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Indeed, the Dreyfus Affair involved social and political issues that would still resonate today gas mask bong how to use: racial intolerance, a secret conspiracy by military and government officials, the unlawful conviction and imprisonment of an innocent man, and an example of how protests by outraged activists and revelations in the media can rock the establishment and help lead to justice and cultural changes.

Finally, I accuse the first council of war [i.e., the first military court that convicted Dreyfus] of violating the law by condemning a defendant with unrevealed evidence, and I accuse the second council of war of covering up this illegality, by order, by committing in his turn the legal crime of knowingly discharging the culprit. [Meaning Major Esterhazy].

Like Dreyfus, Zola returned to France in 1899. He had lived long enough to see President Faure’s right wing government fall and to see the success of his efforts to secure the freedom of Alfred Dreyfus. But he died tragically before seeing the final vindication of his heroic public stand on the Dreyfus Affair. In 1902, he was gasco abu dhabi location asphyxiated in his bedroom by carbon dioxide gas caused by a blocked stove flue.

1. “Truth isn’t truth.” — Rudy Giuliani, in an interview on Meet the Press, August 19. He was discussing why he won’t let special counsel Robert Mueller rush Trump into testifying. Giuliani said he doesn’t want investigators to trap the President into a lie. “Truth is truth,” NBC’s Chuck Todd noted to him. “No, no, it isn’t truth,” Giuliani said. “Truth isn’t truth. The President of the United States says, ’I didn’t …’” Todd responded: “Truth isn’t truth? Mr. Mayor, do you realize, what…I think this is going to become a bad meme.”

2. “I liked gas upper back pain beer. I still like beer.” — Brett Kavanaugh gas 6 weeks pregnant, remark on September 27, defending himself against suggestions that he drank too much in high school, during the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on his nomination to the Supreme Court. The lines quickly became a subject of jokes on Saturday Night Live and other comedy shows, political cartoons and social media sites.

3. “While all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication.” — A Twitter tweet posted on May 30 by the Sanofi drug company, in response to Roseanne Barr’s claim that Sanofi’s sleep drug Ambien caused her to post a racist tweet that led her to be fired from the revived version of her show, Roseanne.

4. “We gather to mourn the passing of American greatness, the real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly, nor the opportunistic appropriation of those that live lives of comfort and electricity history facts privilege while he suffered and served.” — Meghan McCain, in her eulogy for her father, Senator John McCain, on September 1. It was clearly a barb aimed at President Trump, who had publicly insulted Sen. McCain on multiple occasions.

8. “Our country is led by those who will lie about anything, backed by those who will believe electricity units calculator in pakistan anything, based on information from media sources that will say anything.” — James Comey, in a tweet on May 23, after being fired from his position as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) by President Trump for not stopping the Mueller investigation of Trump’s possible collusion with Russia and violations of US campaign and business laws.

10. “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd! And you grade 9 static electricity test push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” — Rep. Maxine Waters. A controversial remark she made at a political rally in Los Angeles on June 23, suggesting that angry Democrats should harass Trump Administration officials when they see them in public places.

Gainor’s top pick for that list was a remark by CNN news commentator Don Lemon in which Lemon appeared to rationalize violence by the so-called Antifa: “It says it right in the name, Antifa, Anti-Fascism, which is what they’re fighting. Listen…no organization is perfect. There is some violence. No one condones the violence electricity transmission costs. But there are different reasons for Antifa and for these neo-Nazis to be there. One, racists, fascists, the other group fighting racists…There is a distinction there.”

One is “It’s fucking Chucky!” That’s a line said by the character Sixer #6 in the movie Ready Player One when he sees an image of the killer doll from the Chucky horror movie series. I’ll be surprised if anyone is citing that quote years from now, the way people still quote classic lines, like “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” or “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” But I could be wrong.

In the episode, “Let the Good Times Roll,” first aired in May 2018, the alternate universe version of the character Bobby Singer gas exchange in the lungs takes place in the (actor Jim Beaver) is shocked at some of the things he sees in the news on TV. The main characters of the show, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, had previously referred to the world alt-Bobby comes from as “Apocalypse World.”