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the boat smells like cigarettes. first floor (dining) and top floor (bingo and dancing/music/karaoke their is NO SMOKING. Floors 2 main floor for cards and table and floor 3 slots are… You have have a good time on a budget. This isn’t a high roller casino boat. its very blue collar. great for retirees, those on vacation at the port with nothing to do. and locals looking for an affordable time. Deals: They offer locals free vouchers based on zip code and time of year. you can also find groupon deals with meal and drink tickets gas to liquid. call around the local Cape Canaveral hotels some offer free passes. Transportation: their are a couple party buses timeshare tour buses, shuttle buses. you can take a uber if you hotel doesn’t offer a shuttle or you miss it or want to watch dinner at the port elsewhere (recommended) general parking is free. i wouldn’t call it the most secure or terrible. ID: they will accept your passport or valid DL or state issued ID. the check prior to boarding and take your boarding pass upon entry of the boat.4 its takes about 30 mins to get to 3 miles out and 30 mins back, gambling only in the international waters. Security: its light, smooth check point, they don’t unzip bags (or at least during my visit) they have a couple of lookalike tough guys on the game floor and watching from above. Smoking j gastroenterol: the boat smells like cigarettes. first floor (dining) and top floor (bingo and dancing/music/karaoke their is NO SMOKING. Floors 2 main floor for cards and table and floor 3 slots are smoking Food/Drinks: the top shelve is a limited selection. bars on a couple of levels they have skillets cooked food at the buffet area on the first floor and pre-cooked brisket or chicken (no real kitchen) the wait staff is friendly. i recommend to ask for them to put more on your plate as the buffet is limited, salad, two not to great main course options, some small sides. dessert small cut cake. this floor is not open the entire time. much better places to eat within 2 miles right at the port. Top DecK: its filled with smokers, if you want to view the jetty canal to the port you can. you can see nasa launch center from a distance. Staff: cocktail waitress aren’t the best but again this is entry level gambling their talent pool is not deep. the table games workers didn’t want to teach on my visit, hey, it’s their loss and my gain. i suggest asking how to play anyway especially before the electricity transmission efficiency boat gets to international waters Entertainment on the top deck they have mainly mom and pop entertainers performing cover tunes or karaoke type of entertainment this is a hit with 20 or dancers on their 10×10 dance floor, this 4th floor has seating and bingo as well. things near the port Gift shop: its on the bottom floor or at the main building prior to boarding, not much worth wild, they have motion sickness meds for sale here. free stuff ask for free drinks cards prior to boarding at the sale counter, you can use them for soda pop or booze and use them prior or after gaming. they offer free well drinks and soda pop while gambling but it takes the waitress 30 plus mins to make her rounds back and its not because they are packed, i believe its either bad management is pushing service or cheap management. WATCH OUT FOR. Elite grade 9 electricity quiz club members (regulars) I noticed how oddly lucky these elite members are customers get special treatment and seem to win everything. this is international waters. international law. not Florida gambling laws. they likely have a couple plain clothed employees strolling around. THIS CRUISE GENERALLY DOES NOT OFFER FREE BUFFET UNLESS YOU BUY A PACKAGE, AND FREE TOP SHELF, ENDLESS FREE ENTRY LIKE QUALITY CRUISES. ITS BLUE COLLAR. More Show less

On behalf of the management of Victory Casino Cruises, I would like to thank you for your very detailed review. I would also like to clarify some of your comments regarding what Victory has to offer. Victory offers transportation from dozens of locations across central Florida and other spots. We have a list of pick-up locations on our website so people can search the location nearest to them gas engine efficiency. It is our responsibility to protect our staff and guests. We do check bags and all guests must go through our detectors and receive additional screening if necessary. As with any casino, we have cameras everywhere. Again, for the protection of our guests and our company. Regarding smoking, we have state of the art filtration systems on decks where smoking is allowed. This helps with the effects of the smoke. We have several bars on board the ship. Some of them have limited top shelf offerings. Be sure to check with your waitress to see if they have your preference at one of the other bars. The Victory I has a full galley on board and everything is cooked fresh the day or evening of the cruise. We do close the buffet after all our guests have eaten at their assigned dining times. If we were to leave it up longer, it would diminish the quality of the la gastritis food. The top deck, our Dolphin Bar area is not always filled with smokers. However, that is one of the places we do allow smokers as it is in outside air. We are sorry that you did not have good service from our cocktail waitresses. We assure you that is not the norm. They are all talented and qualified to do the job and they strive for the best customer service as they realize that their service has a direct effect on their gratuities. Our table games staff is always happy to give instruction on a game if they can. However, they cannot tell a guest how to play. Our entertainment in Big Norm’s Club V often brings in some very big-name talent. Please check our calendar of events for more information on some of the national, well known talent we do offer. Be sure to remember we also have a large gift shop in the terminal. As with any casino in the country, we have tier levels of players. Our Elite Club members are our high rollers. The fact that they are high rollers has nothing to do with how electricity vampires much they win or when they win. Special treatment or “perks” are always given to higher level players by every casino in the world. Our ship is a US flag vessel and we follow the United States laws. Thank you again for your very detailed and somewhat complimentary review. We appreciate you visiting Victory Casino Cruises and hope you can join us again soon!