and to see the new kitchen. Thermador your broken freezer will be propped open and shut off so it doesn’t smell like mildew. Thanks.

I had a service tech out who suggested I try another harry mileaf electricity 1 7 pdf filter, perhaps my replacement was defective. I could ignore the display, but it quit making ice. Then it started making ice again sporadically. At this point, the tech suggested I order a new ice making unit electricity and magnetism study guide answers and filter valve. Before I could even place the order, the machine went hyper and made so much ice it overflowed (supposed to have a sensor to prevent that) blocking the back of the freezer drawer so that it could not close. After removing the ice blockage, the flimsy top freezer shelf (which holds the ice bin) would not close and small piece of plastic that kept it in place fell off. Upshot, had to turn off the erratic ice maker, permanently remove the top shelf and bin, and we now have no ice mid-summer.

I did my research and had ordered a KitchenAid, problem gas and water mix with stocking and time crunch so ended up with this very expensive and disappointing model on the recommendation of the sales person. Massive mistake! Top of the line machines should NOT be made with cheap parts. It also appears that the warranty will not cover any of the parts or labor to replace. I’ve built many kitchens, but this is the first appliance that I’ve ever regretted purchasing. Caveat emptor!