This couple teaches laid-off coal miners in pa how to code _ pbs newshour

So when tech consultant Amanda Laucher realized her brother in Greene County, Pennsylvania, the third largest coal-producing county in the country, was at risk of losing his job as a coal miner, she and her husband Jonathan Graham decided to help. Electricity laws in india They began driving about 500 miles from Chicago every weekend to teach him and others in the community how to code.

Laucher and Graham said they saw an opportunity to wean Greene County off an economy that is heavily dependent on energy. Ortega y gasset revolt of the masses They recently relocated to Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, and co-founded Mined Minds, a nonprofit that offers free coding classes to laid-off coal miners and other unemployed workers. Z gas cd juarez The group is still small, but hopes to jump start Pennsylvania’s version of Silicon Valley.

Amanda Laucher: We were here for a holiday picnic with my parents, and my brother has always been a coal miner, and he started telling us this story of all of his friends have been laid off from the mine. Gas smoker recipes He was really worried that he was going to be laid off as well, and he’s a father of three, he’s got a wife that is at home taking care of the kids. Grade 6 science electricity unit test He said, “What am I going to do? How am I going to pay the bills? I’ve never had a day off from work, it’s not what I do. Electricity flows through What do I do next?” And Jon said, “We know people who run boot camps in Chicago, San Francisco, New York…Why couldn’t we take that to Greene County? Why can’t we just start training him to be a software developer?”

Laucher: The number one goal was nobody should have to pay to learn these skills. Electricity hair stand up As you’ve been laid off from a coal mine, or an energy job, or some other job, generally you don’t have a lot of extra cash. Bp gas prices columbus ohio Some of these boot camps cost you $10, 15, 25 thousand dollars, and in this area you just don’t have that kind of extra cash. Electricity kwh usage calculator So our goal was, from the get go, no participant has to pay. Gas examples We are a 501(c)(3), so we can accept donations, sponsorships, and we’ve put a ton of our own money into it.

Laucher: The logic. Gas vs electric range The idea that you’re solving problems constantly. Electricity 4th grade They make decisions all the time that could risk people’s lives, and this is not nearly as serious. La gasolina lyrics They think really carefully, they’re very thoughtful. I gas shares There’s also the teamwork aspect of it. Chapter 7 electricity note taking worksheet If you’ve got a group that can trust each other and work together and communicate, that’s amazing, that’s what we really need. Gas jet compressor They all go into the cage together, and they all come out together. Static electricity in the body That and a hard work ethic, being able to just carry on even when things are tough, and just keep going with it.

With a plunge in energy prices worldwide and increased competition from natural gas drilling, the coal industry has taken a huge hit in recent years. Gas and electric credit union More than 30,000 American coal workers have lost their jobs since 2011. Gas works park events The nonprofit Mined Minds in Greene County, Pennsylvania, teaches people affected by the layoffs how to code.

Jonathan Graham: One of the things that we found most interesting is breaking people on how they learn. Grade 6 electricity project ideas People came in expecting that we’d be stood at the front having them write notes and they’d learn and then have a job at the end of it. Gas bloating diarrhea Whereas, right from day one we say, “Okay, get on your computers. Gas or electricity for heating We’re going to work in pairs.” So almost always people are working together; that’s one thing that’s different. Thermal electricity how it works All the code is shared. Types of electricity pdf We’re always projecting someone’s code onto a big monitor, or projection screen, so that it’s all visible and open.

Laucher: A big part of our job is to ask basics, and to Google, and to literally fail a thousand times a day. Electricity in india first time We had met a guy over the weekend who said, “I would love to [code], but you’d have to deal with me failing a lot. Electricity questions and answers pdf I’d screw up all the time.” I said, “I’ve been doing this for many, many years, and I screw up every single day. Q gases componen el aire The goal is to fail fast, and learn from your mistakes.” If you learn from it, it’s not even really a mistake, it was an experiment. Gas buddy We teach the scientific method. La gasolina letra Have a hypothesis before you start writing some code, make sure you have an idea what you think it’s going to do, and then go from there. Grade 6 electricity unit If it fails, great, at least you have more information. Electricity grid map uk So we’re really able to teach people within six months, who have never written a line of code before in their life, to be writing fairly complex apps.

Laucher: Yes. Electricity cost by state We had a woman who said right from the get-go, “I’m really bad at math. Electricity dance moms choreography I did really bad at math in high school. E seva power bill payment I’m not sure I can do this.” And it’s like, “Okay, well, let me know when you start seeing math, because we don’t do arithmetic, or the types of algebra that you think about when you think about high school math.” She got past that blocker pretty quick, and now she’s great.

Graham: Why does the area need to be dependent on energy? Why can’t it be a tech hub? We couldn’t think of any reason why not, which is why we thought we should do this. Electric utility companies in arizona So we see it as being one of the industries that is growing in the area, one of the employment opportunities that’s growing in the area, and hopefully one that will influence other types of jobs coming in as well. Electricity invented The area isn’t just about energy; it isn’t just about coal. Electricity definition Other things can happen here.